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  1. i was just looking for some technical tips, not to let you judge my musical taste... anyway, as you can read, 80 bpm was just for example; i don't like infected mushroom and skazi really and i'm not interested in brutal remixes at all!!!

    here is not a serious music maker able to help me??

    thx, in any way, to all!


  2. i've two denon dns-5000 cd-players, very accurate, but if i like to play 140 original bpm tracks, for example, at 80 or 190 they never stay in time, never!

    it's like my friend dj said it's fantastic with vinyl because you let two peaces of plastic sounds... fuck off two peace of plastic, it's 2006!! when my hands are not on the mixer them should be on effects or others, not on the pitch range... it's 2006!!!

  3. hi brothers!

    simple question:

    if i have some different mp3/wma trance tracks, at different bpm speed, which software allows me to transform and recording all this tracks to the same tempo, for example 130 bpm them all?

    hoping in a successful solution,

    thank you very much!

    j > >

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