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  1. I wonder how many exquisite killah arps you can squeeze out of this newly revived NHJO staple? https://www.musicradar.com/news/refx-vanguard2-synth-plugin
  2. Interesting, what year was the track you find it similar to released?
  3. Love it! Very unique approach. Like a really dark Tim Burton movie on mushrooms.
  4. Oh I'm a bit of a Bandcamp noob, I don't have an account so I just tried searching for Infected Mushroom on bandcamp while not beeing logged in, could that be why I didn't get any results with them? Only some remix came by another artist. Gonna need to register there and check out their catalog there then. ^^ Any other albums/compilations on Sundance that are essential? Preferably something dark and funky like Talpa. *edit tried again searching for Infected on bandcamp, I only find some of their stuff while searching on Google instead for Infected Mushroom+Bandcamp. But it doesn't show like their own artist page, only the Monstercat label and some other labels they released on. (Novatekk) Even while clicking their artist name on the albums on Monstercat's bandcamp. This EP is nice: https://monstercatmedia.bandcamp.com/album/shroomeez The artwork looks a bit like it perhaps was made with an AI image generator.
  5. I'm as lost as the rest on guessing, I would like to know where you found it? That could perhaps help us investigate its origin. What I wonder mostly is if the sample is representative of the recorded quality? Or if it was ripped many times, perhaps recorded from DAT, ripped from online stream etc? Because how it sounds quality-wise in its unaltered original form, very much affects a correct assessment of the era it was produced. Style-wise it reminds me some of the early Goa, production-wise if this is how the original recording sounds, than its fair to assume it's not from the 2000 era, unless the producer aimed at recreating a retro-style vibe that is. Has the recording been altered in any other way after it was ripped? As in bass-enhanced or something? Because it doesn't sound as I would expect a mastered track to sound. The production values were a lot more refined from 1998ish onwards for sure with some exceptions, and definitely if we are speaking of the early 2000's. However this doesn't hold true if we take into consideration that the track might've originated from some unsigned community like mp3.com, myspace etc. It's not easy detective work! I like the atmosphere of the track despite it's rather simplistic song structure. It has some of that naivety of exploration which I think is characteristic for the early Goa era. It has a nice light and uplifting new age vibe going, whatever its year of origin. It has some touch-points early Sheyba and with this style from 1994. https://www.discogs.com/release/1225314-Mandala-Australia-EP
  6. Great glad to hear that. 😎👍 Keep us safe and updated, so no evil hax0rs can spam us with their malicious viagra ads lol. btw I just noticed that the emoji sub-menu now displays all the apple emojis for me now. Is that a new custom plugin as well for the forum?
  7. Great initiative! We should all be very grateful for the Psynews community, which is perhaps the last of its kind. And certainly a very unique resource for its dedicated focus on the Psytrance culture. Which in my opinion is much needed in this new dark era, I recently read for example that outdoors Rave parties are getting criminalized in Italy right now. This culture has always had to strive for its existence, and a forum like this has a vital function as a uniting place online for an international sub-culture like ours.
  8. Playing around and evaluating the demo/public beta of this plugin and really enjoying it so far, anyone given it a test spin or perhaps participated in the beta? https://polyversemusic.com/products/supermodal/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzVgF-wxZ0E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioYxEkdinI8&t=484s I'm also very curious about the upcoming Infected Mushroom synthesizer plugin, whenever that one is ready. Does anyone know if they gave any input on the Supermodal development? Since it has some of the GUI/designs of the Manipulator plugins very unique LFO/Sequencers. Maybe they'll design some presets for the full version?
