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  1. Well put and it is fully in accordance with my own reflections. Certainly the emphasis on as you say hypnotic features, adds a timelessness feeling to the experience. Since the sense of time gets lost without the anchor points, that a more standard tension/release hook based formula provides. So this approach lends itself beautifully to a space-diving sensation. And I’m convinced that the hypnotic and indeed trance-like effect, that these type of musical arrangements provide. Probably stimulates some very basic and primordial parts of our brains. Meditative qualities indeed. I certainly envy your vinyl selection, since I’ve never had the opportunity to listen to these masterpieces in that format. The analog vinyl format adds another layer to the experience which is truly unique and sets the tone.
  2. Currently watching the 4K remaster of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, looks very crisp. And I love the animated visual style, despite current CGI far surpassing it on a mere technological level, the designs still look cool.
  3. Such a fitting visual match with this homemade music video of sorts. Featuring visuals from the animated movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  4. Great stuff indeed! To Sirius is probably the best executed Egyptian themed Goa album to date. It brings back beautiful memories of better times. Full of light and inspiration. Everything seemed a little simpler back then, the biggest issues were related to which classic Goa CD to get, what Goa party to attend. It’s great that music can preserve emotions in time, I get instantly teleported back to that era by just listening to these tunes. The 9th album as well such a well-refined concept.
  5. I do remember when I first heard Pleiadians, I didn’t quite understand what the fuzz was all about. But after a while I started to appreciate their organic and very raw sound more. It’s bit punky almost, which to me personally these days, in comparison to the super clean(almost sterile) modern sound. Can be quite a nice contrast. Everything has its time, its audience and above all hopefully something unique which sets it apart. Besides all the superficial aspects of music, such as perceived sound quality etc. These old albums to me have something more important. They had a message, which why they made such an impact. Whatever one might think of the music, it did contribute to the scene and influenced the styles we hear today. So all the classics have their legacy.
  6. Which of these widely recognized classics best stood the test of time? (By no means a complete list, these are frequent ones that popped up in similar threads over the years.) Any more you think should be added, or removed even? Did some cheddar age badly or on the contrary perhaps gained a nice flavor and aroma? Milestones or overrated? All perspectives are welcome.
  7. Nice find, I need to check out the Hallucinogen track. There is a Slinky Wizard track with the same title. Maybe some different version?
  8. I agree well worth it. For me this re-issue alongside the Etnica Live In Athens 1996 and the Crop Circles-Tetrahedron vinyl 2019 re-issue (with the bonus tracks.) Are like the Goa Trance equivalent to the LOTR extended editions lol. All tha extra goodies… a holy trinity!
  9. ”Techno Viking” Age: thousands of years, he belongs to an extinct race of superhuman vikings, which originated in Atlantis.
  10. Well put RTP, reviews and written thoughts in general always capture a moment in time. I’m sure we’ll all look back and remember the good old days sometime. The times are certainly changing at an ever increasing pace. In the future we might reminisce this very forum and its countless reviews, through something like waybackmachine or similar. Depending on what part of the censored internet we might have access to. We already see the tendencies.. And @Basilisk, I don’t think you have anything to feel ashamed for. Your reviews were alway very well written. I think reviews are a bit like old photos, you might look at them and think hey those clothes and that haircut looked kinda funny. Who knows perhaps all these cultural expressions, will be of interest to anthropologists in the future.
  11. Interesting, I’ve watched some documentaries on the same topic lately. Besides this I watched the QAnon documentary Q: Into the Storm, on HBO which is divided into 6 episodes. Quite interesting as well.
  12. I don’t have any particular expectations for 2022 I guess. It’s a very dark age, if I had the ability to rewind time. I would do so, and set it around 1996 or so. My wishes and hopes for this genre, would be to find something which really blows my mind again. Something new that captures the sensations that Crop Circles/Pleiadians or Hallucinogen managed to capture, would make me happy. Something so outlandishly alien and weird that you doubt that it was even made by humans. I need some hyperdimensional stories! To teleport the mind to paranormal realities.
  13. Well yeah you said it yourself. In terms of features it might’ve fallen behind some to the current offerings sure. But yeah I don’t believe vintage instruments can become dated in that sense. There’s almost always a place/use for certain instruments. And besides the most simple vintage instruments are sometimes the most enduring classics. All the simple monosynths for example, like the 101, 303 etc. Would surely be ”dated” as well if that would be the case. Anyways time moves along relentlessly, it feels almost as yesterday when these VA-synths were first released. Then people complained that they didn’t sound analog enough and what not (and some still do complain about that) But now these same instruments have a vintage status, and I would argue that if one really looks for the specific Nord sound. The original is still the best, it has very nice performance controls, almost like a violin in terms of expressiveness with the wooden pitch bend. And yeah for this specific thread, ”dated/vintage” sounds are the main objective. Since it concerns the recreation of classical sounds.
  14. True pioneer! From the mastermind and ghost producer behind venerated projects such as Psynina, Hallucinogen, Daft Punk, Kanye West and countless anthemic Despacito remixes. Emerges yet another epic dancefloor banger. Certain to spawn a myriad av new offshoot genres, and viral TikTok dances for The Jilted Generation.
  15. Really good tracks by Cosmosquad. Criogénial in particular sounds like something from the same playbook as Crop Circles-Tetrahedron. Very intense, quite dark and I like the 3D vibes.
  16. Thanks a lot for your very helpful guidance into the exciting world of analog technology! The Etnica Live artwork is absolutely stunning I agree. It would look amazing on a wall for sure. Imagine a holographic print.. Now that would be out of this world..
  17. Thanks! Will do some serious youtube research.
  18. Is this available to listen somewhere? It sounds very intriguing from your description. The space angle and Psychaos aspect certainly piqued my interest.
  19. I don't have a vinyl player, but damn these vinyl cover artworks, sure would look really nice framed on the wall. Were there any promo posters printed for this release?
  20. I would be interested in this as well, anyone has a list of labels focused on the Twiligt style on bandcamp?
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