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  1. Paul Oakenfold - A Voyage Into Trance 1, '97 !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8ge4kScxWs
  2. Talking about music evolution, we have to understand that music is composed by human, according to this: music evolution = human evolution. There are two types of human evolution: physiological and psychological. Music is a product of human mentality, that's why we will focus on psychological evolution. How do a composer generates the music? His mind recombines memories. And then he records it with help of computer or other stuff. So, the solution of music evolution consists in composers personality, in their versatility. Here is an example: imagine a musician. His favourites are Astral Projection and he only listens to their albums. What this musician's music would sound simular to? Of cource, there are factors like equipment, technical skills, habitat area, etc., that will add some unique character to his sound, but see the truth, nowhere to take the music information in the brain other from the memory of music and sounds we've ever heard. Similarly, we can not speak the language that we have never heard. Comparing musical interests of different artists (who like the same music), probably we will notice that they are alike in sound. Returning to the subject of the evolution of Goa Trance, I think, to make something new, we have to like all genres and listen to all entire music, but that our work remained at the same goa trance, we should love him more than anything.
  3. some imgs are really nice!)
  4. hahahaha I wouldn't advise you to lose anything, and that will be hard to find ... in the Wild!!
  5. What had Filteria lost in his wild?
  6. No No!!! Not Marina! Marina is special! How could you think so rude about a girl with so beautiful eyes
  7. hah, this video reminds me about an old group "Army of Lovers"
  8. Marina, are you a musician?? What instrument do you play :D
  9. Imba, I never thought that relationships between Tom and Jerry are soooo complicated
  10. Probably one of the factors is musical environment, which consists in typical music for the country where the musician was born. I suppose, a human since early childhood accumulates musical information (from TV, radio, etc) and then produces some kind of synergetical fusion of that data. The mechanism is similar to cognition of native language
  11. I'm sure that correlation between music and mentality exists
  12. It's better to take a oneshot sample (im my preview VEC1 Snare 028) and dress it with several effects http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/HluZEq225NybIy3ZvuHBdQ The most important is compression. In the included mp3 file you can hear the difference between the first four snares with effects bypassed, and the second part, where all inserts are turned on.
  13. It's an ascending chromatic scale))))) http://rghost.ru/47181220/image.png and the result http://www.sendspace.com/file/nrrzqo
  14. Good day! I'm a musician from Russia and here are some tracks I want to share: https://soundcloud.com/trancelvania/timofey-abstraction https://soundcloud.com/trancelvania/timofey-triptomania https://soundcloud.com/trancelvania/timofey-magical-euphoria Спасибо!
  15. These guys are my childhood) Every album storms my mind, but "Trust In Trance" does it with the greatest efficiency
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