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  1. Of course there were, that's what the dots stand for. But yes, it has gotten stale, most acts seem to have run out of creativity. We need new influences! More crossover, more eclecticism! Look the other way, check out some funk, hiphop, psychedelic rock, breakbeats, reggae, soul, clicks and cuts, turntablism, atmospheric stuff, whatever. But please: innovate!!


    Yes, I agree.... plus: They should quit tagging everything with "PSY" nowadays! I'm damn tired of all those so called "OMG! WTF! PSYDRUMNBASSBREAKBEATCHILLOUTLOUNGEJAZZMETALGRINDCORETRANCE" self invented 'PSY genres' which have nothing to do with 'psytrance/psychedelic' bla. in the first place!

  2. biggest fuck-up is the prices of albums, if all would have been cheaper (yes, straight from the release-date on) then my guess is that it would have sold alot more (thus, more income for shops/labels/artists as well) but that are just my thoughts... just take a look on the DVD/movie market nowadays, many former CD shops started selling (almost) DVD/movies only, because the prices are alot lower (at least here they are), even new movies you can buy for like 7 euro's nowadays and ALOT of them are being sold. New albums cost mostly 15 up to 20 or above... and only after YEARS they are being sold for like 10 euro's... but then again, those haven't got all the income from the cinemas and stuff... but that can be in comparision with gigs, merch and stuff like that..


    Again: Just my thoughts, might be all wrong though.

  3. Now that we are talking about Khetzal, did the track "Narayana" remind anyone else about the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" (or at least the soundtrack of it) ? It has that (almost exact) same sound that goes like:



    (Oh well, people who have seen the movie probably know what I'm talking about. )


    Makes the track alot more interesting to me + alot more mysterious hehe, hmm evil amazonic cannibals! The modern soundtrack to the movie!

  4. Well ain't it almost standard nowadays to say that the artist has done this and that for years (OMG! The artist played the triangle in a classical orchestra (or a metalband, or a jazz quintet, or studied mozart blabla... bullshit etcetc) and then decided to make psytrance!!1 all of the sudden! OMGOA!1) before he/she started to make psytrance in the promo TXT anyway?...

  5. Linkin Park - A place for my head


    awesome industrial metal, pretty dark



    Haha, if this wasn't posted by you I would have been sure this was a joke! "dark industrial metal" haha... if you want real industrial metal try something like:


    * Strapping Young Lad

    * (old) Fear Factory

    * Killing Joke (NO! Not the goa/psy remixes, but the real stuff!.. On the edge of rock.. near metal.. classic band though, Jaz Coleman's voice is so damn filthy)



    Linkin' Park is Boyband emorock..

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