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  1. Bought the Alien Anthology boxset on blu-ray recently. I really enjoyed those movies 5-10 years ago.


    I still like the first one a bit. But everything else is really a little shitty and corny.


    Aliens looked so fake and bad on the big screen in HD. Couldn't really enjoy all the cheezyness... So I sold the box, guess my alien years are over for sure.

  2. I've never had the chance to watch Bladerunner, which i know is concidered one of the best sci-fi's ever, so I guess I would place that on the list if I'd seen it :)



    Get it somewhere. The right moment to watch this is alone in a more or less darkroom at midnight or after. Maybe try some ambient before you start the movie, some subliminal melancholies, leaving home...

    If the mood is right you'll really love it.

  3. if you watch too many documentaries about flowers you start to be a little gay, stuff like this.. please this side note funnily and not be offended).




    Haha :)

  4. Recent set I played in Fujisawa


    1. Dinah Washington + Max Richter - This Bitter Earth/The Nature of Daylight

    2. James Murray - Colour Has Its Own Language

    3. M-Sphere - Pulsar II (Noisy Rain Mix)

    4. Solar Fields - Respiratory Rate

    5. Aes Dana - Aftermath 3

    6. Androcell - Atmos-Spheres (Human Mix)

    7. Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Across The Universe (album edit 2009)

    8. Cell - Hanging Masses

    9. Blue Planet Corporation - Arcana

    10. Electrypnose - Neverending Story

    11. Ganucheau - Stillness

    12. Offthesky - The Persistence Of Visions

    13. Biosphere - Hyperborea

    14. Lauki ft. Pleq - I Know, It's Not Human

    15. Jason Corder & Opium - Neon Cancer Bath

    16. Offthesky - Beneath The Ice Shelf



    Any chance of sharing this??? Like the tracklist and some stuff I don't know...

  5. The Lotus Omega album used to sell for €10-15 or so up to some time ago. This album gained more attention after the Crop Circles CD was released.


    As soon as there was none for sale someone listed it for €100 and the others followed suit.


    Yep, that cd never had high value before.


    I even had trouble selling mine for 10 euro. :)

  6. ah, the Foundation series is even longer than the Dune series. That would mean a decade, maybe more of filming to complete it all, it is a HUGE project. I hope they'll manage to finish it someday (and not just make the adaptation of the 1st book and then call it quits...)


    It's Emmerich so I don't expect anything good...

  7. If Lost is just decent then everything else is crap.



    Lost is not so good imo. :)


    Good shows:


    The Wire !!!! (best social/criminological series out there)

    Twin Peaks


    Mad Men


    In Treatment (if you like psychology and everything in one room)


    Six Feet Under

    The Office Uk / Spaced / Extra's (comedy)

  8. Well technically the Asia 2001 "promo" versions are the exact same as the originals, only they have slightly different artwork. But I don't have EAC or want to get it so I can't help here.



    Not completely true. Listen to asia 2001 - live ( 2 two last tracks of the promo version are not mastered and ofcourse they sound like crap on the promo).

  9. Well, I have wife and two kids so you can imagine I don't get to see the movies I want: either it is some romantic comedy or cartoons. That's why torrents is the only way for me, and so far only cam rip was available and I couldn't resist after reading reviews on imdb.com. Usually though, I'm also waiting for DVD-rips.


    It's the R5 that is available... It's almost dvdrip quality. (1400mb version)


    Saw it today. :)


    Movie will be in the cinema's here in one month...

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