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  1. My first CD-player in the 80's was a Technics one It even came with a demo CD with a cheesy Technics themed pop song lol. It added to the 80's experience. It was meant to demonstrate the new mediums crisp digital sound quality, and I sure was an impressed kid. It was magical coming from cassette tapes and vinyl. The transition to this new laser based technology felt futuristic.
  2. If Infected Mushroom should split up, Duvdev should call you NHJO. Imagine the new Classical NHJO Mushroom album. It will be beyond words, a masterpiece meant to happen. NHJO On Mushrooms, with Skazi on guitar. And Psynina could do a dance show, Psy-Twerking. I have a request NHJO-San, could you make a piano cover of Infected Mushroom - The Messenger?
  3. I have some goa up n running now in logic, 145 sounds perfect. F as well.
  4. I agree. And besides I would even argue that Filterias early music is old school by now since it's 16 years now since Sky Input was released. I've actually never heard anyone say for example that new Techno isn't Techno and whatever. It becomes illogical, goa is just a genre like every other genre out there, with different decades. It feels as the finger is pointed specifically at Filteria for some reason unknown to me. Because at the end of the day this compilation and all the artists on it are also making Goa, modern Goa produced in 2019 or 2020. Not in 1996, so therefore they are also per
  5. Now it works, NHJO Van Beethoven, the prodigal son. Psynews virtuoso! Respect boyakasha.
  6. "video not available" damn the NSA acted swiftly on this one it seems.
  7. Nice thread I need to dig deeper into this, only been scratching the surface of ambient in general. And I like darker stuff overall within other genres.
  8. No hard feelings you have your opinions, and I have mine. It's the essence of this forum, that's why I love this place. I just find it interesting really to hear what people think on these topics. To me personally I'm not easily offended by electronic music. Since Goa Trance often lacks any lyrics, besides perhaps some sampled voice/talk. I'm also quite old by now and experienced the first wave of Goa Trance in the 90's, still I'm open for new experiences. Because I would become extremely bored by limiting myself to essentially only one decade of goa trance (the 90's). The vibes and wor
  9. So me saying that I'm pleasantly surprised by a track and comparing it to another goa artist, from the label that released this compilation is offensive? And yeah you might've heard all of Xenomorph's discography, I haven't (yet) there's so much goa to discover, impossible to hear it all. But I'm working on it. Does it make my experience or impression less valid? That's the beauty of this forum, the different angles/opinions and impressions. If anything this new Xenomorph track got me really curious about his other goa tracks. Certainly if he has made similar stuff recently that would be int
  10. Listening to the samples and the Xenomorph track it reminds me some of Filterias early stuff. Pleasantly surprised by Xenomorph so far, as I haven't really heard anything by him except his at the time groundbreaking track Obscure Spectre on the VA - Psychedelic Demons 1998. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Psychedelic-Demons/release/363074 Which was very different in style to this new track Dying Sun, I prefer this new direction Xenomorph has opted for. It's a more "Pleiadic" approach, or perhaps "Filteric". Xenomorph's snare is the only vestige I can hear from his earlier more heavymetal/ind
  11. Cool stuff One of the most impressive MWNN tracks still to this day to me is his remix of Marmion - Schöneberg. Would be nice with some info/album anectotes from these old engineers like Dan Larsson for example. Yes the Gnoochi kick is very cool, she explained in the comments on youtube that she used a cowbell and a synt for the "click"/transient part: I tried this Gnocchi-recipe myself and got some pretty interesting results using the Lush-101 clone for the synth transient, Kick2 for the sub part and a pitched down cowbell sample. So the old recipe
  12. I'm wondering if perhaps the psynews contest forum section which was active the last time 16 years ago or something, could be a thing again? To add some competitive edge to it . Kinda funny browsing through that forum, seeing artists who are now released on several labels, beeing very eager back then to get some recognition. If it could inspire some potential new hidden talent out there then why not?
  13. Yeah I need to roll out of my bed to begin with, it feels like I'm tethered to Netflix lately. It's like an episode of Black Mirror lol
  14. Listening now to the one from Germany's no go areas, that captured my attention at once since it's also a term used a lot in Sweden lol really good beat and flow, and yeah the video is gritty for sure. not as blingy and shiny as some of the more commercial rap videos indeed. The local pub looks hella fishy (and smoky) I guess smoking is still permitted inside restaurants/pubs/clubs in Germany? Not here in Sweden
  15. Cool I love non-english hip hop gonna take a listen and see which I like the most.
  16. @RTP could you move this thread to the other electronica section?
  17. Would be cool if you could review this Aes Dana album: https://www.discogs.com/Aes-Dana-Leylines/release/1801010
  18. This and Hol Baumann's Human are really the only ambient I ever clicked with. It's beautiful music which displays a breathing, scaled back quality. This music for me is the sensation you get while walking around early mornings in the autumn, in foggy landscapes. At times urban as if you're in a city that's still sleeping, but it's not dark outside and yet not sunny, a misty atmosphere. It's a very special style. Far from the euphoric soundscapes often explored within this genre. Very introspective music to make you contemplate things. The percussive elements have this almost pre-historic
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