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  1. All good yo! what happened to that offtopic forum started by Nemo? got canned?

  2. yes, very sophisticated. It's spelled like that right, sofistikerte øyenbryn. And the cat, the cat is Ok?

  3. Hoy Miss MC! :D My hair is doing less but still growing strong. I see your eyebrows have gotten them self a pair of glasses. Are they sexy about that? Looks very nice(: *

  4. Yeah...I know, dunno why really :S

  5. its been some snow but not enough to stick for more then a day. da dreads are still hanging around. Have a snowy x-mas, they are beautiful. ps. summer rox hardest :))

  6. i apologize if some silly comment box flirting offends you miss sexy eyebrows ^^ you never write on the forums anymore .. kosmos

  7. sort of.. i like my nose. Didn't you say more then once that you had a thing for guys with large noses (???) B)

  8. Hey!! I'm good and my nose is still sort of big :D

  9. *I hope your doing Ok and better !! :)

  10. where arth thou pretty fair lady?


  11. The dead cannot hear.

  12. CAN YOU HEAR ME!??!?!

  13. it's rude to talk about penniser in MC's message box. Charlie, you know what that means, dont you. *squeeze*

  14. lol@charlies pennis line :lol:

  15. Don't join the fuzz, MC, one of your colleagues would end up arresting you.

  16. I thought the head looked familiar. I think the mascot of the biggest theme park in sweden is that bunny on acid :P

  17. just send me the entire costume lol :P

  18. It's broken, Regenald, just like your penis.

  19. profile pic you suckre, profile pic british swine!

  20. lol at you confusing you for me. :D

  21. What's wrong with my picture? I think Psynews is trying to delete me, to make me extinct. To die at the hands of a machine, what a sad way to go.

  22. Psytones, you baboon.

  23. Iz nais ples, "Chaos A.D.", no? kthxbye

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