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  1. hey great thread! :)


    i can't say that i have an all time favorite.. but for a long time i fell completely in love with Abacus - California Sunshine.


    also, the violin in Swivel Pigeon - Swarigami from Ambient Meditation 3, is painfully nostalgic.


    aaand Katoo - place 8


    aaand Dub Trees - Liquid Dub (if only it was a little longer..)


    aaand now i'll stop. (btw The Kumba Mela Experiment - That which i could only sense, is beeeeautiful)

  2. What picture?The picture you posted?You think thats the main stage today?haha.

    If they rebuilt the whole thing,after what we saw in that pic yesterday,the guys should work in Dubai,they will make a lot of money.



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