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  1. I mostly agree with him, it's a very cheap trick. There are exceptions where it does add to music, but it's nine times out of ten simply just annoying IMO.
  2. "RUSSIA is for seek Rich and Nice lady for marry and club."
  3. Absolutely no clue, but Asia 2001 it's not.
  4. Y-y-your, full version? Jesus Christ, was this just part 1? Damn, that laughter is eerie.
  5. Not even surprised anymore. I have become desensitized to legitimely creepy shit like this. Sad.
  6. You cannot make this shit up, this is hilarious stuff. Producer, actor, sportsman, CEO and a fucking scientist, LMAO! For real though, man, I hope you get well soon.
  7. What are y'alls Steam names?
  8. Too many to count, but love the groove in this joint.
  9. I know it's not from the 90's nor particularly screaming, but it's worth a shot.
  10. The chopped sample in Jaïas "Tweested Zone" is amazing.
  11. Jason

    Formula 1

    Live for family + end on top, will live rich and comfortable for the rest of his life. Respect.
  12. I'd rather eat that shit sandwich than listen to this, no joke.
  13. 10/10, end of thread. Best Goa track ever.
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