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    Dear friends, The votes have been uploaded to my main supercomputer and have been counted a thousand times over and over again. As always, these lists are gold. Some of you will encounter hidden gems, stuff that you missed... or you can start digging those sweet downtempo albums to find the perfect background soundtrack. A big thank you to all artists and labels for the music. Even if your score is not in the upper range, being included in the list means someone noticed your music and it means that now we are ALL noticing your music. Congratulations! Here's the link to the voting thread. Here are the results of PSYNEWS BEST OF 2019! UPTEMPO ======== 1 66 pts Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom (Suntrip Records) 2 49 pts Ultimate Xperience - Realm Of A New Dawn (Neogoa Records) 3 47 pts K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations (DAT Records) 4 44 pts Median Project - Constellation (Suntrip Records) 5 43 pts JaraLuca - The Prologue (Mammomam Records) 6 42 pts Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun (Suntrip Records) 7 41 pts Merr0w - Odysseus (Global Sect Records) 8 40 pts GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage (Neogoa Records) 9 38 pts Sykespico - Perspective (Suntrip Records) 10 33 pts Various - ZNA Retro Futuristic Compilation (DAT Records) 11 31 pts Katedra - We Are Not Alone (Global Sect Records) 12 30 pts Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live (Suntrip Records) 13 29 pts Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent (Suntrip Records) 14 28 pts Xamanist - Out Of Time (Self released) 15 25 pts Various - Goagilde (Kali Earth Records) 16 21 pts Various - Analog Visions (DAT Records) 17 20 pts E-Mantra - Tartarus (Melusine Records) 18 18 pts Pete and Pan - Return Of The Goddess (Goa Madness Records) 19 18 pts Ree.K - Early Tracks (Hypnodisk) 20 18 pts Pleiadians - Pyramid (EtnicaNet) 21 15 pts Sneila - Rebirth (Unreleased Goa Records) 22 14 pts Spindrift - Deep Nature (StereoHemia Records) 23 14 pts Morphic Resonance - Bad Dreamer EP (Self released) 24 14 pts Sky Technology - Rainbow Spirit (Neogoa Records) 25 12 pts Various - Order Ordonata: Metamorphosis (Dragonfly Records) 26 12 pts Gubbology - Next Door To Mystery (Axios Records) 27 11 pts Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming (Unreleased Goa Records) 28 10 pts Hedustma - Forms 03 (Ovnimoon Records) 29 10 pts Elysium - Live …And Beyond (Digital Reprints) 30 10 pts Four Carry Nuts - Single Collection (Classic Goa Trax) 31 9 pts Walpurgisnacht Projekt - Omega (Absolut Shit Records) 32 9 pts Dark Whisper - The Trivium (Alice-D Records) 33 9 pts Various - Yggdrabits (Yggdrasil Records) 34 8 pts Goch - Million Years Ago (Rules Of Nature Records) 35 8 pts Shadow Chronicles - Arcadia (Future Music Records) 36 8 pts Miranda - Cosmic Treasures Vol. 1 (Spiral Trax) 37 7 pts Wizack Twizack - The Tesseract (Spiral Trax) 38 7 pts Protonica - Symmetry (Iboga Records) 39 7 pts Out Of Orbit & Shpongle - no Disco (Shamanic Tales) 40 7 pts Omnium - Neural Geometry (StereoHemia Records) 41 7 pts Ephedra & Proxeeus & Ohm Mind - Mad Fusion EP (Goa Madness Records) 42 6 pts Various - Har Har Mahadev (Alice-D Records) 43 6 pts Mechanimal - Digital Nature (24/7 Media) 44 5 pts Material Music - MADI Experience (OHM Ganesh Pro) 45 4 pts Lunarave - Transmigration (OVNI Breakfast) 46 4 pts Blue Hue - The Mandala Effect (Plateau 5 Records) 47 4 pts MFG - Pure Energy (Suntrip Records) 48 3 pts Various - Astronauts In The Solar System (Global Sect Records) 49 3 pts Nobot - Human Update (Parvati Records) 50 3 pts Braincell - Gaia (Self released) 51 3 pts Ocelot - Iconoclast (Moon Koradj Records) 52 3 pts The Maniac - A Treatise On Acid (Timewarp Records) 53 2 pts Acid Destroyers - Monsters And Mad Man (Goa Madness Records) 54 2 pts Static Movement - SiMiN (Sol Music) 55 2 pts Goch - Forte EP (Kali Earth Records) 