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    Hello ... an update again, I have been staying low the past 2 weeks and it got better, I was able to go out again ... and yesterday I was at the lung doctor and got a check up: lungs are OK. I do still have the one or other bad night ... but I hope that it will not go really bad again. I have returned to work and so far I'm alright. Sports will have to wait. For the moment I am "NRTP" : "not running to psytrance" ... The doctor recommeded me a check for sleep apnea which will be done in June in first steps ... if I get results, I might post them here for completion.
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    Hello we had a screwed-up update that went wrong and we needed a bit of luck to get back online ... we were down for a few days ... it is now restored But I am thinking that the admin CP problem micht not have to do with that ... I can still log into the admin cp (was there just now), let's sort this out via PM ...oh and if anything got lost content-wise through the database scripts we had to execute: I can't restore it myself cheers RTP
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    Definitely aliens.
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    How did I miss this topic back in 2012? United Kingdom is number one, that's plain fact. Second place is of course Sweden and Israeli, because both countries have more or less the same amount of inhabitants and they both have an unproportional number of excellent artists relative to their number of inhabitants Third place is Germany, because of it's size and it's history with electronic music, Germany is always relevant in all forms of electric music.
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    You can add those two very active labels to the list https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/
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    Really, did YOU find them...?? You could at least mention just "tracks have been IDied" , if not who identified them, instead of you.. Actually, I don't give a shit, mate, but it is just a matter of acknowledgement and justice for those who bother to answer to your requests..
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    First track is defo my cup of organic joe. http://banyanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-beltane-ritual Track 6 has a funny put together sample
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    For some reason I'm still in love with this music and I see a positive evolution... more and more promos we are getting from Suntrip are "different". You must have noticed in our releases lately. For example the Hypnoxock we just released is clearly more modern, funky on the edge of even psy trance at some points. The Clementz we will release tomorrow is straight 90s. We are working on a melodic forest compilation, and e have guys from the 90s making 1 more goa track for us... most of them do use some modern elements tho... I really feel there is room again for experimentation, and this is good! Lets go
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    Artist: Kunai Title: Ascendancy Label: Submoon Records Date: August, 2015 1. Himalayas 2. Mandarin 3. Origami 4. Mahjong 5. Ascendancy 6. Wushu 7. Tranquility Another Filipe Santos project? You betcha! I've lost count of how many he has, but this is his first release under the name of Kunai. And he does something that I hoped he would and that is deliver a different style of goa. This CD-r has tracks that exhibit a more laid back feel. Pumping up tempo, yet not aggressive. The sound is good and instead of pounding you into submission it's a gentler "lengthening" of melodies that still retains that sense of depth and exotic atmosphere. Not a lot of changes and not a lot of melodies thrown into the mix, but a gradual unfolding. The difference in the style here is instantly appreciated and while I love his signature sound he navigates this other approach with skill. Recommended for those that would like their goa with a relaxed flair. Love that cover btw...
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    Please post here news about upcomming or already available Vinyl Releases some already available Vinyls: Juno Reactor - The Mutant Theatre Also available on some other Webshops if you google after it https://junoreactor.bandcamp.com/album/the-mutant-theatre https://www.metropolis-records.com/product/11608/the-mutant-theatre-limited-ed-2lp Captain Hook - Origin 3xLP edition with beatiful artwork and great 3 Vinyl gatefold cover https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/226413/captain-hook-origin Astral Projection - Let there be light Suntrip Records, Limited to 100, incl. Filteria Remix https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/astral-projection-let-there-be-light Mad Tribe - Vinyl Fetish - 12" Vinyl yellow with black splatters & Holographic cover Mad Tribe - Out of this World – limited edition UFO shaped vinyl picture disc Mad Tribe - The LSD Party – Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc Mad Tribe - Fake Guru – 12” picture disc vinyl with 3D lenticular cover Mad Tribe - Planet gone Mad - limited edition glow-in-the-dark 12" vinyl record with a holographic cover https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227043/mad-tribe-vinyl-fetish https://spacetribe.com/collections/music/type-vinyl https://madtribe.bandcamp.com/merch Orange - Zen Zero https://www.orangevibes.de/product-page/doppel-vinyl-zen-zero-360-gr-new-album-2018-ab-15-06-2018-erhältlich Banco De Gaia - The 9th of Nine Hearts The whole album cut on to two 12''s Also available on Amazon and some other Webshops