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  1. Good Day! I was not sure where to post this, but I think this would be the best place as anyone who is looking to host a DJ set could benefit from this post. I know there are many other places such as sendspace , rapidshare, megaupload, but they all have some sort of drawback - for the person downloading your set. What I mean by this is , without a premium account on said provider, you either have to wait for the download to start, they are painfully slow, or there are to many extra links you have to click , to name a few. Of course there is Soundcloud (which is actually my favorite for providing music, because of the features), but it restricts the amount of music you can upload without paying for more space. Since I am focusing on FREE space (with the least amount of hassles to the person downloading your set), I am going to stick with Dropbox.


    What is Dropbox? (taken from Wiki)


    "The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced to the cloud and to any other of the user's computers with the Dropbox client.[4] Files in the Dropbox folder may then be shared with other Dropbox users or accessed from the web. Users may also upload files manually through a web browser.[5]"


    So this is how it works.. You install the dropbox Client (Linux, Windows , and Mac) and it acts basically as the transport agent via a folder. Anything placed in that folder gets synced to the remote storage on Dropbox servers. What is neat about this service is you can have a dropbox client on each of your computers (local , or remote) and any files placed in your dropbox is "synced" between ALL computers on your dropbox account. Now that you know how it works, let me explain how this can be used for hosting DJ sets. Dropbox provides all new accounts 2gigs FREE. You can of course pay for more ( I think up to 50gigs), but for DJ sets 2 gigs is plenty. When you get all setup , you will see a "Public" folder. Place your DJ set in there - remember , this is done on your computer, it will sync with the dropbox servers, so no "uploading" via FTP or anything like that. Simply drag and drop to your dropbox folder.


    Once your dropbox is sync'd (you will see a check mark indicating so), you can post the the file for download. I do this by logging into the dropbox website , navigating to the files tab , then to public , and copying the full path of the file (right click on file - and select "Copy link")


    Posted Image


    With that link copied , I am able to post it anywhere as a DIRECT DOWNLOAD. ex: (shameless plug) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2014550/TR%20April%20Mix.mp3 - Just to add, Downloads are fast (I top out my connection at 1.5MB/sec or 1500K/sec).


    So I think I am done.. Want to start using it? join by going to https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTIwMTQ1NTA5 . You will notice it is a referral link. I would never post something like that unless it gave you something too. Remember I said 2gigs free? Well , if you join through my referral , I get an extra 250 MB storage, and you do as well. You can then get your friends to join and earn 250 megs (them too) up to 8gigs!! That is a LOT of DJ sets to host. Remember , this is not limited to DJ sets, you can host images, and even create a network of shared folders with your friends, but I won't go into that.


    Download the client, create your account and have an extra place to host your sets and make the downloads HASSLE FREE.


    Hope this helps - sorry it was long :) I can edit it if you tell me to screw off with the long post.


    maybe this can be a sticky?



  2. Hi , this is my first mixed posted to Psynews! Mostly a mix of older tunes in my collection that I did for a radio show called TorontoRaves takeover @ party934.com / 102.5FM (Hudson Valley , NY) hosted by Toronto's Lady Bass.


    I was really pleased with the outcome of this mix , hope you enjoy it!


    SoundCloud - Direct Download


    Soundcloud (Preview / Stream)


    Alternative link - Dropbox (Direct Download)




    Bushman - Mickey Finn

    Laughing Buddha - Lighting Games

    AMD - Slightly Turbo

    Astrix & DJ Dimitri - Evox

    Hydropnic - Eb 'n Flow

    Save The Robot - Dream On Halloween

    V-Storm & Interactive - Simple Programs

    Psysex - Alien Cop (Eskimo Remix)

    The Electric Ant - First Run (Commercial Hippies Remix)

    Transwave - Cycles Of Life

    SubConsciousMind - Essenz


    J. Hardy on Facebook

  3. You don't have to take any of those surveys, dude. You aren't ever "forced" to take anything. Adblock works wonders, my friend ;)


    But anyways, here is an alternate link, on a buddy's server. Don't not listen to my set just because of the fact that I don't pay for webspace.




    Hey .. I have not paid for web space in years :) I just hate going through hoops to download things. Sorry, was on a computer that does not have ad block / no script. Thanks for the alternative link, downloading now.


    Take care,



  4. Dude, you should use a downloading provider that does not force a survey - maybe something like Soundcloud (offers a direct download option and streaming FREE).


    Also , Dropbox (also FREE) gives you 2 gigs of space.. you place your shared file in the public folder and give out that link.. another direct download option.


    OR simply pay for some web space. Going through places like sendspace, rapidshare etc is a pain.


    Thanks for listening.. too bad I did not get to listen to yours :(

  5. you're definately passioned about it (imo), so be sure to let us know with more detail what you're after, after listening to both (if it's something different you're looking for)


    ya never know ;)



    ah yes, and btw: where did u pick this track up ?


    on a party ? in a mix ? which DJ, etc...

    i heard it at a weekly here in vancouver canada (organix) by DJ Chris .. I never did ask him , guess I should have .. maybe next time I attend I will.





  6. This is a Promo set made by Glenn Wilson one of my best friends ever, owner of labels:






    Planet Rhythm:




    Hybrid: (Now owned by Cari Lekebusch though)












    and some more, like Colours, Template, Submissions. As you can see MANY releases! :) On Compound you can find some of Headroom's early techno stuff, not the Psy stuff they are doing now, quite interesting if you ask me :)

    Good call .. punish and submissions were two of my favorites.



  7. Any sample? Somthing? What kind it was? Dark Psy? Goa? Full On? Suomi?


    Sorry for being ignorant , but what is Suomi? :) I would think this track sounded more full on.. it was fast, lots of scream(ish) type sounds , kinda of track that would freak a kid out.. def not a dark track .. *shrug*


    Sorry no sample .. I will continue hunting :)



  8. Hello, I am new to this board so i would like to say hi and thank you for the wealth of information! :)


    I was out one night and heard a track that sounded like a bizarr / wackey / looney circus type song.. really fast .. now if you could picure people being all crazy putting their hands above their head shaking them, sticking their tongues out ... being all goofy is what the song would make you do. It for sure has a circus theme to it.


    I know it is not much to go on, but its the mood it set in the place that made it so crazy.


    Any ideas? Much appreciated.



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