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    the greatest album ever of this genre imo of course he's a strange interesting guy, lives just down the road from me
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    Well the full lock down my end is sorted. Just had a Sequential Pro 3, Prophet 6 & Erica Synths Tech System delivered. Kids got a a trampoline installed in the back yard this morning & a Nintendo Switch. Spent the weekend cooking and freezing lots of quality food, and set up my wife's gone office properly. Actually could not be happier, especially as it was confirmed today that when we had what was a bad cold a two weeks back and self isolated was the virus. Self isolated as in while we have waited for results we have not gone out the front door. The wife, kids and I all have had it & are clear. Fingers crossed we're immune now.
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    I think this is a banging release. This style is pretty much what Cronomi is all about, I don't know why any one here is shocked that they got an Avant Garde release from the Cro-Crew. Also what is the difference from a live recorded album and this one? All the songs have a start middle and end, were written and created just the same. IDK, seems like a legit release to Tsotsi.
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    Interesting and much welcomed concept in pretty much stale Goa trance scene. Mario is known as someone who gives a lot of attention to all tiny details, especially in his live output. It's interesting to see his live jams being available in this format for sure. It's also a fitting release to Cronomi style and vibe, even tho many folks expected the full lenght album instead of improvisation records, so it would be great to see more defined and nonconfusing marketing approach in the future guys. Music is detailed, innovative, different and it deserves it. Best of luck to all involved, I will get the CD when this shitty Corona situation ends. P.S. - (P)Sara is rocking with the graphics, girl got the style
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    Yeah, I'll just probably get it anyway. Gotta support my favourite labels & artists in those weird times
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