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  1. @reyu, that is a reasonable price, there is no shop offering for less, that's the right price, you wont ever find it for 10-15 eur, sorry. But it is worth every penny


    It's still pricy imo. I've heard the first CD on youtube and I love it! So you could be right...being worth every penny. I'm gonna think about it. Thanx for your reply!

  2. I only listen to the kind of music my stereotype dad approves of...So, here I am.


    I've been trying to promote psy/goa for years now to family and friends to a point that now, I just don't give a shit anymore. On New Yearsday, after our little family reunion, I was chilling with my cousins, who are a little bit older than me, I plugged in my ipod and put on some Goa. Wow man, that's great music, they claimed. Of course it is, you dumb fucks (not saying, thinkin', because of the secret hippy oath the damned forced me to pledge). And as a sign for me to know they weren't really retarded, they tried to come up with a name...."Have you ever heard of... euh... Mushroom....Infected..." . I know, it's sad, but true.

  3. Mushroomman - N.I.S.

    Need I say more? Thick, massive, huge, groovy bassline thumping relentlessly, swarming your body with hypnotic power, whilst the melodies trance your mind out of this existence. More towards the end the trance state switches into intergalactic uplifting wonder that speeds you through beautiful places like no other. I didn't know something like this even existed. I cannot recall a single other goa track that does it like this. Astral Projection comes close, but the style is completely different.


    Man, you read my mind...wtf...What a track!!! Surely one of the many highlights on this comp. Never heard of the guy. EXXXPLOSIVE!!!

  4. I'd have to disagree. Enjoyment of music is socially influenced in my mind, not genetically influenced.


    Can't it be both, socially and genetically?


    Interesting. By coincidence, I was thinking about this on my way home from work. Why is it some people really dig Goa/Psytrance and others just don't get it at all? I was introduced to Goa by people I got to know in the late 90's and loved it instantly. I don't see these people anymore at parties, I guess they moved on. Since then, only a few of my friends kinda got into it, while others showed no interest at all. It seems to me that you either love it or hate it... you can see the same thing in other genres.


    I know I am going off-topic with this... :ph34r:

  5. They are working on a full length album at the moment. I asked Dick Trevor about his upcoming releases on Facebook a while ago...I also asked him if there will be a Dickster album coming out in the near future. "Well, maybe..." he replied. I think he's focussing primarily on his collaborations (AMD/Circuit Breakers). Very nice man, btw.

  6. Have you heard the new Master Blasters album yet? Really good proper psy if you ask me.


    Another album you might like is a V/A album called The Garden of Delights on the label Blue Hour Sounds. link


    And check out a label called COSM Records if you want something different.


    edit: Here you have some tracks from Groovescapes, a V/A album on the Cosm records label. I really dig this stuff, unlike anything else I've come across recently...check it!





  7. I was thinking about this earlyer on this evening. They should stop using plastic to wrap food in and instead use something edible. Preferably something you can ad water to and turn it into a nice sauce or maybe chocolate pudding or...something. For a minute there that actually made sense :D


    Concerning CD's: why not make the whole bloody thing edible, CD and jewel case, so next time when you get tricked in buying a shitty album you can wash it down with a beer, shit it out and flush the bloody thing. A cleansing, ritualistic experience; much better than the one or two Euro's you probably aren't gonna get for it.

  8. NOT TRUE!!!! I am sorry but claiming that every economic crisis is due to a buch of greedy bankers who make a profit from speculating is as naive and ridiculous as claiming that hurricanes happen because God farts. I know that alter-mondialists and various anti-capitalist groups keep this argument dear to their hearts but it is FALSE!!! Please, get some economics 101 books, follow the financial media, do whatever to try to get a grasp on how the financial markets work and you will see just how false this argument is. But of course I guess you'll tell me that economics books were especially made to make you believe that it has something to do with the natural order or things, that is kindof akin to saying that God made fossils to make atheists believe in the theory of evolution. There is a point where you just cannot go further if you refuse to listen to logical arguments and just decide to keep your eyes shut.




    In the meantime I've done some background checks on the arguments presented and realized just how poorly-researched they were, thus losing a LOT of credit. Of course, I guess that this movie has at least the merit of making you see things through a different perspective but at the end of the day, if you are gullible enough to believe everything on face value without bothering to do some background checks then it does more harm than good to see it IMO.


    "I haven't read anything that really debunks the moral issue in Zeitgeist, nor the facts." then you are death and blind my brother (something else comes to mind but I'm trying to stay polite ;)). Again, there is a point where if you just won't open your mind to logic then you are lost and no amount of conversation will ever change that...




    Some facts for you Lemmi.


    I'm very well and alive nor did I lose my eyesight. Thanx for being so polite. Throwing names and such is usually the first sign of weakness from one's adversary. I'm not gonna play that game.


    Clearly, you and I are on a totally different page. I really don't have to study economics to see where it all leads to. It's pretty simple IMO. PROFIT!!! AND MORE PROFIT AT ANY EXPENSE!. Economics as we know it stopped serving the basic needs of human beings a long time ago, it does quite the opposite now, supplying us with as much junk we can afford, and by doing so, turning us all into lunatics. ECONOMICS=THE NEW RELIGION. Clearly, you are a dedicated follower. To each his own I guess. So tell me, mr PhD, how are we gonna tackle unemployement the next 50 years, globally? How are we gonna tackle the environmental problems, over-population, etc...not to mention the injustice and poverty as a direct result of a failing monetary system.


    Why are we still manufacturing and selling weapons to conflict areas causing death and destruction on a massive scale? Why? Because it is big business, that's why.


    And forget about conspiracies man. Everything is happening right in front of our eyes. The people in power and their political puppets(read BIG BANKS & CORPORATIONS) don't have to cover-up jack shit. We are merely sheep to them, cattle, ready to swallow whatever. The Matrix in full effect. They, yes THEY, would put a price on the Earth and sell it if they only could.




    This song fits the mood I'm in regarding this subject perfectly. Please, read between the lines!

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