https://bancodegaia.bandcamp.com/album/the-9th-of-nine-hearts Solar Fields - Leaving Home Solar Fields - Extended Solar Fields - Ourdom Solar Fields - Origin #3 Solar Fields - Undiscovered Stories Olivier Orand - Human Sync24 - Comfortable Void All on Sidereal Records, various coloured versions https://sidereal.bigcartel.com/category/lp-vinyls Shpongle - Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost Limited Edition, Remastered, SUPER DELUXE 2xLP PACKAGE https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-lasts-but-nothing-is-lost-remastered E-Mantra - Drifting double 12" of blue coloured vinyl, in gatefold packaging. Includes a CD-r insert https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/e-mantra-drifting Globular - Entlagled Everything (Sold Out) https://globular.bandcamp.com/album/entangled-everything Behind The Sky Music - Portals A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space https://www.normanrecords.com/records/181381-various-portals Beat Bizarre - Perpetuum Mobile Iboga Records https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227547/beat-bizarre-perpetuum-mobile Out of Orbit - Wisdom of the Crowds Shamanic Tales Records https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227556/out-of-orbit-wisdom-of-the-crowds Infected Mushroom – More than Just a Name Double LP (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl) https://www.merchadvice.com/en/product/infected-mushroom-more-than-just-a-name-double-lp-limited-edition-orange-colored-vinyl/ MAD TRIBE & RAJA RAM - Bigger Bang Limited Edition, picture disc vinyl with holographic cover, TIP Records https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227307/mad-tribe-raja-ram-bigger-bang Freedom Fighters - Era Limited Edition, The album presents 7 new tracks, 7 short written stories (Exclusively made for this vinyl) https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227504/freedom-fighters-era
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    Thank god, I checked everyday if the site would be online again or not.
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    So far I see 3 issues: 1. every thread made since May 1st has zero views. The views are a column like any other in the database, but I'm not sure there's any caching on them. This is php, so every call is a different runtime. Anyway I upgraded the server and database on April 28th, 2-3 days before. in turn, what's the latest thread with views ? April 29th. Puzzling... The latest thread you started which has views is this one and that was on April 28th..after my upgrade. Even more puzzling. 2. I cannot log in the admin console anymore. I asked other admins if they have the same issue or not 3. I see some friendly-url related errors in the logs, not sure this is a theme issue or anything related to the above
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    Martin Glover aka Youth is a living legend of goa/psytrance. I mean his the founder of the first Goa trance label ever Dragonfly and he's still active today. Apart from Killing Joke he has also collaborated with Paul motherfucking McCartney in the Fireman project. Their most recent album was released in 2008. So do you think Paul asked Youth: -Hey bloke, what are you up to?' -Oh you know I helped in the creation of Goa trance. -What's that? -Here, have a listen. I know it's kind of stupid idea for a thread, but the very thought that Paul McCartney is aware and possibly has listened to Goa trance blows my mind. And of course the real question is? Would Paul enjoy it?
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    It's a paid plugin it seems https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8653-profile-backgrounds/ We can add them one by one, not sure there are extra "packaged" palettes...seems so though, I see some on WebFlake. I'm a bit in the dark here because for some reason I don't manage to log into the forum admin. Those forums were updated countless times in the past and some threads were even on 2 different boards before we moved to IPB (2005). Those threads are known (to me) to have some "issues" of the sort - that are fixable though. Also the very database of this board had a major upgrade 1 month ago too. Side effect ? I'd need to have some example of thread that you noticed is like that, I'd check its age and characteristics and try to fix them.
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    i hope the early discobole releases are on your list, especially cyan
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    Nhjo Hyennro - You Me Proud (TWSCD30) From the deep dungeons of the North Korean Intelligence Agency straight to the Twisted Records office we are more than proud to present our newest talent, NHJO HYENNRO. The man that redefines the definition of the word Progressive Psy Trance presents his dreadfully anticipated debut album aptly titled "You Me Proud". The album consists of 11 previously unreleased tracks that are destined to rock and shock the dancefloors worldwide. The tracks were already played by the Twisted Dj's all around the globe to the full satisfaction of the party goers. Here are some words by the people that heard the album: "Amazing groovy melodi with phat base line and deep kick drum" "Moves the head without ask" Guy Cohen (Isratrance.Com) "A Dancefloor explosive that will redefine the gap between your teeth" DeathPosture (Psynews.org) "Brainfuckery of the highest order" "Gives you more Boom per Shankar than your average Spoon.World release" Damion (Psyreviews.com) "I try die you" Kim Jong Il (NK Dictator) Here's the full tracklist 1.MX22 2.MX11 3.MX13 4.D11 5.ARNwww 6.Dr. Stein000goa version 7.MTD 8.CHM 9.ABLOVELOVE 10.XRCCCCC 11.CODNMDCCRs Out, April 1st.