56 2 pts DJ Omsun - Illusorium (Moon Koradj Records) 57 2 pts Psychogen - Psychogenius (Unreleased Goa Records) 58 1 pts Rezonant - Time Code (Sangoma Records) 59 1 pts Yabzyy - Systematic Chaos (Kali Earth Records) 60 1 pts Jagoa - The First Steps (Self released) 61 1 pts Various - Fleinheim (The Cure) DOWNTEMPO =========== 1 43 pts Lauge - Dawn (Iboga Records) 2 37 pts Proxeeus - Celephais (Neogoa Records) 3 31 pts Avaris - The Forgotten Language (Axios Records) 4 30 pts Bluetech - Holotrope (Behind The Sky Music) 5 28 pts Distant System - Infinite Continuum (Self-released) 6 27 pts Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes (Remixed) (Liquid Sound Design) 7 25 pts Globular - Untangled Everything (Self-released) 8 22 pts Tengri And Friends - A Course In Miracles (Orbita Parvati) 9 17 pts Solar Fields - Origin #03 (Droneform Records) 10 14 pts Bluetech - The 4 Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse: The Pale Horse (Self-released) 11 10 pts 36 - C45 Dreamloops 1-2 12 10 pts Various - Ethnomystica Vol. 7 13 10 pts Advanced Suite - Shapes Of Nothing 14 10 pts Greg Hunter - Tantra 15 9 pts Desert Dwellers - Breath 16 9 pts Panda Dub - Horizons 17 9 pts Shamanizm Parallelii - Blue Lizard 18 9 pts Eric Electric - Run Away Controls 19 9 pts Mantra Move - Raven Dub 20 8 pts Yagya - Stormur 21 8 pts Advanced Suite - TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT 22 8 pts Various - Ensancha El Alma Vol. 1 23 7 pts Dreaming Cooper - Exploring The Universe 24 7 pts The Borgasm - Welcoem To The Borgasm 25 7 pts Blisswave - Manvantara 26 7 pts Various - Liquid Sound Design Collected Digital Works Part 1 27 6 pts Entheogenic - Hypatia 28 6 pts Ambient Mann - Another Dimension 29 6 pts Astronaut Ape - Deep 30 6 pts Bluetech - Liquid Geometries in Dub 31 5 pts Cabeiri - Molecule Language 32 5 pts Bluetech - Sci-Fi Lullabies 33 5 pts Bosa - Eyes Of The Jaguar 34 5 pts Pangani - Superdeep 35 4 pts Zen Baboon - Origiro 36 4 pts Unknown Reality - Gaia 37 3 pts Spatialize - Beyond The Radar 38 3 pts Various - Temple Of Dub 39 2 pts Shwamp - Inner Landscape 40 2 pts Sync24 - Omnius 41 1 pts Deep In Mind - Autumn To Spring 42 1 pts Ambientium - City Of Memories SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Aspartic
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    Except that very small fraction of these melodies is any good IMO.
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    People that scream: We are all the same! are equally stupid like people that try to find big differences between Humans. All in all: Black People are Stronger and have digger Bick Asians are Smarter and faster, also they can draw comics...Mangos or something like that Whites are the prettiest homosexuals and are producing awesome music for taking drugs and turning even more gay White Women have the ability to shapeshift into Dogs, Snakes and Bunnies. All three forms are Toxic, hairy and have claws. Slavs have just all the positive and strong abilities of all humanity multiplied by the slavic population + Age of Lord Putin They also can shapeshift into Space Whales and travel through Time when "Artifact303 - Feelings" is playing in the background. Everyone has his power sides and we are all together humans! Just forget everything what i have written Peace
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    For fuck's sake guys! Couldn't you limit it to 100 "Haha"s instead of a million?
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    Thanks! Since many people would love it to hear the album in full, you can hit the Neogoa Records YouTube page later today and stream all tracks in HD. https://www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords
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    mods... can you please do something? i tried scrolling to MultiMedias response on my phone and it exploded and Im now deformed because of it. Stop slacking, I see youre active.
