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  1. Here is my attempt to the project at least, only headphone mix so far and a sketch so it's unpolished: Astral Horus - Pyramidal Aura *edit gonna work more on it it's too basic/just a couple of patterns on loop really.
  2. Cool man I like your input! It's a very exciting topic, the human body. So basically what I gather is that if we play around with the notion that MJ might've had some sort of hormone treatment as they claim in the tabloids/fake news. A more plausible scenario than using estrogen, would've been to use something that blocks the testosterone? Because yeah his body from the look of it with clothes on didn't come across as feminine/curvy, of course difficult to grasp as well since he was very lean/skinny. Yeah he is a very difficult case to grasp in general I think, and that's also what pee
  3. Some older uplifting trance from when that style was very much in vogue: Not as dreamy/great as your examples but still I'm gonna dig around see if I find something similar to those two tracks you posted. Heard rumours that Ben Gold was the ghost producer behind Claudia Cazacu. Don't know if they were true, but I can definitely hear similarities.
  4. The tracks you posted Envio - Time To Say Goodbye, and Endre - Callocain, are pure bliss. They are situated stylewise somewhere inbetween progressive trance and uplifting trance.(Not the Greek uplifting style) Very nice smooth euphoria, kinda subtle and dreamy. Thats what I miss sometimes in modern goa, the trancyness, the dreamy lush emotions!
  5. https://people.com/music/michael-jackson-chemically-castrated-by-joe-jackson-conrad-murray-claims/ I'll take it with a grain of salt like everything else out there. But yeah what would the internet be without some theories that we'll never get a satisfying answer to?
  6. Yes indeed, Trance can be bitter-sweet reflecting life. Emotional music for sure. The euphoria of the youth, encompassing the optimism for the future, and look at how the world turned out. So in a sense Trance can be future nostalgia, a vision of a future that never was.
  7. This russian dude "Yuriy From Russia" really made a unique track here.
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