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  1. true.. the only good thing happening there for a long while!

    the automatic suggestions function in the search-textbox wasnt all that bad either :-)



    but idd.. discogs is getting really piled up with non-sense-rules


    also some new seller-rules i just heard



    i price everything as cheap as possible, but i require a minimum order of 5 euro's

    as i don't really fancy all the effort of packing and mailing for 1 or 2 lousy euros


    seems this now is in violation to the sellers policy lol


    but the misspelling rule is real stupid, why not just at in the notes as before?! :( stupid

    if they really implemented this rule, they might as well change all the incorrect CAT#'s (due to having a consequent listing) back to what they actually are




    take a peek at the label-listing structure at this point lol : http://www.discogs.com/label/Skan+Recordings

  2. i'm guessing the bird-vocals could be originally from Time Warp



    the rest of the track sounds really familiar..


    i'm still guessing too much


    i'll see if i can find something




    closest i came up with is Sven Vath's


    has lotta simllarities with it anyways..


    perhaps a remix ?


    Resistance D comes close, Cosmic Baby also

  3. What nonsense!

    say what ?


    i dont consider IDM a genre (hence the brackets)

    and yes, the term IDM had something to do with Aphex Twin's label at that time


    what the hell are you talking about ?

  4. No doubt I CARE BEACUSE YOU DO - most trippy



    He is electronic genius, and completely non comparable to Autechre, since they are both highly prolific artists in IDM scene, the ones that defined the genre, so none of them are actually better than another, only as good. :D


    Rephlex defined the "genre", which is co-owned by Aphex T.

  5. It's the first time i read this argument. :unsure:


    Autechre has created mellow stuff as well as experimental innovative stuff (Draft7.30 , Confield etc)

    Autechre has always been innovative, every step of the way

    Aphex Twin same story (or probably even to be called revolutionary)


    the music however, or each of their individual works, aren't comparable in any way

  6. the longer track on this vinyl has a bit the same vibe as Scarecrow's DMT Slave


    only Kaledoid is pure 303 afaik, a clear sound and pounding kicks


    the one i mentioned has more distortion going on innit or sth.. rougher trashier sound



    it definitely is a timeless record.. still sounds fresh, and works as a bomb on the dancefloor



    This one is for Transwave fans :)

    for me it's just the other way round


    i love most of his side-projects on vinyl, but most transwave tracks are not my cup of tea

  7. I'd say start with:



    then try

    Analogue Bubblebath 3



    it depends on what type of music you're after


    you could check his ambient works



    then i'd recommend

    Selected Ambient Works 85-92


    before you listen to

    Selected Ambient Works vol.II



    his second ambient album i find quite heavy (to digest)

    to use it for getting acquainted with his work


    same goes for "I Care Because You Do"


    His Classics album has alot of 303 and roughness innit, but also some nice electronics

    so it has enough variation to get a first impression as far as i'm concerned


    if you're not into industrial sounds and 303

    then i'd definitely go for Analogue Bubblebath III

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