  9. I'll take a listen tonight, do you have any artist preferences or particular style you've aimed for? If so let me know, so I can listen to those and compare before giving feedback. 😎👍
  10. I was messing about for the first time ever with some of these AI art generators recently. And comparing them, Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion etc, Midjourney was by far the most impressive. I can definitely see this way of working with visual arts evolving to another level when we get direct access to them via mind-sensor control. Ala Neuralink or similar. Because when we get direct access to our visualizing thoughts, our though images so to say. Then this medium will surely be elevated to new heights. That would also open up some rather spooky applications for the technology, imagine to have a live hologram of a nightmare? Or what would the hologram display if the brain in question was hallucinating on psychedelics? Would it show these altered closed eye visuals? Now that could become spooky very fast. A real nightmare machine producing/conjuring some real "Horrorgrams". Hallugrams? And then obviously the logical step would be a device whitch could create dreams for your brain to experience. A new kind of simulation. As it stands now, it's very impressive and promising with these prompt-based AI-generators, but the results are still somewhat random compared to making something from scratch in Photoshop or Blender. I would love to see these technologies implemeted as filters inside of Photoshop, Blender, Illustrator etc in the near future. The ability to add any visual style you can imagine as a filter/combined filters to an exisiting artwork/project is where this technology will really shine. It's definitely a very time efficient process for now to get some ideas going quickly though. And yeah the rave party you got from the AI seems a bit as if the AI took a bit too much acid? It's definitely a Shpongle party. The Dall-E algos are quite funny, but still very buggy with hands in particular. Midjourney V4 is amazing and much less prone to disfigured body parts. I got some very dark and twisted results by combining for example Jan Van Eyck with dark fantasy ala Boris Valejo, H.R Giger, vintage scifi etc. Unexpected style combos mesh really well, also MC Escher plus Alex Grey and stuff like that. HP Lovecraft/Lovecraftian prompts in Midjourney is to die for.
  11. Yay I got a great gift from a friend. I'm not a bandcamp user so I don't know about or keep a tab on these Bandcamp deals. But my friend asked if there was any music I wanted from the sale, and I just randomly picked Talpa-When The Somberness Becomes A Game, and Cosmic Conspiracy Records VA-MIDI Evil. Since I had those in my mind stuck on repeat. The artwork is very memorable as well, which is very effective. These two would've looked amazing in a big vinyl format with holographic artwork. There was no Infected Mushroom music on the platform sadly.
  12. Yeah I definitely noticed this, I was still logged in on my laptop, but unable post or reply among other things. When logged out on my phone, I was unable to login again since the formating of the site had changed and the login window was no longer accessible/visible lol. By checking the activity window of the forum I got the impression, that this was the case for everyone else as well. Since there wasn't any new posts during these days with the issue. Among the things I fiddled around with in the user control panel during this "down time", to test out what worked or not, changing avatars and profile pictures was also rendered impossible due to the different size in the php formatting of the relevant forms/cells. You sure there wasn't some 0-day exploit some hacker used? It seems a little too coincidental, all details concidered. They usually scan the web for forums with unpatched vulnerabilities, sometimes with bots/crawlers.
  13. Interesting style. It sounds like their most updated track stylewise yet, maybe that's Oforias input? It has a very nice dark cosmic drive. Somewhat reminiscent of the Another World era. Productionwise it sounds very futuristic and crisp (from my brief listen on an iphone speaker) lol. It might have some of Oforias old euphoric hallmarks as well? It would fit neatly in a set or playlist with tracks from Artifact303's latest album.
  14. Since I noticed that you don't seem to have any compilation from the year 2000, I suggest you check this one out for a little variation: https://www.discogs.com/release/83307-Various-Lunar-Civilization You could also check out the Psychedelic Demons series from that era as well.
  15. Lot's of goodies, I like the rather seamless blend from classics to the modern eras. Only old school essentials I can spot that you're missing are the compilations from Trust In Trance Records, such as the Israel's Psychedelic Trance, Goa Vibes and Psychedelic Vibes series. Those are killers IMO, the colorful artworks on those alone are very uplifting eyecandy. And Goa Head, Tantrance and some more Destination Goa (I only see one). Although there obviously is a lot of overlap between those. I would also add some stuff from HOM-Mega Productions. The early IsrAliens and FullOn compilations perhaps, if you like that flavour. Also the original Swedish Sun Trip compilations from the 90s: https://www.discogs.com/release/129404-Various-Sun-Trip-Goes-Fourth I would just start chronologically and work my way through this collection, one CD or a couple per day perhaps. Reflect some, compare, repeat the process. Having the benefit of hindsight to observe the evolution of this genre is a nice one indeed. A good combo obviously is to read some books at the same time.
