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    Very glad to read, thank you! I believe it's time to publish the outcome of our private conversation. thanos and I talked about that idea and he kindly pointed me in some possible directions to go. Thanks! So also on December 1, I will start a 31-day Kickstarter campaign to possibly extend the EP to a limited full-length CD. Additionally to the EP tracks, that would contain all my previously released digital-only tracks (Quantum Conundrum, Warp, Dendrites and Silent Spring) with improved production, plus a new downtempo track to close it off in Veasna fashion. The Kickstarter campaign would be the only way to ever get that CD, so it's meant for collectors and supporters. Though, whether it happens or not will depend on the outcome. This doesn't affect the digital EP, which will still be five tracks and free for the entire month of December while the campaign is going. So one could also view it as a "demo" of sorts.
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    I just remind this song (An Astrix side project one-shot collaboration) which according to me would perfectly match to warm a progressive house set =>
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    Congratulations! :D the BIG 5!!! :D Looking forward to following you the next 5 years! It has been a pleasure...
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