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  1. Ethics?

    I don't see what ethics have to do with commenting in each other's profiles.

    I am ethical, this not knowing me, and an offense saying I am not. And by the way there's nothing preventing me from answering in my own profile, as I'm doing now. So, am I unethical, or just not giving myself the same limits as you do?

  2. Mars & Ethic???


  3. ...and returning safely to the Earth!

  4. tsk, mars doesnt know about the ethical rules of comment boxing. Mars, do you enjoy snickers?

  5. Hola! Mr Admin, you like your powers? :D

  6. ello mars. so hows dat parties planner coming along?

  7. you were supposed to answer in my profile, thats the common comment ethics :P

  8. hellow mars :D!

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