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  1. Brickwall limiting is like marinade, it's that final touch that makes the music tender like a fillet of beef. All in all it was just a brick in the wall. All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.
  2. I love the crispy mastering, or as NHJO himself put it: HAHA The new cpu killerghhertz really made a world of a difference. Astonishing crispness, on par with the most excellent BBQ.
  3. So pre-orders canceled I suppose? Btw RTP, you're a legend now. Since from what I can recall, this is the only thread ever where NHJO has replied to anyone.
  4. Yeah a psytrance one could be funny heh. Certainly if they added some funny algos that capture different styles, and arrangement peculiarities unique to different labels/artists.
  5. UX vs Hallucinogen, that would be something. Some real classic OG Dragonfly Records bidnizz.
  6. Bruh, daz a lot of cpu killerhertz powaargghz right thurrr. All dat dust doe?
  7. Let's see, been looking forwards to this album for quite some time.
  8. https://soundcloud.com/darktarot/dark-tarot-houdini-warped-rmx First mixed down in headphones, and then in Genelecs, but still didn't sound any good. So I tried to adjust the levels like a noob with laptop speakers and headphones Probably sounds like crap. I'm not expecting much reactions/replies here since the activity on this forum is a far-cry from back in the good old days.
  9. Not an album...yet, but could be hints of an upcoming album. And not specifically lyrics about vaccines or medicine, but about covid. I guess that's as close as you'll get within a mostly instrumental genre. And yes it's not really psy either, more reggae or something. And btw Infected Mushroom, perhaps Covid Infected?
  10. Who needs instruments and a DAW these days? Let AI do tha dirty work. Fits perfect with the whole concept of ghost producers which has been a constant addition to the different electronic music scenes for a couple of years or decades I dunno. In the Techno scene it's like a plague, where every single Techno DJ needs a couple of tracks in their CV as well despite often not having any experience in production, enter ghost producers. So I say let's embrace the AI-concept and just move along. I can totally see how the DJ-mixers in the near future will implement automated AI-DJ Mixing, if th
  11. Well I would just keep it realistic, since Astral Projection did a remix of Hallucinogen's LSD. I would like to hear what Simon could do with a classic Astral P track. For example Searching For UFO's, since that track has a bit of a darker sound at times. And also because some aspects of it reminds me bit of Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus. So I think Simon could've made something really dark and twisted with that track. Even more alienesque and trippy. Or even better a true collaboration during that era of course. With the help of this AI thingy. I think it could've been really cool, the
  12. I say we change the name of this forum to nhjonews.az It makes more sense now that the psy culture and genre has vanished due to the pandemic. Besides psy is so pre-1999, the next big thing is obviously south-korean techtonic.
  13. I say, go for NFT/Non Fungible Token, hype that's all the rage right now. Who knows you could be the next Beeplecrap, or heck even the next Leonardo da Vinci.
  14. That would almot be like cheating the NHJO legacy is in every detail of this scene. We are truly greatful to be in the same virtual room as a god.
  15. Baba daz a treasure trove of unrlsd kilergz. NHJO was always more of a quality over quantity type of guy! Keep tha spiritz aliev b0m!
  16. Interesting gotta check this out, Chi-AD always had a very good sense for melodies and colorful atmospheres.
  17. With Scando forest sounds I think the best way to learn how to like it is to experience it where it's meant to be experienced. In a dark forest in Sweden. It's a type of music I don't listen to at home, but every time I've experienced it in its proper context I've felt that I totally grasped the concept, and really enjoyed it. The emphasis as you say in this genre is rather on the hypnotic repetetiveness and organic shroomy textures. It's a bit like Techno in a way, meant to be enjoyed in a seamless dj set where the whole night just flows into one long track. In a forest setting a 10 mi
  18. Infected Mushroom's The Gathering and Classical Mushroom, for introducing a more varied sonic palette with acoustic instruments. And in the case of the Classical Mushroom album for the thematic innovation of blending classical music elements with Psy-trance. This also applies to some EP's and compilation tracks they churned out during that era as well. It was just a very coherent vision thematically, and a new approach altogether in an era driven forward by great experimentation. Which defined the genre, and the legacy of that can still be heard in todays Psy-trance. Oh and of course the
  19. I wonder if this super blood is for sale somewhere? It's such a Wishful Sinful concept.
  20. It's the german Techno Viking spirit. I can't even imagine how people who are into conspiracy theories can keep up these days with the huge amount of stuff out there. It's like a golden era really for that sub-culture. They should divide the internet into two sections, one fakenews/sci-fi one and another for "reality". Oh I forgot they already did, facebook is one side. I forgot which one
  21. Watching American Horror Story 1984. Love the 80's aesthetics and Dark Synthwave music in it And also the humor. Funny horror!
  22. Thanks will check out! I'm a huge fan of Kris Kylven, so that will be my first objective!
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