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  1. :drama:

    Klangstrahler Projekt - Pick me up the dirt.

    It told me by suprised how the style of music have change, the signature KP guitar and funky sound is still there,but different style of American Blue; Rock; Vocal;World lounge can be found here.after the 2nd time I play it. I've enjoy it a lot, even more then the new Younger Brother CD. Love it!

  2. nice!


    been looking for middle eastern stuff accually, found natascha atlas who has a beautifull voice, but apart from the marc eagleton project i found her work to much hip hop influenced.


    does anyone one know of some more middle eastern (influenced) music, doesnt have to be electronic hybrid or anything at all


    try Ghazal's album Rain if you like middle eastern stuff, this is the master at work :D

  3. I agree! Dido was a positive surprise for me too! :) Wasn't expecting anything but it turned out to be very well made pop :)

    Hold your prejudices and give it a try... Dido really makes nice stuff! :)


    Oh may I add Tycho ... brilliant IDM/ambient!

    Don't know where to get his cds though :(


    I like to mention Bodh Gaya - check out their Cd Ayahuasca-

    The trip to the fountain of culture. :rolleyes:

  4. Atmos's head cleaner was a long awaited

    album for us after hearing "bad 2 bones"; "total control";"the only

    process"&"kleine aber doctor" we can't wait to hear what new stuffs this new

    artist from

    sweden bring us. rusing home with my wife And a long time

    trance friend of mine with the new cd. tune the stereo up. oh - my god ! we

    lost in trance starting from the first song that realdy fill the hat ! all

    three of us was

    stond right in front of the speakers the hole time until

    it finish . what a trip! yes. it wasn't full on like X-dream style or full of

    twist like simon posford. but this is definitly a carefully craft piece of

    work lot of heart And soul in it. for the work 10/10 ; talent 8/10

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