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    Yeah it's like a Buchla Easel in eurorack format. Atonal sonic exploration. I have a bunch of standard synths (Pro 3, Moog Matriarch, DSI Rev 2 & Novation Summit) but want some experimental stuff as well. Arriving shortly is the Erica Synths Techno System & Fusion System II. Because I do music professionally I can claim a lot of tax back on these so it saves me a lot of money.
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    Same thoughts here. The first thing that I noticed was that it sounded quite fat and raw like the 00's and nothing like the modern super clean and tight sound. I liked tracks 1, 5 and 8 the most. Also the Hux Flux remix, that bassline sounded too oddbal at first but I think it may work wonders on a dancefloor when you are stoned enough already. Overall it sounded fresh and dfiferent indeed, not another Tristan or Outsiders clone.
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    interesting album. it sounds fresh and outdated at the same time. outdated because it reuses some of the sounds and formulas we've been overexposed to (and gotten tired of) in the late 00s. fresh because we haven't heard that in a long time and they are put into a new context with modern production. also they bring back good memories :). if this were released in 2010, we'd consider it a bit generic but well produced, but now this is a very welcome diversion. it's not something where i'd listen through the whole album at home, but i'd definitely like to hear it played at a party.
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    he is currently out of the city at moment with all this virus chaos going on with minimal internet connection will be touching down soon for now you mob can put your pitchforks down
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    Hello, Goa and Dark Ambient Music are my absolute favorite styles of electronic music that i will always love. I have times when i stopp hearing Goa Trance for 1-2 weeks and this music it is calling me in my dreams again. Artifact 303 and other tracks are playing in my head without any reason in strange situation. Goa evolved to the soundtrack of my life i belive. Its every time a bliss to hear Goa after a break...a time out of music. Anyways, there are a lot of situations in life when Goa does not fit very well. For me Dark Ambient is the perfect counterpart to balance out the soul and calm down from workout or Dancing alone in the Forest to Goa. I just want to share my top Ambient Albums here for you to try out and ask you to share yours if you are interested in that kind of Music. Sometimes i am not sure if its is music...its something else. And very Powerfull... Basically all the Stuff of Reason d etre.
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    My bad, but....no......... and WHO the F is Dana International ? OK.....(not the best voice even Britney sounds better on her early trve stuff LOL)
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    What is Classic Goa Trax? Classic Goa Trax is a sublabel of Suntrip Records, focussing on releasing classic goa-albums from the 90s on all digital platforms! We were a bit sad when we saw so much great music out there was not available anymore, so we decided to help all lovers of goa-trance, or new dj's who want the music in full quality! So, we decided to contact artists from back in the days that created magical Goa-Trance. Some of them reacted positive, and we made the deal to re-release their classic music digitally on Bandcamp and of course Spotify - Itunes - Beatport - Juno - Apple Music - Google Play - Tidal - Deezer - ... The artists get a fair share of the money again and new guys, young djs, or djs that miss the good old times, can get the music again in good quality, instead of buying them at insane prices on discogs! :) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com
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    Well maybe not full of original tracks + it's premixed, but for me they being the first Isratrance V/A I got to know after discovering Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection, I like them a lot. I was a fan of "Isratrance" Psytrance all the way until it turned full-on and too much DJ friendly (club, chemicals, yawn) *see images*. Fun thick booklets inside. Also of course this series among others was very cool until it went full-on: https://www.discogs.com/label/452521-IsrAliens
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    Welcome to the forum, and yes there is quite a lot of interesting releases these days. This forum can be a very good starting point, to see what's out there. Enjoy your stay.
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    Hoping for positive news. I love DAT Records - such an exciting development when they started releasing all that fabulous music.
