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  1. don't tell me you don't know this!!!


    SKAZI(!!!!!!!!!) - some track that i don't know the name of..but im sure someone else will tell you. :)


    (so i guess u can say i don't simi-know this either)


    and no, I'm not kidding....i just don't remember the name right now.


    But I'm guessing it has the sample "What time do you plan to take off?" or something similar...if so it just MIGHT be "Animal" but the superstar himself before he lost his balls.


    If so, we can conclude that you no longer qualify to post on this forum so I guess we'll be seeing you later. Have a good day. :)



    np - Androcell: Purple Aura

  2. Im hanging there right now. By myself, seems pretty dead there, only some bots + pr0fane is there. :( I took your advice and decided to stay up all night. Gonna make some coffee now.  B)




    I see both you and NT are up right now.


    I'll stick around for a bit myself before headin' out..

  3. Need your help with two trax:


    1) There are two vocal samples in this track. The first one is sort of a "wooo" that appears throughout the track, sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background but always 'swooshing' around from side to side. The second sample is of a guy saying something along the lines of "what was/is that sound?"...im not exactly sure how it went for all the right reasons ;)


    2) Terence McKenna sample appears somewhere in this track. Its somewhat of a long sample, if I remember correctly it was well over 15 seconds long and ended with "...I was in space/out there".


    Unfortunately I can't remember much more of this but any help will be much appreciated!! :)

  4. it's mostly single tracks on various compilaitons... i'll give you a list of some amazing shit when i have some more time. and yes, it's still 95% crap, but THAT'S HOW IT ALWAYS IS. 95% of old Goa is crap, too. :P


    possibly...but there was also less music to go through to find the 5% good stuff...i dont' think anyone has the patience to listen through copious amounts of bad releases to find a couple of good trax these days.


    btw...pls post that list if/when u get done with it;)

  5. Hey folks!


    My writing English isnt that good so il do it shortly..

    As topic says, im thinking about moving to Goa..But i cant seem to find enything usefull online..So if enyone here have some experience of eny kind, and mby can help me out a little, or know where to find some usefull info, i will be very happy!

    Im not moving to Goa only for freakin out, so its not that important if its a bit away from the partys, but not too far either :P

    Im not lookin for totaly luxus, but somewhere that just nice and quiet, not to meny tourist, friendly people, acces to internet, and not too far from shops..

    I have about 1.300£ a month for me and my girl... is that enough?






    with 1,300£/month you can live like a king.

    I hanven't been there in a couple of years so I dont' know what parts of goa are worth living in anymore. besides, i think you might get a bit tired of just 'chillin' the whole time. check out some teaching positions or such to kill time and to get ot know the locals better.

    have fun.

  6. of course.  but i was thinking about ANOTHER track which features this quote    :o


    donno the other track..but considering that psytrance recycles a lot of samples..either/or should work;)


    sample: "my head is in a really nice place neal"

  7. he even plays Dark music at Sunrise?


    sunrise, sunset, afternoon, midnight....its all the same thing to him.


    If I had a chance - I'd go. Don't waste yours.


    The guy is a legend, no matter what people say. He sux, he rocks, doesn't matter, see him, listen to him and u'll know what he is.


    I suggest not. Considering what you (vancbc) want to hear, you will only come back disapointed and will lose whatever respect, if any, you have for the old man. If his partner, Ariane, is going to be playing, Id suggest you check her stuff out! I wish the organisers would let her play for half the time that Gil gets...her sets are beautiful, tribal, semi-uplifting and are good for both, chilling as well as dancing - whatever your mood.


    I saw them both recently and I was by faaaaaaaaar more impressed with her set!

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