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    apology for poor english when were you when psy trance dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring ‘psy trance is kill’ ‘no’
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    So my wife inherited a place with a basement which is rare in Melbourne, Australia. Was meant to. Her Dad's wine cellar but seeing as I don't drink anymore I'm turning it in to a music room. At this point I've just repainted it, had some acoustic treatment done by a pro & put some furniture in. gear currently consists of MacBook Pro 15" 2019 (Ableton & Bitwig), presonus audio interface ( will replace late in the year), JBL LSR305 monitors (replacing with Genelec later on), Sequential Pro 3, Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab & Erica Synths a Techno system. I'll add more photos and maybe some videos as stuff is changed later on if anyone is interested. currently I'm in acid techno mode, but Pspiralife has just started his eurorack journey and we're hoping to collaborate on some psy-tech Sadly once framed my global sect banner didn't fit down the stairs so it now resides in the garage/gym.
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    There must be something in the air as when I spotted this thread some weeks back I was trying to recreate a Cosmosis bass, mainly for fun so I learnt a little about the old ways of bass whilst experimenting. 1) Try the Novation Bass Station VSTi, common bass synth of the era, I owned the original hardware back in the day. 2) Blend some square wave into your saw. I made commentary some time ago about an Etnica bass having some extra "vibrancy", adding some square in gets this result. You can also try adding a very very small amount of some kind of chorus type effect, 1-2pct (or maybe the very smallest touch of I.M. Wider, the trick with any artificial pseudo stereo is use a very small amount, be tasteful.) so you keep most of the low end stable but have just a very small amount of width to it, just enough to subtle-y tickle the ears. Just a very small amount and set it up on headphones and monitors for the right effect for both. I imagine any soft synth you can blend some square and of course the obligatory envelope control LPF. I have a love hate relationship with making old school inspired tracks. On one hand it can be fun, on the other it has all been done before and very, very well. Tryptamine dream is one of my favourites from A.P. The main lead to me sounds like a Supersaw (with correct amount of detune/spread) in an arp/repetitive overlapping note MIDI pattern with some portamento/glide which gives it a slightly on the edge of being out of tune (which adds to its smeary slippery-ness) with a wash of very nice reverb. That should get you close.
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    Look who's back with a new sound these guys need no introduction, so will do away with all the formalities and flashy selling tags https://iboga-beatspace.bandcamp.com/album/snow-driven
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    I've missed this place. Seems like an age since I was active here. I came back a few years ago but disappeared again. I think it's been 5 years or so since I've been active here. Coincidentally daughter turns five in a few weeks. My wife isn't overly maternal and the bulk of the child rearing has fallen on me. I don't get much free time to do what I want or listen to what I want. She loves dubstep and hates my downtempo boring stuff or weird trippy trancey stuff I've been sick this year: diagnosed with sinus cancer over New year's but I had successful surgery last month and on the mend I had tumors removed and the sinuses themselves reshaped as they were twisted. Now my sense of smell and taste are coming back. Didn't realize how much I stink hope everyone is doing well ❣️
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    하이. 접니다. Hello. I"m AZ NHJO HYENNRO This is play mov korean traditional song ARIRANG. 한국의 민요 아리랑을 Nektar와 VSTI로 연주하였습니다. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4twUvhhYRc&feature=youtu .be 감사합니다 www.aznhjohyennro.com https://gall.dcinside.com/aznhjohyennro 01030632747 nhjohyennro@naver.com AZ NHJO HYENNRO
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    The most important thing is to use windows xp or windows vista, since it adds some extra crisp lol
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    Software has moved on quite a bit since then. Synths like Serum, Massive X or Harmor aren't based on any hardware and can do things no hardware can. Also the quality of analogue emulations has progressed a lot, just compare Pro-53 with U-He Repro or Arturia Minimoog with Monark. The tangible approach of hardware is another story. I can get lost for hours tweaking knobs on my analog synth. Very little of it gets recorded or makes it into actual tracks tho.
