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  1. Here she is as feature part: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai
    This is good for sampling resp. for remixing: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai-live-jews-harp But with her acknowledgement.

    22 hours ago, RTP said:

    Psytrance was off my radar, too much commerce lately, too many breaks, too little emphasis on actual trance, bunch of 17 year olds growling like a beer-laden shanty to some indian vocals (yes, saw that ... I can even tell you it was a song from Hilight Tribe) ... nothing for me ...

    Like this crap:


  2. When I read your heading from your topic, than I get more things in my mind like Eye Q Records (Sven Väth, Earth Nation, Cygnus X, B-Zet, etc.), Oliver Lieb's projects like L.S.G.,Paragliders, Spicelab and The Ambush. Than I have also to think to Resistance D, Cosmic Baby, Dance 2 Trance, Paul Van Dyk, Humate, Microglobe and various stuff on the labels Harthouse, MFS, Superstition, Noom Records, Suck Me Plasma etc.

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  3. Yup, never use alcohol and aciiiiidddd contained cleaner.
    I just use glass cleaner, which you can also use for all kind of plastics, like plexiglass and an microfiber cloth.
    Cause an CD or DVD is nothing more than a plexiglass disc, with an pressed data layer.

  4. Hello,

    I know this is the topic for looking an unidentifited song, but I'm looking for something and didn't really know, where I have to ask.
    can maybe someone helping me out, to send me a scann (2.400 x 4.800 dpi)  from the cd cover, of the compilation: Return to the Source - Deep Trance & Ritual Beats?
    I bought an set of cds, where this compilation was included, but unfortunately is the sleeve for the book missing.
    I want to create with the scanns my own cd case.
    If soneone is so kind, please send me an PM.

  5. On 15.6.2006 at 2:53 PM, abasio said:

    Posted Image


    Zen Lemonade

    Lemon Soul

    Dragonfly Records



    1 Super Panam Calling (2:43)

    2 Juicy Science (8:16)

    3 Dark Star (7:43)

    4 Cloud 19 (7:58)

    5 Zodiac Guns (6:30)

    6 Brazil Mon Amour (8:13)

    7 Pussy Galore (10:29)

    8 Spinning Metal (9:50)

    9 Midnight Basso Nova (8:02)

    10 Motherland (3:31)


    Zen Lemonade are Gus Till and Super Cozi. Both have released pretty good solo work but for me this album is the best stuff by either.



    1 Super PanAm Calling


    We start of with a twisted sample. It sounds like the old PanAm airline flight announcement but supersized for interstellar travel at light speed. Some funky metallic beats a hint of a melody but that's about it. It's an album intro, a cool one too.


    2 Juicy Science


    Nicely following from the intro is this cheeky number. It's got quite a driving monotonous beat and a cool baseline which twists and turns without actually changing much. The beats become more complex as the vocals drift by. Super Cozi has a wonderfully mysterious voice which they use to full effect. No singing but well timed well placed twisted snippets really do the trick. The main body of the track is kind of repetitive but all the subtle changes make this a really interesting piece of music. Juicy indeed.


    3 Dark Star


    A flawless jump to the next track, a slight break from the beat but it quickly comes back as if this is a continuation of Juicy Science. A very indistinguishable sample actually sounds like Cozi's vocals from the last track but muffled more. Just as driving but more acidic. The baseline is the sort that drills into the seratonin in your head. Around 5 minutes it begins to Klunk (in a Green Nun kind of way) before it changes direction but keeps going straight, if you know what I mean.


    4 Cloud 19


    Kicks in straight away with a strong 4/4 and nice metal souming beats lying underneath. Long slow synths float in and out and then become integral. They lead into a melody, it's made up of very twisted and distorted string sounds with more of a chime to them than seems possible. Anyway it's a pretty cool melody but it's sporadic, it doesn't continue seemlessly but comes and goes. Some more long slow synths, almost like waves, give this track a lot of atmosphere. It feels quite dark at times (not scary dark, cool dark) quite industrial.


    5 Zodiac Guns


    A seemingly dark scary voice (not actually scary, but when it was spoken you know it wanted to be, it's the sort of voice that makes my kids squeal with laughter). One of the most amazing baselines I've ever heard. Then SINGING. The singing's good though and it fits in well. It sounds like it could be Cozi again and it's distorted trippily in parts and echoed over bubbly sounds. It really is the baseline that makes this track though. It sounds like smoke city if smoke city was cooler.


