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    I'll probably pick Target Eye instead of NBK but that's a matter of taste. Shockwave is amazing.
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    On March 3 (yikes, that's tomorrow!) I'll release I released two mostly unheard tracks of mine produced in 2018 as a short EP on my Bandcamp: Get on Bandcamp Both tracks were in a near-done state for the Spectral Flux album, but I felt that they didn't fit the rest really well. The first track, Horus, I would describe as heavily Ra-influenced, even though I only really noticed that while composing the melodies. But indeed, that lead to the name and also cover art . So if you like to think in categories, it would probably fall in the Suntrip-esque "newschool" category, which may be a bit untypical for my sound . Charm may remind you of Wormhole from my album, the vibe is also a bit mysterious but overall happier I'd say. More oldschool-ish sound than Horus, but fitting the overall atmosphere. With this EP, I'd like to close a the second "chapter" of Veasna if you will. I see how the way I compose, arrange and produce music is changing, similar to how it did between the Energy and Spectral Flux releases. So whatever comes in the future may sound somewhat to a lot different, I don't dare to make predictions! Samples: By the way: Those who supported my campaign for the 5ynergy EP and replied to my message will receive a free download code for the EP. Again, many many thanks! It certainly failed because of my lack of advertisement, but the release fell in the major working phase for my master's thesis and I wasn't prepared for a CD release - it was a very spontaneous endeavour after @thanosp81 approached me with the idea. I simply couldn't put the amount of energy in it that I would have liked . Anyway, Kickstarter is extremely sensitive about backer information - which is good. However, that makes it impossible for me to just give an individual key to every backer. I received a few e-mails, but for those who didn't do it, please send me a mail or PM here on the forum!
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    Shakta sounds different in my opinion. But Shakta had a time when he produced under the name "Somaton" in the very late 90s and then his music was a mixture of Goa and Fullon Psytrance. Maybe MM is talking about Somaton? The synths and energy MM is creating is awesome! I will follow this dude but i think he should focus more on variation and complex Melody. Goa Trance is Goa trance because it entertain you from start to the end with different Melodies and energizer(climax) parts. "Pleiadians - Alcyone" for example has 2 main melodies in between of many more smaler...one in the middle of the track and the other in the end as the final climax.
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    I chose the exact same sandman tracks! Nice. You should definitely check this mix out. It has all three sandman tracks you've listed and a couple koxbox tracks including stratofierce plus hallucinogen's space pussy and hux flux's classic "time slices."
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    Shiva Shidapu: Well only today (oh dont be so dissapointed) I heard in the new DAT Records version that this Is very similar to this ~D well while ar it, the intro of this one https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/track/quid-code-s9-transwave-mix is fairly similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=4UB_zeoe6xs
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