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    I think the key to getting close to their sounds is to limit yourself, so I would recommend using the same type of stacking/modulation options they had available at the time. Which means to analyze for example how a lead like this would be made on a Juno-106 or SH-101 with their rather limited options (by todays standards). I believe that the Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with its MKS-80 programmer, was an integral part of their sound as well. Which was a bit more advanced than the Juno 106/60 & SH-101. You are certainly on the right track with the PWM/LFO-modulation of the leads. That was a signature element of them for sure. For those crying type of leads, the portamento of said synthesizers played a crucial role as well. Try putting the portamento at around 13/14. Depending a bit on the scaling/range of the synthesizer you use, that might vary quite considerably, so listen until it sounds perfect. I know for a fact that Astral Projection used a specific phaser effect as well on their leads. Which you can hear clearly on the track "Feelings" from their Trust In Trance album. One thing I'm unsure of is if they used the "secret" unison mode and the rather noisy onboard chorus on the Juno-106 or if they opted for some external effect, like a chorus or multi-effect on the Eventide or Lexicon for example. https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2008/02/28/roland-juno-106-synth-unison-mode/
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    Showed this thread to my wife who's a "person of color" being the child of an Indonesian Chinese & Malaysian Chinese immigrant, who also has severe cerebral palsy caused at birth by an extremely racist white doctor (you should read the court transcripts) "I didn't perform CPR as her skin color made it difficult to see her turning blue." Is just one such statement... Anyway, I still have no idea how it must feel but have seen her suffer racism many times over our 22 years together, and now our kids get spat at & receive racism almost daily for being mixed dogs (Most common Statement at the school playground). She said as soon as you say person of color you've made it about race & racism. Why does such a thread need to be made? Conversations like this increase division by merely suggesting being a person of color is something unique. I could go one but just delete this thread please. "People of color" shouldn't be a discussion. It should just be "people".
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    Of course, this one has some obvious MFG - Project Genesis vibes:
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    D5 - Iron Sun (I was listening to a lot of new school psy and then took a break, put on Transdimensional and the intro already sent shivers across my body. Just can't get that sensation with most of the new school production) Dreamweaver - Lord of Illusions I like them mid-easternish vibes
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    Artist: Pleiadians Title: Pyramid Label: EtnicaNet Date: November, 2019 1. New Dimension 2. Virtual Reality 3. Pyramid 4. Alien Artifact 5. X-Files (Pleiadians Remix) 6. Magnetic Fields 7. Spacecrafts 8. Cosmic Trigger Oh come on. Why would you do this? Why? You guys are f*cking legends of old school goa trance. There's you at the top and then... the rest. You could spend your life playing the old stuff for hippie burn outs at any club you want. Knee deep in 20 year old girls with daddy issues and an insatiable will to please. Live on the beach and be drunk all day and eventually become a shaman. I mean I get it. You're artists. You like to create and you still feel you have more to offer. So who the hell am I to tell you to stop making new stuff. Just because I don't like it I'm sure there are some psytrance fans can look past the tepid full-on bass lines and weak melodies. Surely there will be people out there that will buy it just cause you slapped your moniker on it. Legendary artists like these are always in a sh*tty no win position. Keep doing what made you a sensation and they'll say you can't evolve. Do something different and people will say, "Damnit, the old stuff was better." But...wasn't the old stuff better than this? It's like you jumped in a time machine and instead of going back to 1997 you said, "Aw f*ck it, 2004 had the Incredibles and Martha Stewart went to jail, it was lit!" I even tried to pretend it wasn't you. Like maybe if I take them out of the equation the music could stand on its own mer- F*CK NO IT CAN"T! This is snoozetown. Simple, uninteresting full-on. But hey, I will never stop thanking you for IFO. 15E for a digital album. You're joking right?