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    Hello everyone, new forum member here. I'm pretty sure I've signed up to the Psynews forums before - a long, long time ago - but frankly I've no memory of what nickname I used and whether or to what extent I was posting actively at the time. Almost feels like a different era, so it does! I think I have to agree with the poster immediately above me - I've been a little annoyed with the music generally on more than one occasion in the past two decades (getting old, really) but these seem rather good times music-wise. I just noticed antic's topic on Eitan Reiter's recent Out of Orbit album, which for me was quite an exciting release. Anyway, let's see if I manage to post a few more replies or threads in the time to come.
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    Greetings dear Earthlings. Moon Koradji Records proudly presents their new release VA Neural Embers: 1. Inzect - Trip (148) 2. Molchun - Drame Essentiel (149) 3. Adansonia - Vendaval (150) 4. Inzect - Trap (148) 5. Adansonia - Extract & Eject (149) 6. Molchun - Théâtre de la Cruauté (149) 7. Adansonia - Flaming Worms (149) 8. Inzect - Troll (150) 9. Molchun - Deconstructed Cocktail (151) The split includes some of the most unique and avant-garde artists of psytrance scene: Inzect from Sweden, Molchun from Russia and Adansonia from Argentina. Each of them will show his mastery of the transformation of thought into an audio form. The journey will be entertaining and will undoubtedly open new horizons for you. Compiled by DJ Omsun Graphics by Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio Mastering by Christer Lundström @ Ka-Sol Studio Release date: May 15th, 2020 Moon Koradji Records - World Wide Psychedelic http://moonkoradji.com/
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    Those Adansonia tracks are banging. I love the bassline twist on the guys production.
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    VA - FullOn for sure. Cybel and Xerox & Freeman, amazing. Also The Forum and Tripout. Hyperion - Sunflower is such a beautiful track. Shiva Space Technology Israel and Over The Sunrise if you like that kind of early nitzhonot. I used to listen to them alot in the late 90's.
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    You need to track down Trance Mix 3. Only tracks by Har-El Prussky, Yan-iv Haviv and Edi Mis. A reviewer at Discogs wrote this about that compilation:
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    Artist: Slinky Wizard Title: Witch Juice EP Label: Flying Rhino Records Date: 1996 1. Slick Witch 2. Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Mix) Not a whole lot to say about this release. Well except that it's psychedelic goa trance at it's finest! The second EP from Slinky Wizard where both tracks bring shrieking melodies and bludgeoning power making them a force to be reckoned with. They were released on CD compilations that most of you probably already have. Still it seems like this is readily available on Discogs so if you own a record player and want some bubbly deliciousness then do yourself a favor and pick this up. Mdk
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    I've noticed what seems to be a bug on the forum, some threads I've started will appear as having 0 views, despite having replies in them Which makes no sense? My guess is that there is somekind of error with the refresh/update between the server-side of things and the forum users? Maybe something to do with the glitches users have experienced with the forum skins? Just some armchair expert speculations here.
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    For some reason I never checked out this early project from Krys Kylven (UX) and RX Heaven, perhaps because the EPs are lower rated on Discogs. But some of the tracks but this artist absolutely rock! They pay a ton of attention to rhythm and visual textures and are clearly inspired by industrial and EBM but combines with goa melodies. It's just a shame the mastering isn't always so good - whatever, it was the mid 90's. Best is Tripperspaced, with its a classic swirling goa bassline, spooky main hook and perverted rhythmic melodies. Lots of breakdowns and the melodies build in intensity each time they come back. The different elements are layered so well, you can feel the incredible psychedelica unfolding around you. It reminds of Sandman/Witchcraft's early work. My next favourite is Limited Access To The Files. Love the hihats here. This track is dark, intense and totally unhinged, heading directly into cyberpunk apocalypse. It keeps getting crazier until 8:00 when a beautiful 303 breaks out, the pressure lets up and then suddenly the foot comes down onto the pedal and evil melodies engulf the track for a very memorable ending. The last one I want to call attention to is Lost World. This track is particularly damaged by poor mastering with an overloud kick drum, however despite this you can hear the raw talent in the track. The melody clocking in at 2:45 is tribal madness, sounding similar perhaps to a Miranda/Athena melody, but there's this massive reverb behind it, with submelodies emerging and swirling around it. It's very danceable yet poignant like the best trance music. Oh also there's Morphogenesis, which texturally sounds like MFG's Project Genesis, with thick bubbly acidic sounds, it has some great moments but unfortunately doesn't develop and tell much of a story. In summary, I've always thought UX - Ultimate Experience was fantastic, but it's possible these tracks are better even than anything on that album! Syb Unity Nettwerk tracks go 100mph into a different universe and are trippier than 99% of stuff that came out in the same time period. This artist deserves more credit for producing such ahead of its time music -and he gave away his remastered Ultimate Xperience album for free. Legend.
