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  1. Hello there!


    Just got back from Ozora festival a few days ago with lots of new impressions and inspiration, so after a long time without any new stuff I've managed to scrap something together yesterday.


    Xiphiaz - Psychosis


    Length (so far): 4:36

    Bitrate: 192 kbps

    Size: 6.3 MB


    Feel free to listen and give feedback! :) Enjoy (hopefully)!

  2. Hey everyone!


    Haven't really been active here for a couple of years, and recently came to think of this forum and thought I'd post one of my current tracks in progress.


    So here it is, just a sample as for now:


    Sample length: 2:42

    Bitrate: 256 kbit/s




    It's still a work in progress, and I've changed bits and pieces frequently over the last week, and there's still much work to be done. And I's been quite a while since I did anything at all really, so I thought I could use some feedback (:


    Feel free to comment, much appreciated! (:

  3. saw it was you imeedtialty downloaded the 320 version. ok lets start. the oforia type sound effects in the beginning are cool, but you can see the 4 hours of work shine because you just loop it. throw a lil variety in there to change it up. the pad is cool, but it needs some backup, another pad to throw even more on it. its a cool melody but once again the 4 hours shines here. you need to combine your skill of putting that touch on it, that uplifting yet almost movie soundtrack sounding pad touch and get me absorbed into the track like big moves and keep that big melody for the big melody. until then get it there with what you do, some sweet sounds. this is hot, but i know you can do better, gotta be a toughguy on this one and give it out of a potential scale for you a 5 out of 10.


    this is a direct order soldier, sit down and focus on a track like you did with big moves. you see what happened didnt you. i wanna download another amazing track from you to put on my ipod.

    Wow, thanks Lu Bu (: This is the kind of feedback I want, and I got pretty inspired to work more on it aswell, and so I will. I'm usually a bit sloppy with my tracks, I make one melody, loop it, add some breaks and then it's done, mostly because when I create something that I think is pretty cool, I'm very eager to get feedback on it. And that halts the production quite a lot. But then again, sometimes you feel you're done with the track, and you get feedback like this that makes you think twice (: I'm going to spend a lot more time on this one!


    Thanks again!

  4. wow i have not liked 1 single track from anyone ever posted on this music promotion except for this one. Personal taste has alot to do with it, but damn man for someone like me whos always training its absolutely perfect. Has all the elements i like to keep me pumped for running and training, and the flow is enough so when that 8 minutes and change have passed another mile will have passed. thanks for sharing this, i would have paid for this track. ::bow::

    Wow thanks :D I really, really appreciate it! :rolleyes: Really glad you liked it, as I'm quite fond of it myself ;)

  5. And just why was this track gathering electric dust while we could enjoy it so much? :) Awesome tune!! Enjoyed every minute of it. This could very well be a commercial track. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks mate :D glad you enjoyed it! I've posted it here before, about two years ago I think, but it was a bit unmastered and such so I thought why not give it some tuning (:

  6. i need some help and tutorials creating killer full on bass sounds with reason. have been trying to come up with some nice sounds using the subtractor but havn't realy made another thing that im overly inpressed with :-(


    could some one help me. maybe with a tutorial or a patch that i could check out to get some idears??


    Hey frosty, here's a sample of a bassline in my latest song with reason:


    An example


    I personally think it sounds pretty good, and you _can_ get good sound out of reason. So if you like it I can make a little tutorial for you (:

  7. Nice stuff, I like it. Intro part is very nice. You made this in just 4 hours? Amazing melodies too. Is it final tho? It feels like it needs to be longer, but thats just my opinion.

    Thanks Malevol (:


    Yeah, I made it in about 4 hours last night, and I spent a couple of hours tuning and such this morning. So nothing is final, the arrangment can be a lot better, and I think I have to include another melody too (: So as I said, it's not finished yet, it will be longer! Around 10 mins I'd say.


    Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated! =)

  8. Hey everyone, I'm back again with another track in progress (; Just like it's supposed to be!


    This one's like my others, melodic, atmospheric and fullony. Started about four hours ago and this is what I've got, with the help of a couple of beers.


    Edit: btw, I love legato. (:


    Length: 10:19


    Size: 24 Mb

    Bitrate: 320

    Xiphiaz - you are God


    Size: 14.1 Mb

    Bitrate: 192

    Xiphiaz - you are God


    Feedback would be much appreciated, more than usual since I've been idle for so long :P



  9. Hey guys!


    Last night I had absolutely nothing to do due to sleeping issues because of my job. So I watched happy feet, and I was inspired by the stomping sounds and musical acts it had (: Really cool. So I wanted to do something new, and I came up with this. It's basicly nothing like anything I've done before I think. I think it feels a little, as said, semi-ambient and something else that I can't really figure out.


    Well, have a listen if you want!


    Size: 7.8Mb

    Length: 5.38 (I've come as far as 4:30, then I haven't done anything more yet)


    Xiphiaz - Euphoric existence


    Feedback appreciated as usual, thanks!

  10. Hey,


    nice track! Indeed very dreamy.

    Loving the floating melody synths! Really sweet!

    The rythm is also very well done.


    Though I think it needs a little more clarity in the lower-midrange. It's not really muddy, but maybe you can just solve it by turning down the pad a bit. Or turn up the upper frequencies a little, I think the relation between melody/pads and the percussion is a little "wrong" ;)


    Good job!

    Hey Cybernetika!


    Thanks for the comment, and yeah I agree with you about the eq. I have a bad habit of boosting the pads and melodies in the midrange eq, to give it more warmth. I'll see to it (:

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