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    Artist: M-Run Title: Live Session Album Label: Cronomi Records Date: March, 2020 1. Live Session 1 - A Trip to Andromeda 2. Live Session 2 - Technosonic 3. Live Session 3 - Spiral Cloud 4. Live Session 4 - Chronos (Live Version) 5. Live Session 5 - The Magic Mug 6. Live Session 6 - The Redeemer 7. Live Session 7 - Hexagon 8. Live Session 8 - Oxigenated Seal What's this? A new M-run album? Sure, I'll dig into this. Let me get a cup of coffee first to keep focused. Hold my calls. Ahhh...that's the stuff. Now let's see...M-run for those that don't know is Mario Matakovic from Croatia and this is his second album. His first Some Run Just For Fun was a revelation in the goa trance scene. Easily a classic chock full of butt shaking grooves that took goa into directions never before seen. If you're a fan of goa trance it is mandatory listening. So with his second album for the Cronomi label he embarked on a very ambitious project, giving us a behind the scene look how he creates his music in the studio. So he created his tracks, practiced and rehearsed shooting for a recording in one take. Do you realize how difficult and extraordinary that is? Easy? Sure, maybe for an octopus. But to control an entire track and play it flawlessly in one take? And each track had a different hardware setup? I wonder how much F word was uttered during those takes. How many cats were kicked because he messed up one little bit and had to start all over again? I wouldn't be surprised if he was sick to death of playing these tracks. If I were you Mario I would be looking over my shoulder for PETA. They don't take kindly to cat kicking. "Ok Mario...take 76. F*cking hell." So what's the music like? First I'll say this is not Some Run II. Yes there are plenty of grooves and his production is second to none. Each track is its own tale and it is super easy to get lost inside. While his first album was an atom bomb with one jaw dropping moment after another this one is more laid back. It's not so much a "get on the dancefloor album" (although you could certainly dance to it), but more of a cerebral relaxed vibe. There are plenty of head bobbing beats and space age sound effects and even some times where it is powerful (Spiral Cloud, Hexagon). His production is second to none (love me some kicks without hi-hats to start a track) and I can honestly say it grows on me with each repeated listen. The all important first track sets the tone, bringing an organic and mysterious allure. Technosonic with its vocoded speech brings a down and dirty groove. The Magic Mug is like sitting in a groovy cauldron during an Egyptian summer. The Redeemer carries such a funky swagger while continuously building on its foundation that it is instantly one of my favorites. I would say this is another triumph for Mario. His two albums are distinctly different, but share equally impressive music. I heartily recommend this album. Cronomi Bandcamp
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    Just bought myself this little box of fun!
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    it's a great melody, making this track one of the 150 tracks (out of >4500) that get a 5 star rating from me. i especially the melody at 4:49 or more specific the transition from the third bar of that melody to the fourth is nice. but it really sounds dated and could use a refresh. preferably with a bit of un-nitzho-ing . good luck to anyone trying that. with the lead sounding so dirty and the generous use of portamento it's not going to be an easy task.
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    Artist: Clementz Title: Kretslop Label: Suntrip Date: May, 2020 1. Æ-Re-Stu 2. Big Rip 3. Inner Core 4. Spirit Dance 5. Voices of Helium 6. Distorted Angel 7. Rise and Shine 8. Outside This World 9. Music Machines Shall Inherit The Earth 10. Easter Hymn Actual footage of Hans getting coffee in the morning after releasing album. Clementz is Hans Henrik Clementz and he's from *checks notes* Norway? Really? I know during this global pandemic we've been quarantined away (well, most of the world because the dumb ass Americans apparently think the virus just disappeared because they wanted a f*cking haircut), but Norway is kind of on quarantine all the time isn't it? Tucked away in a corner of the world you don't really hear what's going on over there. What are they known for other than beautiful scenery, polar bears, and the northern lights? Actually that's enough. Well add goa trance excellence to the list because it ain't just Ra form the snowy north anymore. Kretslop (how come I can't make that f*cking o with the damn line through it!?!) means circuit in Norwegian I believe. This first half of this album is extremely intense. Acid, layers, and big booming kicks. Æ-Re-Stu is a fantastic opener illuminating how vast and potent this music is going to be. Big Rip is certainly has all of that. Huge and powerful it also has its delicate touches making this the ultimate banger. Inner Core harnesses the same energy and is relentless, and even though Spirit Dance allows you to catch your breath in spots, it has a very danceable melody. Infectious really. But if you thought you were going to have a break, well that myth is shattered by the absolutely bombastic Voices of Helium. Even though it's the shortest track on the album it's got layers of spirals and power to make this an instant anthem. Like the Suntrip promo says they focus more on the melody side of things during the second half. Outside This World feels like a bit of a let down. Remember in junior high dancing to the jam and then the dj plays a slow song and the people mostly leave the floor? Kinda like that. Well, Music Machines and Easter Hymn brings them back with their very bouncy melodies. Congratulations to Hans for a very good debut album and one of my favorites this year. Highly recommended! Suntrip Bandcamp
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    We're all people of colour.. The end. & PLUR.
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    Maybe you can try Deviant electronics - Brainwashing is childs play.
