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  1. Thanks for sharing, downloading right now gonna post feedback later when its done. Cheers Diaks Edit: i really like the sh 101 kind of sound that appears in the beginning and the melodies that kicks in has potential so keep working on the track maybe add som cool sampled voices? :posford:
  2. Thanks a lot for the big efforts in making this music available to a broad audience! Just started listening and it is a joy for my ears to hear it indeed reminds about Miranda and thats very positive since she her self has abandoned making goa trance, i really like the tempo of this music and the use of different melodies working together, that gives a very dynamic feel to it. Also the sounds are panned very good giving an extremely good depth vision :clapping: :posford: Keep up the good work Vox and the rest of Metapsychic crew. Regards Diaks
  3. Omegahertz has a track with same name i think =)
  4. Hmm well this track is well made soundwise, the sounds are typical goa ones but in my opinion it is like im waiting for the track to reach something a climax but it doesnt happen it just keeps going and going in the same direction, my advice would be to make some melodies that "talk" let them tell a story let them interact with eachother revealing more and more intricate melodies on the end of the track. Try to imagine it on a dancefloor people wanna freak out and fly ;-) Good luck and keep working on it. Regards Diaks
  5. Max from Etnica @ Samothraki http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x39bkXxHYv4
  6. Nice space ship you got there :-)
  7. A soup without melodies aint a good soup ;-)
  8. Snakey Shaker is on destination goa the fifth chapter.. but i listened to it now and compared it to the version on deranger album its the same, just one or two seconds difference.
  9. I love your artwork Neil you should come to Sweden and decorate our woods this summer :posford: Regards Diaks
  10. Nice he is one of my favourites very autentic oriental feel in his tracks you can really hear that he is from turkey, lovely sound! Regards Diaks
  11. I like to use : C Jewish (Ahaba Rabba) Scale intervals: 1,b2,3,4,5,b6,b7 half-steps: 1-3-1-2-1-2-2 notes: C,Db,E,F,G,Ab,Bb Very harmonic and easy to transpose
  12. There is no secret :drama: oriental scales is the key.
  13. i think astrancer is on shivlink he makes goa?
  14. Hey man nice goa :-) why dont you put goa in topic description? I was expecting to hear something weird and was surprised by very cool melodies :posford: :clapping: Regards Diaks
  15. Thanks! Glad someone like it, added some more things to the track today gonna keep working on it now. Cheers Diaks
  16. Nice release indeed this is promising for the future of goa and hopefully people from the new generation will discover this beautiful music as well. Regards Diaks
  17. Hello artha i downloaded the set and im listening to it now, really nice goa feelings man! a good 76 minute long journey :posford: Regards Diaks
  18. My world is here: www.diaks.com and here: www.myspace.com/diaks Welcome!
  19. In the end its all about what program you feel confortable in then you can focus on creativity instead of how the software works. i really think a good track is good no mather what software is used, but i myself feel very confortable in reason and i like the fact that its stable and balanced, very well programmed . if it would have support for vst the stability would be changed i was working in logic before reason and never regret changing to reason, but i can understand people who makes music with song and stuff that kind of music reason isnt really suited for that and i think the limitations reason have in some aspects makes you more creative since you have to find ways around that, for example i sample a lof of sounds from my synthesizer and use in the samplers in reason to get the sound more variated :-) very fun program i warmly recommend for anyone who havent tryed it. Regards Diaks
  20. Okey you installed and used vanguard. Does that make you cool? Makes no difference to me what vst you used to make the lead since it dont sound good! But hey keep trying and never give up.. i think its a bit early and naive to think that a label will sign you right now. Just beeing honest hope i didnt spoil your dream. Regards Diaks
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