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    Hi All,


    I have a load of mixes on soundcloud dating back along way ;) most of them are prog and/or full-on psy, but there is trippy, chunky techno in there as well.




    the latest are here:



    a 4 hour mix split into two parts.


    track list for part 1:


    1. D-Nox & Beckers - Mondays

    2. Tripswitch - The Left Bank (Nanoplex rmx)

    3. Boris Brejcha - FEAR

    4. Cosmic Boys - Zeus

    5. Enrico Sanguiliano - Moon Rocks

    6. Oliver Huntemann & DubFire - Fuego (Julian Jewell rmx)

    7. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Enrico Sanguiliano rmx)

    8. Ben Coda - New Generation

    9. Perfect Stranger & Sun Control Species - Renegade Mutant Muffin (Human Element rmx)

    10. Orion - 1013 millibars

    11. Phoney Orphants - Playground (Atmos rmx)

    12. Riktam & Bansi - Roulette

    13. Solid Snake Violet Experience

    14. Perfect Stranger & Dickster - Time Slip (Tongue & Groove rmx)

    15. Ticon - Behind the Wall

    16. Protonica - Refresh

    17. Multiphase - Complex

    18. Perfect Stranger & Sphera - Dystopia (MVMB rmx)

    19. Emok, Vice & Granau - Watching the World Go By

    20. Atmos - The Only Process (Captain Hook rmx)

    21. Protonica - Tristate

    22. Zentura - Sonic Masala (Lifeforms rmx)


    tracklist for part 2:


    1. Divination - Shot in the Dark

    2. Wrecked Machines - Bandbox (Symbolic rmx)

    3. Touch Tone & Sonic Species - The Beginning of Time

    4. Ajja - Starfall (Braincell rmx)

    5. Sonic Species - Tokio Sunrise (Altruism rmx)

    6. K.I.M. & Virtual Light - The Moose is Loose

    7. Circuit Breakers - Interstella Flashback

    8. Hypnocoustics & Brainiac - Carrier Waves

    9. Artificials - Sequences

    10. Braincell - Particle Explosion

    11. Hypnoise & Lunatica - Spiral

    12. Tristan & Magick - Triptamine

    13. Mad Tribe - LSD Party (kicking In)

    14. Martian Arts & Zephirus Kane - Kick Start

    15. Ajja & Dickster - Huggernaut

    16. Obliviant - Competitive Spirituality

    17. Tristan & ManMadeMan - Reincarnation

    18. Earthling - Computer Genesis (Ninesense rmx)

    19. Altus - Omnishambles

    20. Endeavour - Three Eyed Cat

    21. Obliviant - n/n rmx

    22. Southwild - Alles Klaar

    23. Virtual Light & D-ther - Crocodile Smile

    24. Loonacy - Garbage Accelorator

    25. Dirty Saffi - What the Hell

    26. Mad Tribe - Evolution of Revolution

  2. ah the memories!


    i'm still in contact with Jason, Jon, Ron & Chris (was just at sonica with all apart from Jon), who, as colin said started out doing the psubliminal psychedelia parties, and then founded the TRiP site on the back of that. They had big plans for the site to cover all facets of the psytrancers life under the umbrella of third-eye.org, but i think time, money and the prohibitive technology of the day got in their way. Then jason moved overseas to australia and left the TRiP project behind, and the site sank under the weight of flamewars and the fact that sites like psynews were using the latest software.


    anyways, i'm going to pass this url on to Jason, i'm sure he'll be chuffed that people still remember the place :)

  3. cream your pies, unwrap your package and stuff your birds (but not necessarily in that order) to some top progressive tunage on psymusic radio tonight, from about 9pm tonight.


    i'll be playing stuff from the new releases from perfect stranger, ace venturer, vibrasphere, atmos, tomic, nasser and quantize amongst others... as well as iboga, plusquam and blue tunes


    I'm going to try and record it so there'll be no gibbering down the mic... if you want to know what something is, get involved on the shoutbox.


    click here for progressive goodness

  4. psytrance is dying on it's arse.


    cancers of the scene:


    government legislation making it harder for genuine promoters to nurture talent.


    modern technology for removing the quality filter and leaving us with lakes of shit to swim through. although we know there are gems to be found, the shit slowly saps our strength to find it.


    age and cynicism.


    the blind willingness of 99% of producers to stick to a formula.


    the fact that things are definitely not as good as they used to be.

  5. gonna be playing some tunes, starting off down tempo and then working up to some sofa trance and armchair techno from about 2pm GMT :)


    130bpm lazy sunday afternoon grooves


    I'm not going to be doing much talking, cos I am going to record it, so if you want to know what something is then come and get involved in the shoutbox.





  6. well said, mars, i agree with you... but i also agree with basilisk, there are still some real gems out there and while there are still those, there is hope :)


    oh, and anyone who thinks damion is being a drama queen obviously doesn't know him that well ;)

  7. No, YOU were out of context, man. It was fuckin' brilliant! :) So.

    First time I've ever preordered an album based on one live performance and a few random samples here and there, and I'm excited about it too. Cool stuff.


    @lurkster: have a goodun this saturday, won't be there unfortunately. kick some ass, yes?

    hahah you are absolutely right, i was out of context ;)


    am sure to have a goodun, can never fail in grunland, and will do my best to kick some ass too :D

  8. Yup, I'm already hooked on All I Want, and it's on so crappy quality, the final version when I hear it will surely blow me away. Btw who is the guy with a purple shirt in the background moving like he's on shrooms or something. He looks like a joke :)

    he is a joke.


    wicked album though, thought it was pants when i heard it at brixton academy, cos it was so out of context (imho), but now i've had a chance to listen properly it seems like it's going to be an album i'll be listening to in 10 years time.

  9. i've met quite a few, what with being around a long time and being a bit of an industry whore, most are top people and some have become good friends; special mention to mr oood here, and also dickster and ans. i'm gonna stop now as i've started to sound like some horrible name dropper and no-one wants to hear about who's nice anyway ;)


    seeing as everyone wants dirt, i'll give you a bit... 2 acts that don't fall into the above bracket are yotopia... farken prima donnas of the highest order, and chromosome who's a twofaced cnut. i'll probably regret saying that, but it won't be the first time my big mouth has got me into trouble :P

  10. eskimo is the only purely uk artist on that list! dynamic is a collaboration between eskimo and a couple of israeli guys. not sure where mekkanika comes from, but it ain't the uk.


    if you want a true reflection of british psy, check out wild things records and liquid records, and artists like flip flop, fromem_ory, beatnik & OOOD

  11. i tried to build the comp i put together like a big meta-track. the first 5 tracks built it up slowly, then it was supposed to hinge on track 6 (the kind of breakdown track), after which the next 4 tracks were like the final run. well, it worked like that in my head, not sure if anyone else agrees with me though ;)


    as for mixes, for me they've got to build, very slowly with a subtle progression from one track to the next.


    check my sig for examples ;)

  12. What this artist should do is make a real follow-up to Twin Coast Discovery.


    I'm generally not a fan of Progressive Trance and I've listened to Twin Coast Discovery more than any Progressive release album I own since I got it.


    This artists groovy, smooth, occasionally cool/emotive or prog influenced progressive style and melodies won myself and many people over with that album. It received much praise.


    Twin Coast Discovery


    As much as I encourage innovation and taking risks, there was nothing wrong with Twin Coast that needed fixing in the sense NO ALBUM Antix released since has came close to succeeding it.

    they haven't released an album since Twin Coast Discovery, which to a lot of fans of their first album Lull was a major disappointment too.

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