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    Not sure where to put this, but I wanted to make sure anyone who missed it, knew about it. Man With No Name live in his garden. It's a magical hour and exactly what I was needing the morning I listened, and danced, to it. Cheers!
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    The above reviewer pretty much nailed it and IMO was actually generous. The artist at this point is seven (now 8!) albums in and I'm not hearing a lot of growth. Don't get me wrong it's decent with plenty of melodies, but after 7 albums shouldn't the bar be a little higher than that? Where's the power? Where's the depth and dynamics? None of the tracks were memorable and it sounds rather generic. Instead of producing the same album almost yearly, take some chances and start experimenting because this music doesn't sound fresh at all. I'm sorry if this critique sounds harsh (and know that I have purchased all of Somnesia's albums), but the talent of this artist is evident and I'm waiting for him to put it all together. Right now it's a bunch of unfulfilled potential.
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    There's not any single artist in the full on genre that just have good tracks, talamasca, alien project, gms, silicon sound, electric universe, 1200 mics, astrix, vibe tribe, etc. It's pretty much hit and miss. However if we are talking about albums there is no contest that the singlehandedly best full on album goes to silicon sound with his only lp.
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    Absolutely agreed. Reading back through the reviews of this album, I'm surprised to see different tracks highlighted by people. Most tracks on this album are great, but Zero Barrier is the absolute standout. Like you said it's not repetitive at all, but dances around a couple of key melodic ideas which are developed until there's a huge payoff at the end. It's hard to think of another goa track which is structured as well as this. Moonart is also fantastic.
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    Same here....Zerro Barrier is one of the most unique Goa tracks of all time. I love the Atmosphere and the Synths. It reminds me of the game dead Space somehow....while other tracks of Chi AD sounds a little bit repetetive in the end section Zerro Barrier hasnt this problem. A darkish and futuristic trip with an awesome end pard energizer. I also love Moonart by ch ad...totally ignored track with an intense spacey atmosphere.
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    Zero Barrier is my favourite track by CHI-A.D., the track structure is just so complex and incredible. It only unleashes the melodies after 7:00 minutes of build-up, and when they come crashing in with huge psychedelic energy. What a track!
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    Artist: Various Title: Voyager: Third Plateau Label: Hado Records Release: May 13, 2020 Tracklist:- 01. HelixNebula - Over The City Of The Future 02. Artifact303 - Consequences (HelixNebula Remix) 03. Celestial Intelligence - Constant Motion (Median Project Remix) 04. Median Project - Flights In Dream And Reality 05. Fiery Dawn - Boogie Man 06. Midi Junkies & Psychologist - Altay 07. Psychowave - Never Ending Mistery 08. Galaktion & Groove Hunter - Crystal Worlds 09. Sonic Elysium - Thunderstorm HelixNebula – First time hearing this amigo and gotta say it is a great theme to bring to the compilation first up. Floating and uplifting, it really does make it feel like you are floating over a city of futuristic buildings made of gold and glub-glub. Artifact303 (HelixNebula Remix) – The track gets better and better as it goes on, The first had me wondering if something great was going to eventually happen and it sure does. Helixnebula brings more uplifting energy to the comp Cellestial Intelligence (Median Project Remix) – I’ve listened to the original and this version back to back and up n’ down. Median Projects adds flour to the mix and densifies it in a way that only he can. A few extra layers and added zips and hey presto we have ourselves an AAF certified banger. Like the original the track becomes exceedingly more exciting as it progresses. It leaves me feeling light and capable. Median Project - This is the sort of song that got Median Projects name on the map, hidden layers reach up from the depth and screech at you as intensity intensifies. you go from deep sleep in the cold emptiness of space to hyperspeed through a nebula all in the space of 8 minutes and 10 seconds. Fiery Dawn – Whose afraid of the big bad Boogie Man? Not Fiery Dawn, this guy faces his fear head on and damn he does it with gusto today. The track is full bodied with a long finish, think of a Hunter Valley Shiraz. Energy is kept high and every element compliments the last. Fiery Dawn should get a cellar door award for this baby, it’s hot on the lips and only gets better with more listens. This reminds me Midi Junkies & Psychologist – The mood changes into full-on/psytrance territory. I normally don’t go out of my way to listen to this style so I appreciate having it here for me to hear. A lot of effort goes into the mids and highs, it feels like the bassline and kick could have been given a little uniqueness love. Regardless the theme and that 5 minute break into triplets is sweet as pie. An engaging dancefloor stomper. Psychowave – Psychowave comes in with his high quality psytrance, more squelches