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  1. I think this how life usually is, it goes up and down. But if it is down too often then maybe seek a doctor. You can try some anti-depressant pills as a last exit. But usually I don't recommend it. It can also be you are going through a spiritual change. I just hope for you, that you come around and get a more happier mood.

  2. Schubert - Symphonies nos 8 & 9 (Tintner)
    Bach J C - Six keyboard sonatas (Nosè)
    Debussy - Piano music (Körmendi)
    Vivaldi - Four seasons (Katarina Andreasson)
    Haydn - Stabat mater (Burdick)
    Bach J C F - Symphonies Nos 6/ 10/ 20
    Beethoven - Symfonier nos 5 & 6 (Drahos)
    Fuchs Kenneth - Canticle to the sun
    Colgrass Michael - Urban requiem (Gage
    Diamond David - Ahava / Music for prayer
    Vaughan Williams - Dona nobis pacem
    Hutter Gregory - Electric traction/ Fantasy pieces
    Mozart / Mayr - Missa Solemnis / Te deum
    Schubert - Death & the maiden (For orchestra)
    Schubert - Music for flute and piano
    Schumann Clara - Complete songs (D Craxton)
    Haydn - Masses vol 4 (Burdick)

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