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  1. On 8/17/2021 at 10:26 PM, AstralSphinx said:


    Anyone knows why this track isn't on the album on spotify? There is another version of the track on spotify, which is not as good IMO. On a Transient compilation called: "Transient 7-Genetically Modified Trance"

    Typically some tracks (or even whole albums) don't show up on some artists' pages because of record label disputes. But I thought AP owned their record label they used to publish on, so I'm confused too.


    Thanks for reminding me this track exists!

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  2. On 10/12/2017 at 4:58 PM, GaySatanicHippie said:

    My first visit to psynews in years and the first thing I see is this...I always respected him, he was definitely one of the more intelligent contributors on here :( 

    Same here, very sad news. :o(

    I remember fondly of the old days, both here and on the alternate forum site he built (I can't remember the name of that site). I think theboogymeister was my nickname there. IIRC at some point the off-topic section of psynews was closed so we had to find a new place to post memes and ramble about anything. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the psynews gang. So much has changed since I first joined this site over 10 years ago, many things for the better though.

    RIP Nemo

  3. Hey guys,


    Oldtimer here. ;)


    Anyone around Berlin and want to make some music together? If it's one of the oldtimers I'd even just like to meet you personally. ;)


    Oh yeah, did I forget to mentioned I moved to Berlin and have a proper job now? (I'm a software developer).


    Anyway, I keep making some wild synth noises but I can't seem to finish anything. If someone is good with percussion/bass but not so good with synths then we would be a perfect fit!


    Let's see where this goes..

  4. Oh yeah MWNN has a bunch of remixes / rare singles, some are harder to find than others. I know some of these might be missed by people:


    MWNN - Geddit

    MWNN - Way Out West

    MWNN - The Void

    MWNN - Paint a Picture

    Art Of Trance - Octopus (MWNN Remix)

    BT - Loving You More (MWNN Remix)

    Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (MWNN Remix)

    Elevate Feat. Dominique - Next Life (MWNN Remix)

    Grace - Skin on Skin (MWNN Remix)

    Juno Reactor - Jardin De Cecile (MWNN Remix)

    Marmion - Schoneberg (MWNN Remix)

    Quietman - Sleeper (MWNN Remix) <- this one I like a lot

    Rise - The Single (MWNN Remix)

    Section X - Atlantis (MWNN Remix)

    Storm - Storm (MWNN Remix)

    The Human League - These are the days (MWNN Remix)

    The infinity Project - Stimuli (MWNN Remix)

    Virus - Sun (MWNN Remix)


    And then there's the ones in Teleportation which are more known.

  5. Ok I kinda fix it myself by messing around, but I'm most sure what I really did.


    I went to devices setup-> vst audiobay and switched my master ASIO driver from multimedia driver to direct x full duplex driver.


    Now everything workds great :D


    Anyone cares to explain me what I did?


    As far as I know, that 'multimedia' driver comes with Cubase as some kind of emulation asio driver? Dunno. Usually you'd want to select the asio driver that has the name of your soundcard in it. For example if you have a Creative soundcard, it would probably be called "Creative ASIO". Depends if your soundcard has it's own asio drivers or not.

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