and psychedelic layers than you can poke a stick at. The track has its moments and no doubt would be a banger on a dancefloor. For my at home listening it lacks anything stable for me to grasp on to as each moment flies by so fast. Cleanest production in the game though. Galaktion & Groove Hunter – Picture sparkling gems overhead, refracting in the forest light as it glimmers through the tree tops. A half dark half, half sparkly track that has some decent grooves, my favourite of the three psy tracks (You’d hope so, that name comes with expectations). Sonic Elysium – Horrifyingly uplifting and full of nice feelings. The main lead is to die for and reminds me of a high quality old school Muses Rapt style. The first listen comes with a lot of excitement as the track grows into what it eventually becomes. Subsequent listens keep the smile on the face as it fills me with empowerment and positivity. Hado Records hit the nail on the head right here right now. The psytrance tracks might not be everyones cup of tea but then again the Goa trance tracks may not be either. Nobody did a bad job here and exceed at each style that is tested out. Sonic Elysium and Fiery Dawn are my favourites, but really I like them all. Not a wasted spot on the comp https://hadorecords.bandcamp.com/album/compilation-voyager-third-plateau - Bandcamp is down at the time of writing this but here is a link anywho. https://www.beatport.com/release/voyager-third-plateau/2994895
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    Current goa trance music: This album: This album is most certainly different. This is the Unikitty of goa trance. SUPER POSITIVE. Elysian Fields sounded like it had samples from Cotton Eyed Joe and then took a darker turn! Sirs, you aren't following the rules. Passing Spirits and it's key changes put me off, but The Fool and Tantric Tweak got things back on track. You know what else it is? All over the f*cking place. It's like a toddler running on pixie sticks six deep with a can of silly string. There is certainly something to be said about not creating paint by numbers goa trance, but to me this seems like...well, kinda like, uh... Do I like it? I don't really know. I love when things are different than the norm whether it's movies, music, or other art. There should never be boundaries on creativity. Keep pushing, keep exploring. I will say this: For me it's not instantly digestible. It's not the style of goa trance I normally embrace. It certainly will take many listens to appreciate (more than what I have currently given) which is a task I will may undertake. Nothing good comes easy, but on the other hand listening to music is a leisure activity. Do I want to work hard to enjoy music? This is certainly not your run of the mill goa. And it is definitely like nothing I've ever heard before.
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    Congrats to winners and all participants, and thanks to all voters and to you for counting the votes.
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    Awesome release, picked this up over the weekend. Really like every track so far. Sonic Elysium - Thunderstorm was a particular treat. Much more listening to be done.
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    >> Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe (Median Project Rmx) Very curious to hear this one. Median Project is a great producer, but remixing The Greatest Goa Masterpiece... it takes some serious balls
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    Testing the speed of our newly finetuned forum.
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    Hi everyone! I am George Pantelidis, the one half of "Psychonauts". I'm glad you liked the track and our work in general. Actually i wrote the melody in one take, without quantize and things like that. That's why it has a human feeling maybe. Another thing is that the track is totally unmastered, because my partner hurried to send it to the label for a release and i did't have the chance fix the mix and do the master. So the track has some grittiness and punch....Kind of a primitive feeling....After all i am glad that people embraced the track and it was an instant banger! Thanx everyone who still listen to our music .
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    I immediately thought of this one... pure brilliance.
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    Thanks for posting this Antic, a truely great album, been playing constantly since I bought it! And great music for manual work
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    A Goa, beach shack classic circa 2005... Shiva Moon - Prem Joshua - one of those track I can loop for ages and never be tired of. You can still buy the original mix. Very evocative of Goa, intense light, crows calling, Nag champa and the smell of simmering spices drifting from the shack kitchen. Heaven !
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    This intro and track is just beyond words. Can you imagine a Tim Schuldt remaster of the album it appears on? https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/55725-hunab-ku-magik-universe/
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    Is there a moon in your window?
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    Thumbs up Afgin. This is surely going to be a hit. Keep up the good energies you spread with your music. ;-)
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