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  1. About a month ago, A friend took me to the movies. i would never imagine my friend to buy tickets for the road.


    The Road - Imdb.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    A post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible.

    Almost 2 hours long (111) minutes with a very slow plot, it seems unending at times, depressing beyond anything i've ever watched.

    I felt the movie lasted 3 hours, and at times felt i was bored; but its one of the most emotionally conveying movies without stepping in a big pile of Cliché dung.


    one of the most beautiful acting i've ever seen, imagining the scenarios as they were depicted in the movie couldn't be more real if it were to happen to us.


    Throughout the movie you're left with a big what.

    I have alot of mixed feelings about this movie, and for me Movies have never been an artform which i can enjoy on the same levels as other artforms.


    I need some more action and suspense and this movie left me deprived without.

    i give it a 5/10

  2. I have one of the newer generations of ipod, with room for 8 gb.

    I put them in by album.


    Pink Floyd - The Wall cd1 and 2. - Classic.


    Mikael Simpson - B sider og andre triste radiomix, Some music to tickle my danish nationality, a mix of dubby rock and pop, melachonic at the same time, but not really something other than danes might enjoy.


    Eat Static - Back to earth, didn't feel it as accomplished as an album but has some great songs in it.


    Smith And Mighty - Bass is maternal. An old cd by my standards that i feel is very retro, great hits in between.


    Evan Bluetech - call of the wild EP, a free release i thought interesting. Very good actually.


    Electric Universe - Cosmic Experience, a little something to even out alot of the down tempo music i have on my ipod, i don't listen to it that much though.


    Thievery Corperation - Cosmic game, one of their better cd's that i like to listen to.


    Bob marley & the Wailers, Destiny: live at studio one.


    Prodigy presents: The Dirtcganber Sessions vol 1.


    The Orb - The Dream


    Echodub Presents: Abechoic Chamber, a free release on the more chill side of dubstep.


    Fredrick Öhr - Falling through the earth, Has some great songs on it i enjoy listening to it.


    Faithless Greatest Hits.


    Kong Salami - Fredspiben. Danish Reggaepop.


    Square Pusher - Hard Normal Daddy, i don't know what to say. Its a little off.


    36 - Hypersona, most definetly also the album which i have enjoyed most lately. So beautiful, i recommend everybody to download the release its free.


    Ineffable Mysteries from shpongleland - Didn't capture me that lot, haven't listen too much to the release but i foresee it will grow on me.


    John Coltrane - A love supreme.


    Alien Mental - Mind Hack, one of the most random sounding darkpsy i've ever heard, Won't say too much because i don't know how i feel about it.


    Brian Eno - More music For films


    Dub Tractor - more or less mono - One of my favourite artists, also dubby poppish sound with ingeniously implemented guitar.


    Solar Fields - Movements, for the long trainrides where i can relax and wander off into beautiful soundscapes


    Kettel - Myam James 2, one of my newer additions to my small and humble collection. I love it.


    Prince - N.E.W.S. Some funky cheese.


    Autechre - Quaristice, not my favourite.


    A rubadub sunday in copenhagen. More reggae.


    Sanaton Records Audio Trips #1, haven't listened to it throughoutly.


    The Killers - Sawdust.


    Saybia - Saybia


    Evan bartholomew - Secret entries into darkness, I was dissapointed in this release, although i think highly of Somnia Records and i enjoeyed both P. Laos and Kilowatts release.


    Kid koala - some of my best friends Are Djs


    Amygdala - The Sprawl EP, When i'm in a hurry in the morning and want to make sure i make it in time to school.


    Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Stalker.


    Electric Universe - stardiver, an old gem i rediscovered whilst going about in a record store that was closing down.


    Ozrik Tentacles - Sunrise Festival [live]


    Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders


    Tip World Singles 2002, no comments


    Kilowatts - undercurrent.


    The Very best of UB40


    Tool - 10.000 days.

  3. Somnia (why doesn't anyone like them?) primarily because they're so organic in their thinking, partly also because i think they deserve respect for the music.

    Aleph Zero, bringing in alot of diversity and they have a great user support, and they release alot of good albums

    twisted - do i need say more?

    insomnia / and tantrum

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