    6 Brazil Mon Amour


    Another nice baseline starts this one with a very ringing (like a triangle) beat which gets over ridden by the 4/4 but is still very much in the background throughout but does get drowned out at times by other sounds. The baseline and background effects keep this one alive and while the baseline doesn't evolved at all, everything around it seems to be moving so randomly that it works having a monotonously steady spine. It disappears breifly without me really noticing but I really notice the absence as it comes back. Well Done, good track.


    7 Pussy Galore


    Is it about cats or something else? It's so cool. Really good synths drive this track faster than it's BPM. Loads of nice sounds in the background, bells, wierd stuff a muffled, techy vocal, plucked electric strings and now long slow synths under the really cool fast ones. The track changes direction a number of times but always stays on track. Always feel it is building to something. Amazing violin sounds come in briefly along with a host of other sounds which all really well arranged. It's busy but not too cluttered. Absolutely awesome tune, well worth it's 10:29


    8 Spinning Metal


    How much of your body is original? I love this tune. I love the samples. It samples a lot from the anime classic The Ghost in The Shell which was such a trippy movie to watch that hearing the samples in a trance track is awesome. All the sounds have the same atmosphere as the movie and it leads to a dark, mysterious, acid ridden track. Enjoyable lady sounds are quite prominent at times and a really twisted vocal sounds like chanting without chanting in a really techy sort of way. Another awesome track! I especially like Motoko's sample :)


    9 Midnight Basso Nova


    Well this is the track that MEOWS!! Very metallic again with a spacey atmosphere. A little cluttered at times but it all works together quite harmoniously. Sort of sounds like the Bossa Nova that is very popular in Japan (from Brazil?) but I haven't heard enough of that genre to be sure. It's quite cool track with some nice breakbeats that trip along nicely. It's a bit random but still seems more like organised chaos than just thrown together shit. Not the strongest track but allright. Cozi's voice at the end again is really cool, sexy almost.


    10 Motherland


    What the fuck!! First time I heard this I thought that I had skipped onto the next CD. A much different style to the rest of the album. It's hip hop. Slow hip hop but hip hop non the less. Raw simple beats and some guy rapping about the motherland. As hip hop goes it's obviously really good but it doesn't go at all with album and it would have been a lot better if this just wasn't on it.



    So to sum up this album is really good. The 1st 6 tracks are good, 7 & 8 are absolutely mind blowingly good, 9 is okay and 10 just shouldn't be on this album. Pretty good going then. I would recommend getting this if you want something a little experimental but not too off the cuff.


    Favourites 7(!) 8(!)


    and a picture of Cozi & Gus for good measure


    Posted Image

    In abasio's review, I corrected the song names from track 4 and 5. I noticed it first in YouTube where Gus Till left an comment, that Zodiac Guns is Cloud 19.
    I talked a bit with Gus Till and he explaind me that Dragonfly Records mix up the tracklist.
    So when you carefully listen to track 5 at 1:30 minutes, you can hear how Yukimi aka SuperCozi is saying "Zodiac Guns".
    I add an picture from the back cover, where the tracklist has actually looking.


  6. I listened the full album and what I might have to know it, it's nothing special.

    Sound for me like the same stuff, what they made in the last 16 years.
    Some melodies are okay, but all that breaks, special effects and other playthings, which are typically for IM, get ony my nerves.
    It's not a bad and It's not a great album. Is in my opinion again an solid Psy Album, with Pop elements.

    What I still don't like are the stupid vocals from MC Baldhead. Especially with all that stupid FXs.


    I wished that Erez Aizen would revive the old Shidapu project to make good old goa stuff.

  7. The Visitors


    Snake Thing


    Slinky Wizard


    Slinky Wizard resp. Slinky Nuns



    new green nuns


    Yeah an new Green Nuns Of The Revolution would be great.


    Deflo and Magus.


    Absolutely Deflo


    An new Hallucinogen album  ROOFFLLLL :D

    I wish that Timeshard and Children Of The Bong would be come back and release an new album.

    From Tony Hunt I wished that he would released an full album. Cause when I listend his three tracks on the conmpilation Trance Out And Dreaming, I very wished that.


    From the prog side, I wish an new album from Audiomatrixx and Magnetrixx.

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  8. Many are here already mentioned which I like too.
    Here are some more which I like.


    Global Psychedelic Trance Vol.1 till Vol.4
    Transient 1 till 5
    Fill Your Head With Phantasm Vol.1 till Vol. 6

    Digital Alchemy
    Tribal Science

    Gaia Tour

    The Tribe Ibiza In Trance

    Blue Room Release Vol.1 : Outside The Reactor
    Tranced Out And Dreaming
    Eternal Frequency

    Pure MDMA : Selected Vibes Part 1

    Spiritual Moves
    Full On

    Full On Vol. 2

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