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  1. 1. L'Ultima Profezia 07:15 2. Lo Destino 06:35 3. La Fortuna 07:05 Release notes: Compilation of tracks made between 2016 to 2018. So here we have yet again some more goa and another alias of the Lost Buddha. So how does it sound you might wonder? Well it sounds great if you're into the old variety of this genre, that is this is pure old school. If you liked the output of Lost Buddha/Amithaba Buddha between 2004/2009-ish this will float your boat. That beeing said, don't expect innovation or any new approach to the sound image. It sounds just like the 2004/2009 era, which in turn emulated the mid 90's era, so it's the same approach used back then during the first neo-goa wave. But hey if the formula works, why change it? The composition/arrangement of the tracks is totally focused on oriental melodies of the faster more hectic kind and acidic background layers, complemented by lush pads. If you've heard lots of the other goa output of this artist you know what to expect by now, and that might be it's weak point, as well as its strenght at the same time, depending on your predilection. I took it for a test spin during my forest walks, and it did what it should, as it's very energetic. Solid EP, Fav tracks: 2 and 3.
  2. I have a request, while browsing the interview section I noticed that there isn't any interview with Mystica. Seeing that they/or at least one of their original members is still doing retro-sets, could someone pehaps make an interview?
  3. Here we have some ear candy in the form of smooth acidic goa trance. It sounds somewhat inspired by the Shamanic Tribes On Acid ‎– 303 To Infinity album. The approach is indeed a more floating one than on previous albums/aliases, all of the 303 lines are without distortion in order to give it a smoother more liquid style. It's a welcome change after having sifted through most of the goa albums/EP's/compilations on his bandcamp. As this album is less hectic, and offers a more chilled-out experience. I haven't listened to all the tracks yet, favourite so far is Himalayas, a very good track. The track Ascendancy is a bit too monotonous and drags on a bit with the same patterns. The album is very psychedelic in the sense that it has these fractal-like effects on some of the percussive elements, as well as in the melodies. Rather colorful bright music, which I think is reflected well in the cover artwork. The album has a fresh inspired sensation, and feels very summery to me. Perhaps with a touch of a cold Himalayan breeze. Upon listening to some more of the tracks, I can say that it's a really solid album. I like all tracks so far, Ascendancy is not a bad track per se, but compared to the rest it was not as varied. This is good music for the treadmill/forest run, as it is energetic and meditative at the same time. It isn't stressful, but still has enough energy to keep you going. Origami is a cool track very uplifting and fresh, with some hints of mystique.
  4. Good stuff! And what a perfect introduction to this wonderful genre.
  5. It's just amazing ancient egyptian inspired downtempo.
  6. I definitely think he could enjoy it in the right context, for example during a studio session with Youth, perhaps in a micro-dosed state. And yes if he has known Youth for quite some time, I would assume that he must've been exposed to it at some point of their friendship. Then again there's so much different goa made, one would hope that some of it might hit home with an older generation of psychedelic explorers. (Like in the case of Raja Ram). My bet would be that he would love some of the more downtempo psy stuff. Like Younger Brother or Shpongle perhaps. And yeah a collab between McCartney and Posford would be awesome of course. And if we also take into consideration how much of a cultural shock the first goa wave was in the UK during the 90's, as it continued the issues the general public had with the raves since back in the acid rave days. Paul must've followed the phenomenon with curiousity. Since he as well has the experience of beeing part of a culture that wasn't entirely accepted by the "adults" in the beginning. And the parallels between the hippie era of the 60's and the 90s goa wave are of course there as an obvious aspect, which he surely could've reflected on, as it must've been quite a déjà-vu. I can totally see Paul watching this on the TV in 1995:
  7. So yeah I tried all the skins, the issue is there on all 3 of em. And I also noticed that it affects one thread of another member as well, as you can see there in the print screen of the Paul McCartney thead. I tried browsing the forum logged out now as well, out of curiousity, and yes it's still there.
  8. So from this we can deduce that a thread made back in february is not affected by the glitch. So I'm not sure yet if my threads are only like this from my POV, or for other users as well. And not sure either if the actual view count gets delayed and will display proper values in some days/weeks/months from now. We should be able to narrow down the culprits atleast :). I'm gonna test now as well with the other forum skins, to see if the issue persists "across the board".
  9. It's only on recently made threads that I've noticed the glitch so far, pretty much all my recent threads in the general section. Hold on gonna try and get a printscreen of this "ghost in the machine"
  10. Yes indeed, and a rather cool thing I discovered just recently is that Eutuchia Records/Music has made some deal that got them a huge chunk of the classic Nitzhonot releases. Like all the Shiva Space Technology compilations among other things, so there is tons of it now on spotify thanks to this aquisition/catalog expansion. However it's not as of today added to discogs. It's not remasters or anything just the originals put on spotify. Only way you can tell is by looking at each album/compilation on spotify and seeing the Eutuchia label copyright thing at the bottom of the album/compilation.
  11. Baghdad Legends Oriental Music Zone Stellar downtempo, just listen to those lush Eventide type reverbs.
  12. Egyptian Meditation Temple - Ramses Secret Rather nice egyptian themed meditation music
  13. Egyptian Meditation Temple - Ancient Egyptian Path Yeah really beautiful mediation music in the Egyptian theme.
  14. Yeah it's a bit of a recurring theme unfortunately. At the time of the review links were working. Most of it is on his new bandcamp tho. Search and you shall find. *hint* first name and surname, which are on discogs. And btw this album is now called something else yet again, it's now Circle Of Protection - Circle Of Protection.
  15. Noted that there are lots of E-Mantra releases on this label you linked Tsotsi https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com Might be of interest to those into his music, perhaps E-Mantra is somehow involved in the label? Since it's a Romanian label. Didn't find any info on the labels discogs that verifies or discards it.
  16. Interesting interview, it mirrors a lot of how the goa trance experience was in my country as well in the 90'.
  17. Thanks! Wow didn't know Spiral Trax were on there too Miranda - Cosmic Treasure Vol.1, sure is a treasure hehehe. Easily one of the best old school remasters out there, very nice sound quality indeed.
  18. Lmao, they don't make em like this anymore. Foe shizzzle baba. Kind of crazy when you think about it that NHJO came up with the Korean Psy before Psy-Gangnam Style. INNOVATION.
  19. daaymn cool little synthesizer, what is it even? some kind of mini-modular system? Does it have a sequencer?
  20. There must surely be more out there? I have revised the list with some changes.
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