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  1. An interesting program that I download a few months ago might help a bit as well: http://stereopsis.com/flux/


    It adjusts the 'warmth' of your monitor according to the time, which makes it less bright when it's dark outside. It's free and easy and you're used to it very frequently. Might just help the slightest bit. :)

  2. Ha! I remember that night really well. You forgot to mention that The Orb and Eat Static also played that night (Eat Static twice! A dance set and a chillout set). One of the best festival nights of my life: doing acid, laying down on an airbed and listening to all that Ultimae bless, doing some crazy dancing to Eat Static in between, after which we could chill down again to a fabulous live-set (real live!) by The Orb and later that morning by Eat Static! Both brilliant as well. What a night.


    Also, Merv didn't play Abduction that night, but I do have really strong feelings when listening to that track. Pure bliss for me. :)

  3. PS the track kicking in around 12:00 is Orbital - Omen, one of my absolute fave old trance records of all time YIHAAA!! ;)


    Nice one!


    Damn, there's an Orbital track I had never heard of. Incredible. Now that I'm listening to it again, that female voice on top of the track sounds very much like Orbital indeed. Great track. :)

  4. Really cool! Like a deleted scene from Mad Max. :D




    And that track in the end is mesmerising. Nice find! :)


    And yes, I know that I'm putting my teeth into that trollbait that's dangling in front everyone's faces, but I'll say it anyway:


    Elysium, you are no fun at all.




    No fun.


    At all.

  5. They missed a trick here IMO. From the number of people on this little forum alone who have said they would have bought one had it been about £100, it seems to me that if Twisted had decided to keep the price to that level there's a fair chance the Shpongle Mask could have made it into a relatively high-volume, high-sales item, bringing them more money and increasing Twisted's marketing reach. Even without Shpongle's logo on it, it would turn every mask-owner's wall into an advert for the label, and might even have started to accrue a symbolic value beyond indicating affection for a mere band.


    Spot on, I say.
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