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  1. nice. mastering seems very good, its loud and punchy and doesnt seem to suffer from neither distortions nor aliasing. musically its very groovy and driving. it has a swedish progressive vibe to it, but more melodius. theres a lead melody arp that sounds a bit like a sylenth1 preset that could probably need some more work. kick and bass is nice, hihats, and percussion are nice. the acid that comes in after a while is very nice also. sonically theres plenty of punch, sub and depth, compared to many pro tracks it sounds better.. allinall i think youre very much onto something here and would look forward to more. i like when the sonic palette fills the whole spectrum, not high passed like some other music are these days, people are so afraid of sub nowadays...
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  2. HELLO. I'M AZ NHJO HYENNRO FROM RUSSIA/SOUTH KOREA. I contract goapsy label SPEEDSONUD from Brazil. and I will lot works will release and dj/live worldwide. Thanks
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