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  1. thanks for the answer but i already ordered me a Yamaha DX-7 II D and it was so cheap that I'll have enough money for another synth preety soon :)

    so... how much is the microwave? :)

    Oh and I'm interested in any type of synthesis really but i'll already have an FM synth and my computer can do the simple stuff :)

    woooo a dx7 IID sweet :) I'm saving for an sy77.

    the mwxt is €390. photos on demand ;)

  2. Well sorry for opening another thread but I just don't want to buy the wrong thing so here is the question:

    Should I buy me a ROLAND JV-1080 for 300€ (all the reviews make it seem a bit too good and I would like to know what its bad sides are) or maybe a Yamaha cs1x for 292€ or maybe should I wait to find a good offer on a virus or something like that?

    I need a synth that is good for experimental sounds, complex drones and some percussion(and other stuff too but these are the most important). These two synths seem like the best buys(from the local online flee market) for the amount of money I have(400€ or less).

    So... can someone tell me what their good and bad sides are? Oh and btw I'd like to know if the JV-1080's knobs are automatable through midi.

    Big thanks for the answers :rolleyes:


    edit: btw I also found a yamaha cs2x for 396€

    experimental sounds and complex drones >> microwave xt! (I'm selling one btw ;))

    other: nord lead/modular, wavestation, jd-800/990 (instead of JV-1080), ensoniq ts-10/12 etc

    or just a sampler with lots of modulation options?


    what kind of synthesis r u interested in? fm, wavetable, additive...?

  3. ok I'm a big drum n bass fan and have collected most of the vinyl from my fav lables... and I am buyin my cdj's and 5 channel mixer soon... so I want to buy 2 vinyl decks for drum and bass, and most likely my acid Techno and house which I plan to collect... what brands should I consider?





    technics sl 1200 or 1210 perhaps?
  4. The only ambientish label I know that releases their music on vinyl is Type records. I really like their music. How come other labels don't release on vinyl too? Is it too risky maybe? MP3 releases yeah sure, and CD-R's too, but no vinyl :( Or maybe I just haven't discovered them yet. Maybe you guys can give me some names of labels? I already know Drone Records but their music is too noisy.

  5. You should check out "Re:sonate" by Pete Namlook and Gaudi. The first times it may sound rather mediocre, but the more you listen to it, the more you start to appreciate it. You really have to grow into this album, although it may sound rather "simple".


    edit: it's one of my 10 (dare I say 5?) favourite albums!1

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