  16. lmao that's a mean cyberbean, getting his Cyberware in check. I suppose something like this implemention of deepfake avatars in games, is Zuckerbergs end-game masterplan for the Metaverse. Love the FTP part, he a bad mofo. Someone should make a similar one with Kreepy Kanye.
  17. I agree with the notions of previous posters. Dark Psytrance can clearly be a lot of different things, dark as in a foreboding/sinister sensation. Dark as a mysterious/enigmatic touch etc. In my mind the immediate conceptual idea I associate with dark psychedelic music is the paranormal spooky themes with ghosts, ESP, telepathy and what have you. Infected Mushroom-Return of The Shadows, is spooky and dark to me, Bust A Move has spooky aspects too. Hallucinogen-Gamma Goblin pt2 for sure as well. The Classical Mushroom album to me is rather dark in a romantic/nostalgic gothic way. Then there's the popular dark cosmic themes, very popular in Goa-Trance for sure. I would argue that the dark paranormal aspect of Psytrance certainly is one if its most compelling and unique selling-points. When comparing the genre to other electronic genres such as Techno it becomes very apparent. I can't think of any other music genre that so exquisitely explored and perfected these type of themes. Then we have the funky dark parodic styles, Talpa springs to mind and Cosmic Conspiracy Records whole catalogue. One thing I think is a bit under-explored is Dark Euphoric styles. Infected fits in this category with some tracks from the Classical Mushroom album. (The Shen). Perhaps Artifact-303 as well somewhat with his latest album, but in a more cosmic euphoria with dark touches. Filteria-Pyrogen has some dark euphoric cosmic elements. MFG-Project Genesis, UX-Ultimate Experience and Hallucinogen-Twisted are very cosmic and dark euphoric at times. There is much more! The topic is vast and very interesting!
  18. @johnb820 I totally understand your concern with regards to the wide-ranging privacy concerns that pretty much all apps and the internet as a whole poses to everyone these days. I think you might've read about Palantir and Clearview AI? The all-seeing eye sure has a long reach. This quote from The Lord of the Rings sums it up lol: "A palantir is a dangerous tool, Saruman. They are not all accounted for, the lost Seeing-stones. We do not know who else may be watching." https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2018-palantir-peter-thiel/?leadSource=uverify wall https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/18/technology/clearview-privacy-facial-recognition.html Those are the ones that spring to mind, but I'm sure those are just the tip of the ice-berg. TikTok surely must be the biggest trojan horse this planet has ever seen. The amount of biometric and personal data that app must be gathering is staggering.
  19. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/epub/10.1177/0269881120916143 Pretty interesting answers to the open-ended answering questions in the questionnaire: "Table 6. Open-ended written responses to the question regarding the message, task, mission, purpose, or insight received from the encounter with the being or entity.a Theme and descriptionExemplar quoteNumber of respondents (percentage of total sample, n=2561) Idiosyncratic information Idiosyncratic messages or insights not otherwise captured in themes; vague, non-specific communications or insights“He was teaching me the rules/regulations of the NFL.” “She said ‘you’ve finally found me’.”703 (27%) Personal insight Insight into personal behaviors, emotions, relationships, or life purpose; specific instruction or task pertaining to the aforementioned“I learned that when I resist uncomfortable emotions, I am selling myself short of the possibility to learn and grow.” “It was on a personal level as I had been struggling with addiction of opiates at the time. She basically told me that I really needed to cut it out of my life because all it will bring is pain. I had not previously thought negatively about my use of opiates before this encounter.”571 (22%) Love Message, insight, or task related to love, kindness, compassion, or benevolence“Love is the answer to everything." “The message and insight is that our purpose is to love each other.”409 (16%) Task Task, instruction, or command not related to other themes; may be within or outside of the DMT experience; often idiosyncratic in nature“Worship me.” “Telepathically: ‘Do not tell anyone about this’.”280 (11%) Safety/reassurance Message about being safe or protected“It told me that everything was okay.” “I was being reassured that I was safe.”259 (10%) Interconnectedness Message about the interconnectedness of the universe and/or all beings; sense of oneness or connection to the entity; realization that separateness, self, or ego are illusory“This experience was them showing me that we are all connected, all one.” “The insight I received was that everyone and everything is connected.”180 (7%) Death Message or insight about death, afterlife, pre-birth state, or reincarnation“That this