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  1. wtf and the pandemonium! track isnt in the track list any longer as well conspiracy!! well i guess he didnt like that you used his unrelased track or something..
  2. Exactly i mean no offense against mindsphere and afgin but chi-ad is a veteran compared to them i mean i basically grew up listening to chi-ads tunes mindsphere and afgin are both newer acts and where not active in the 90´s These tracks i mentioned above from chi-ads new album are really something special true goa trance right there
  3. LOLOLOL FAIL :wank: just kidding hey man you are actually improvingz to newlevelpsygoaguitarz
  4. AstralSphinx

    MFG - The Prophecy

    You have the symbiosis release Damn 1996 was a smashing year full of top notch albums and this one is no exception! Incredible album, THE details and the inspiration it still emits of that energy today when i listen to it. MAGIC!
  5. They must be on coke or something when they write all that stuff
  6. Ok fair enough i wish you good luck in finding some better versions :posford: and its nice that you only started listening to psy trance recently and allready discovered the beautiful world of goa trance Cheers
  7. Hehe this was released in 2006 for free, isnt it a bit naive to believe there is a new improved version? And this isnt full on, in goa we try to make the bassline behind the melodies not on top of everything like in every full on track
  8. Favourite tracks on first listen is: Hint Of Goa, Sense Of Eden and White Fire Because these sound most goa to me, the rest of the tracks are a bit darker/progressive something in the vein of that old track by Delta-As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling, so those are not my prefered tracks so to say, cool to see hear that he still makes goa (if those tracks arent unreleased old tracks?)
  9. www.soundcloud.com/astralsphinx I created a soundcloud account, so follow me if want to hear new goa I'm working on.
  10. Approved by the interstellar goa unit :posford: really wicked tunes man, mystic and alienatic very living sounds i like how all sounds sound soft even when all layers are active.. reminds me a bit of slide/ux but not as agressive! Also a big up for the drum patterns they are very original and playful. Cheers and all the best for you.
  11. I bought a Roland D-50 yesterday in mint condition with three of the four expansion cards, gaah it has pads to die for <3 now i just need the PG-1000 controller for it so i can edit patches more easy and make my own etc :drama:
  12. Downloading hehe that nautilus track seems interesting, i have a nautilus shell (perhaps the track dont refer to a nautilus squid but to the nautilus sub marine in the book by Jules Verne? =)
  13. Congratulations thats a hit :posford: It really flows the background sounds and the pads are really super.
  14. Allready know about that one have it in my links section on my site since ages hehe. btw its Swedish ;P
  15. Someone should make a new site similar to the discogs but more oriented towards psy/goa/acid/whatever with more strict rules and with info only editable by mods etc im sure its not an easy task but it would be a nice site for sure if the right type of dedicated people would make it. I really dont like one thing thing about discogs and that is for example if i search for an goa trance artist i get like 20 + different search results with artists with the same group/artist names for example: hyperion(1) hyperion(2´) etc crossing all kinds of genres and since i only use discogs to check info abo
  16. Bump, this is really one of very few new school goa trance albums i have bought and i dont regret buying it, it really feels like a CD that you dont sell if you get it, its a keeper for sure Transcendent track makes me forget everything around me when i listen to in my mp3 player on the bus or the train, its so damn mystic and that is really what i have missed in a lot of the other new school goa releases, khetzal also has that mystic vibe in some tracks but this one is for sure my favourite.
  17. Nice review Jon Cocco, you have a very good ear for details i always find your reviews to be very interesting keep it up!
  18. There is or atleast was some time ago when i was googling around.. cant remember the name of the site, but it had some classics like transwave-land of freedom.. wich btw also has these for the 90´s so characteristic lame 3d animations Same goes for people can fly by astral projection.. one of the greatest tracks ever, but the video is lulul
  19. Nice track indeed very dreamy only thing i wonder is why the bass is panned quite a bit to the left? Perhaps its spread with chorus or something? Cheers
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