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  1. Slinky Wizard-People Like Us(Polenski Mix) From: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Pulse-6-The-Next-Generation/release/52060
  2. Slinky Wizard-Shivari Thing From: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sun-Trip-Goes-Fourth/release/129404
  3. Hallucinogen-LSD (Doof Remix) From: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sun-Trip-First-Phase/release/165473
  4. The synsun one also really cool, reminds me of the vibe on the legend of the black shawarma cover and people walk funny.
  5. Ozric and Bluetech win. Beautiful artwork! Fantastic imagination from the creators of those.
  6. I don’t think this album is any good, but I did think it was once a long time ago. And since I guess it’s kinda well regarded within the Nitzho community, I guess it fits here. https://www.discogs.com/Luminus-Journey-Into-Your-Dream/release/230242 I mean look at those long finger nails, whats up? A big witch came out of space and abducted what looks like a bad cgi? Band?
  7. The shamanisma looks amazing, the dragon tales as well. The letters fits really well with the handdrawn background art. The infected one is sublime, like some kind of resident evil infection with shrooms. Love the muted color scheme. The sandman Witchcraft cover is pure psychedelia. Who made that one? Looks like the quality found on blotter art. The Crossing Mind one looks very artsy and abstract. Kinda neat, I can clearly see that the inspiration must have been Pleiadians-I.F.O. But the Pleiadians one is way cooler, since it has some weird bird-like alien creatures
  8. Love the skizologic cover, never seen it before. Looks almost like it's inspired by maya artwork.
  9. So not to be the total opposite to the other thread, since I think it will be quite limiting to find stuff with great cover art and bad music. Let's focus here on great cover art, irrespective of how the quality of the music is. Although we can of course discuss the music as well. My first example is this one, and depending on who you ask the music might be great or bad or something in-between. https://www.discogs.com/SFX-The-Unreleased-Tracks-89-94/release/68966 I never liked any of the tracks on it, as they did sound dated even when it was released. Perhaps it's interesting to hear how their sound developed since then. The artwork on it is an entirely different thing. It looks amazing even to this day with its handdrawn very psychedelic artwork. Funny thing is I didn't even notice that it has the letters SFX camouflaged into the organic looking mess, until just recently. Which basically makes it organic acid graffiti. A friend of a friend had this one as an original poster framed on the wall. Really nice This one is OK, not mindblowing but also benefitting from the organic handmade quality. Perhaps the slightly anime-influenced style makes it a tad bit on the cheesy side of things. Since I think there has been a lot of anime inspired stuff in full-on etc. So that is definitely overplayed. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Lunar-Civilization/release/83307 This CD though, has a real banger: Wizzy Noise-Shores Of Freedom Epic track still!
  10. Savage thread roflmao One thing to have in mind though, besides those covers that are simply lazy/poorly made. Some stuff was cutting edge back then, simply because 3D graphics was not very advanced at the time. You see this across different mediums. Not just in cover art for goa trance. Think about it, one common thing some of you mention is that some of the art is ps1 levels. Well ps1 was cutting edge, and had the very best 3D animators of its era working on the games. 3D-rendering in particular was and still is a very time consuming and CPU-intensive process. And the home computers at the time were not particulary strong. So in the best scenarios it was someone who worked at an advertising agency with access to the best stuff of the era who did the artwork. Same goes for the early rave flyers. So besides some of the more hideous looking stuff, I would say for example that Infected Mushroom-Classical Mushroom had a really impressive cover to me back then. And probably to a lot of other people as well. It was actually above average. And if you think about it, it’s not worse than for example the CGI used in the music video to Eiffel 65-Blue (Da Ba Dee). But yes it has not aged well, but looking through the prism of the era it’s forgiveable. It really went well with the theme of the album. The handdrawn style on The Gathering cover art has aged better due to handdrawn artwork beeing a more timeless technique. And yes I agree let’s make a sister thread for the best cover art, or dig up some old thread which fits the bill.
  11. Diaks


    Interesting find and reflections. Indeed sometimes I wonder how the process went for some artists, if they were actively searching through movies for a fitting sample, or just watched a movie an though: oh that sounds dope! Sampler on. Since sampling something from scratch yourself, is a more active decision/action than relying on a sample library, which was also extremely popular of course. For example with Infected Mushroom, since they used to work for a very long time on each album, one would assume that every sample was carefully selected to fit the themes. But I’m sure a lot of playful joking around as well sometimes resulted in great results.
  12. Diaks


    Yes indeed, and it really mirrors the widespread interest in science fiction among electronic music/psy trance producers. That was what really got my attention with a lot of goa trance albums in the 90s. The very interesting scifi themes, in the music/samples/style as well as the album cover artwork. Two very good examples for me are Miranda-Northern Lights and Miranda-Asynja. Northerns Lights is more grounded in real science. With the text in the inlay, and with the female voice speaking in the intro track, explaining the aurora borealis phenomena. And Asynjas album inlay with photos from area 51 and some info reflecting samples in the tracks as well. A very cohesive theme.
  13. Diaks


    There would be a lot of nodes connecting to The Matrix movie around 2000 MFG had some really interesting samples. For example the sample in ”Intelligent Machine” that quotes some of Shylock’s dialogue from William Shakespeare’s book The Merchant of Venice. Not sure where they sampled it from. But it really fits the enigmatic mood of the track/album. And perhaps mirror the cultural upbringing/schooling of the artist. Since it’s a jewish character in the book. The samples text for context: 'If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? One would assume they might have read the book, but who knows. It’s stuff like that, which added to the mystery surrounding the goa artists of the 90’s. Often no photos on the albums of the artists, just some names and greetings in the album sleeves. Miranda beeing one of the few I think which put her photo on Northern Lights album. Which I think reflected the ambition of the label and artist, to reach a wider audience. Also evident with the Antiloop remix on the album.
  14. Diaks


    Cool thanks! Now I remember, that’s something I used to spend a lot of time doing, looking up the origin of the samples. It was kind of like the lyrics site genius for psytrance. Before genius.com of course. Funny thing is nowadays you can find some stuff like that on genius.com as well, for example Infected Mushroom-The Shen. https://genius.com/Infected-mushroom-the-shen-lyrics and The Missed Symphony https://genius.com/Infected-mushroom-the-missed-symphony-lyrics The artist/group discography was also quite vast. Overall with all the combined information the site contained, it was a bit like the blotter vault at erowid. But for psy trance. Very interesting trip down memory lane browsing the artist pages now on psydb via waybackmachine: https://web.archive.org/web/20171019200653/https://www.psydb.net/artists/m/miranda.php
  15. God-tier. Multi-talented polymath. You got the midas touch son. I love how down to earth you are ”최근 밴드명 AZ NHJO BILL GATES HYENNNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 빌게이츠 현느로)” The Bill Gates of God Trance. The CEO of trance godfathers.
  16. Christmas vibes.. kinda fitting since some people don’t think santa is real.. I must applause on the ingenious track names. Look out the window 1.0 Look out the window 2.0 Some heavy thinking behind it
  17. God Trance must be some Simon Godford stuff.
  18. Diaks


    Yes that struck me as well, at least in my memory it was a very visual and fun to navigate site. My guess is they perhaps migrated the content from an older system or something. Or just tried to update the look I dunno. It’s basically dead now with no new updates.
  19. Nice, I saw Infected at Arvika as well. My memory is a bit blurry but around 2004 perhaps? Looking at Arvika festivals wikipedia made me even more confused. Infected played there several times 2005 seems to be the time I went there.
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