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    Artist: Ubar Tmar Title: Early Fusion Label: Zion 604 Date: August, 2018 1. A Tale of Taketori (604 Edit) 2. Another Transform 3. I'm Shocked 4. Eternal Return (Early Mix) 5. 3D Heaven ('96 Live Mix) 6. Eejyanaika (Early Mix) 7. When the Light Is Gone (Original Mix) 8. Flying Saucer Landing (Live Mix) 9. E-Talk (Live Mix) 10. Cosmo Drome (Piano Version) Zion 604 has basically knocked everything they have released out of the park. Very consistent which is why this release surprised me. As if you didn't already you have to take this review with a grain of salt. I never cared for the music from this artist. He didn't have the melodies of others and I always thought of his as weird. This compilation of tracks confirms my beliefs. Like the DJ's father above says, it's not my style. This isn't floaty, melodic, or hypnotizing trance. Leave it to the Japanese to make something totally different. It's not bad it just isn't for me. And that's ok. It's rife with discord. It aims to antagonize, like it's angry at the listener. It sometimes goes in weird directions that are jarring or unsafe. There were parts I enjoyed in most tracks, but it was never sustained. Sometimes it was noisy just to be noisy. And don't get me started on the annoying level of Eejyanaika. It's definitely not your run of the mill goa release but what I can say is that I appreciate the varied directions in which he attempts to steer his brand of goa. So...I'll pass on this one. Zion 604 Bandcamp
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    Holy fucking christ! Stfu Richpa and perorder-release this beast already The T looks stunning! Will it be easy to figure out my right size? Will it cost an arm and leg? Will the post expenses be steep? When can I buy this, should I reload the Neogoa-bandcamp every minute til it's finally released? Wow. This LP I've been waiting for since the EPs release... So it's been a while now!! Boom boom
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    T-shirt design by Kris Kylven has been revealed. T-shirts will be available to get in limited run alongside with CD's on Bandcamp.
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    hello Trance2MoveU thanks for checking this release! "Goa Trance Timewarp" is not exclusive compilation that contain only new unreleased tracks like "The Call of Goa" or "Colors of Goa", it is series of compilation like "best of" timewarp from our digital catalog since the beginning, tracks that never appeared on CD format selected by some of our DJs and others. Every DJ is fully free to select 9 or 10 tracks what only he think is best or what he likes most from digital catalog. The whole idea is to release some tracks what compiler thinks are good and maybe deserve to be on CD, also to give some new artist extra promotion and for him self as a DJ. This is good way for some fans and other DJs who dont buy so much digital releases and wants some great tracks from catalog on CD for collection. cheers!
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    I love this album! Very refreshing with a modern take on goa thats not full on melodic madness, but indeed as others before me mentioned: carefully engineered psychedelia with high attention to detail. Big ups
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