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    Thanks everyone for : - the effort in the "admins" tribe - the support of every visitor ! Glad this still exists, I'm not really up to date in terms of the latest albums and am using the website to check what I missed in the new groups ... well now I'm using myself the website for what I wanted it to be used for at the very beginning, find new artists ! ;-)
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    Ok, no Jokes anymore. The Night is for me a more peacefull and melancholic/deep/Dreamy phase of a day. In the Night you see less darkness and Evil than in the Day, you see almost nothing so your mind is focusing on your inner life instead of judging the suroundings through Daytime. Its Calm but at the same time unpredictable and Twisted. Like facing yourselfe in a Dream. For me This one would be perfect Night Goa Trance. The Day would be kind of the Opposite. Very straight forward predictible fast and Energetic Music. Very Expressive and "casual" less psychedelic. I have no example because i think 80% of Newschool Goa Tracks are Daytime Goa. I just wanted to share my opinion on Night Goa, because i dont think that Night music have to be Dark. Twilight/Blue Hour Goa instead would be the most darkest and Wicked for me because The Blue Hour is the hour of strongest Hallucinations and Trips. Hour of Madness...
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    What is a Morning? What is Daytime? What is Evening? What is a Night? What is the Blue Hour? What is a Morning... How would you paint or compose one of them? If you were one of them, what would be your character and unique qualities? I would ask myselfe this crap before i cathegorize Goa in phases of a "Day" Is Morning Goa Music that symbolizes the Morning or is this music FOR the morning? sort of opposite of the Morning to Balance yourselfe.
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    Most tracks came from our own DAT tapes archives (over 500 original tapes in total, from all members of Dat Records and Unreleased Goa Project), plus lot more from our collaborators (old collectors and DJ's) ...the rest are from the artists themselves :-) Lot more will be released in the future!
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    "September Time Trance" "June Time Trance" "July Time Trance" "Feelings Time Trance"
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