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  1. These days:

    Anything where the cover features a photograph of the artist's face, including (but not limited to) the addition of sunglasses and lightly clad women.


    More than 7/8 years ago:

    Psytrance which has typically been slowed down slightly and stripped of much of its "trippy" fx, leaving a psychedelic but subtle atmosphere.

  2. He he, it's classic Transwave. If you haven't checked them out yet! Then go run! Now! Do it :)


    Transwave - Helium,

    Transwave - Phototropic

    Transwave - Hypnorhythm EP!!

    I sold both of my Transwave albums so was bidding them a proper good bye , that's all :)

    Favourite Transwave tune?


    Mine's Zero Density, unbelievable track.




    One of the best Cd's of progressive house ever!



    I adore all of the early Global Underground discs, especially this one.

  3. I find I am always a number of years behind the releases, unless something absolutely exceptional emerges that catches my attention (such as the Deviant Electronics release or filteria's most recent album).

    No need to sweat it though, the music isn't going anywhere once it's been released, I can't imagine I would have been able to keep up with a fraction of all the oldschool releases coming out in the early nineties without the wonder of youtube!

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