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  1. 2 hours ago, Redo said:

    You seem salty, are you ok?

    If you wanted to make money with music, why not make house/big room music, something that's popular? Also I'm pretty sure you can make way more money working minimum wage than working on and releasing a goa trance album. Nowadays artists make money from touring and gigs, not selling CD's.

    Please let's not talk about how to make money, we all know about house ,gigs, etc.  I mean that sharing other artists work without their permission is plain wrong and should not be considered  as normal and usual thing.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Richpa said:

    So you're telling me it depends on sub-genre it self instead of someones individual knowledge, skill and competency?

    I strongly disagree, mostly because we are getting a lot of demos that can be seen or defined as ''Modern Psytrance'' (not sure why, but young and upcoming music producers tend to send their music on different labels) and I can tell you as someone who had the oportunity to hear a bunch of unreleased music that there is no difference between Goa or Modern Psytrance. However, there are some elements that could give us more precise answer to that:

    I wrote the same, but you argue with me about very obvious things.  The fact is that a complex music is much harder to make sound good.. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, Proxeeus said:

    Maybe because top-notch sound production is the end-goal in itself.

    (edit: not trolling!)

    Modern Psytrance tracks are mostly based on kick/bass, fxs, so it's much easier to create clean and well balanced mixes. Goa trance is mostly based on melodies and layering, thus high level of production skills is needed to create top sounding tracks. Easy as that. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Aspartic said:

    Magus was a pleasant listen, so I was eager to hear this one. Unfortunately, it let me down.
    Track 2 and 3 are nice. A steady rhythm with hypnotic beats carry on. But from then on it's very generic and not going anywhere.
    It left me unsurprised and disappointed.

    I wanted this to be good, but the lack of originality and climaxes or hypnotic structures kills it for me.
    All tracks seems to be falling flat at some point instead of going up. :mellow:

    It's always very interesting when the most listeners find the album to be very good, but only a few people think the opposite. Tastes differ so much...

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  5. 12 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

    Jesus look at that output :lol:

    Thanks for your comment! Well, that's pretty normal when there is a massive wave of inspiration, but sometimes artists can't make even a single track for months or even years, you know :)                                                                                      

  6. 32 minutes ago, Proxeeus said:

    I'm delighted to see some love for "Aurora Borealis", the original is the first goa trance track I've ever listened to some 20 odd years ago and holds a very special place in my heart -- so as soon as I saw your post I jumped on the link...

    ..and I'm not disappointed! Great stuff ! It's really "floaty" and relaxing, I thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish.

    Moar plz <3

    It's really pleasant to read this comment from an artist who deeply appreciates "Aurora Borealis". It's very special! 

    Thanks for the comment!

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