space was the after-death state.” “There was insight that death is not the end.”168 (7%) Knowledge Message about general knowledge or information; receiving general knowledge; task to spread, share, or pursue knowledge“The entity was showing me knowledge.” “Learn and educate myself.”161 (6%) Greeting, valediction, or reprimand Being welcomed or invited; being told farewell; being told to leave, or that one is not ready for the experience“The message I received was, welcome.” “The message was to go back to my planet as it was not my time to be in that amazing golden white sea of consciousness.”104 (4%) Prediction Prediction about the future, not related to other themes“I thought about a missing zippo lighter for some reason and they flashed to me where it was and after I came back, I went to that spot deep inside a couch and grabbed it perfectly, it was unreal.” “The being communicated to me that future DMT experiences would more or less be the same as the one I was experiencing.”99 (4%) Divinity Message or insight about God(s) or deities“I was essentially told that I was God.” “It telepathically gave me information that said this being was in service of God.”66 (3%) Veridicality of DMT space Message or insight that the DMT space is more real than everyday reality; everyday reality is an illusion, simulation, or dream“That the reality I perceive is more like a hallucination and that the true reality is better represented from the encounter with these beings. That the DMT reality is more real than the perceived world I inhabit.” “There was an indescribably powerful notion that this dimension in which the entity and I convened was infinitely more ‘real’ than the consensus reality I usually inhabit. It felt truer than anything else I’d ever experienced.”52 (2%)"
  20. Weird indeed, btw @Penzoline on another psynews forum issue which I’ve experienced lately. Which I suspect is related to when the forum software is updated. Anyhow the issue experienced is manifested as an inability to access any part of the forum, upon clicking on any forum section or forum thread, one was greeted with a forum error and error code. I suspect that it was for all forum users since no new content/threads were created during these error episodes. And since it was persistent regardless of beeing logged in or not.
  21. Oh sad news.. He has been a cornerstone in the whole psy live scene for a long time. Very impressive that his music has been around so long, and managed to capture and amaze new festival goers every year. Hopefully as he says it will bring more quality time to produce music. I hope he surprises with some nice trippy music, like only he knows how to. And yeah I have no doubts about that. I'll keep my eyes open for those precious few gigs he might make. Maybe he just had a bit too much of the scene and needs a rest. I still remember vividly how I found his website when the internet was a new thing, he really has evolved with the times and the technology. Would be cool if he makes more live gigs online from his studio, and also would be nice if he could share some of his studio wizardry online, he should do some Psytrance tutorials. To pass on the legacy. I remember I read somewhere, maybe in a book about LSD/Psychedelics, how he and Raja Ram had a method of testing new Hallucinogen tracks. By letting Raja Ram listen to the newly made track or track in progress perhaps, in headphones on acid. So a real acid test so to speak. That always stuck with me as a very logical and funny thing to do, to make sure that the music passed the quality control, before any potential trippers purchased the music and used it, or experienced it live.
  22. *Edit it was a very old thread, and every imaginable angle was already discussed. So I don't see the point in resuscitating a thread from 2006. To properly answer this question would require a master thesis in som fitting academic field. Since statistics are essential to see the full picture. The answer probably lies embedded in the same mechanisms that has made Psytrance, Techno and related genres more or less popular among producers in different countries/segments of populations. Trends, exposure, what music is popular to produce among your peers, technological progress and early adaption of home computers and internet infrastructure etc. Maybe the Hinduism/New Age aesthetic scared some people of? Techno in comparison is more neutral in it's visual presentation in that aspect. However these types of discussions tend to always become divisive and polarizing by nature. So I think we should avoid this on Psynews, as there is already plenty of that on other platforms. And skimming through this thread reminded me of how toxic this forum used to be at times, and this thread was probably cleaned up by mods at some point. So yeah let it RIP, 2006 was a looong time ago.
  23. Reminds me of Gandalf. He should make a Goa project with Raja Ram and Goa Gil. Deck Wizards. https://www.discogs.com/release/223951-Goa-Gil-Deck-Wizards-Kosmokrator
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