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    Technossomy - Skinflint...
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    Eco - Delhi Dancer?
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    he's the guy who brought dubstep into "psy"trance when that was modern and he's now riding on the futureprog wave. so most of his music is commercial stop-and-go stuff (using all the stuff in loud's "why psytrance has become shit" video). this one is decent purely because of gamma goblins we don't have a thread on him because the "typical" captain hook track is something like this: at least music like that is what he played the two times when on the lineup among better artists at parties i've been to.
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    Nice review by Astro Cortex. Listening to this again under lockdown, after a long time, it remains a deep chill favourite, eclipsing many other efforts on Fax (RIP Pete N) and other labels. As Astro Cortex noted, the track names are especially suited to the sounds. Karmic light really does sound like nirvana (the afterlife not the grunge band). Ambiant otaku really does sound like an ambient nerd's nightmare down a rabbit hole. Magnetic fields really does sound like how I imagine they look.
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    I don't think track names are always indicative of of peoples faith, it's perhaps more telling about what country/society the artist lives in. For example with Astral Projection, in their early SFX years they had a track named "Allah Acbar" https://www.discogs.com/SFX-The-Unreleased-Tracks-89-94/master/522005 And they also have tracks and albums referencing Kabbalah, https://www.discogs.com/Astral-Projection-Ten/master/25754 And I certainly don't think they adhere to the islamic faith because of that, or that they are deeply into Kabbalah/jewish mysticism. But hey what do I know? They live in Israel so they probably believe in something? MFG beeing another example, having "Message From God" as your groups name, would suggest some kind of religious predilection perhaps, but it hasn't stopped people from enjoying their music. I think that beeing overly sensitive to such things, isn't any different to the people who are super religious that condemn electronic dance music for beeing "evil music". I think that broadly speaking, perhaps artists overall tend to absorb and gather inspiration from observations in everyday life. It could be knowingly and with a thought behind, but as well just be on a superficial level. From reading something which the artist think sounds cool on wikipedia and what not. I think for example often when artists are stuck and can't find a good track name, they might browse wikipedia or read some books/watch a documentary about some esotheric stuff like mysticism or religion, ancient civilizations, and stumble across something which is interesting/sounds cool or captures the imagination. So if much of the inspiration for Astral Projection, is grounded in life in Israel, why would it be anything different with an artist from Scandinavia? There's not much jewish mysticism around here for sure, so christian faith is perhaps the most logical thing to have been exposed to? In the same way anyone living in India would have been exposed to hinduism, buddhism or islam. Could just be that when an artist is producing a track, there is something on the television which they name their track after, be it dead serious, or with a bit of humour. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I've seen people name their tracks after names on samples in sample libraries, or name tracks after the names of certain instruments/plugins. Afgin has a track named "Aden Prayers", this Easter Hymn track is perhaps the scandinavian version of that. Btw lots of people here in Sweden are home today because of easter holidays. Not that lots of people aren't home already because of the corona. Off to enjoy some boiled easter eggs!
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    OK, good to know what my coworkers mean when they call me fucking sick.
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    Artist: Various Title: Goa-Tel Aviv Label: NMC Records Date: 1997 CD 1 01. In Trance : Over Seas 02. Indoor : Vertigo 03. Oforia : Dimensional Exploration 04. Adrenalin Drum : Desert Fly 05. In Trance : Kashmir 06. Indoor : Camel 07. Adrenalinndrum : God Mountain CD 2 01. Indoor : The Key 02. Adrenalin Drum : Behind The Hills 03. Indoor : Shiva 04. In Trance : Sorceress Fete 05. P Cok : J.P 06. Amir Dagan : Silver Angel 07. Guy Sebbag : Reality Values 1997. What was I doing waaay back then? Lessee...Got kicked out of optometry school the year prior so I was living in a trailer and still getting high. Goa Trance? What the f*ck is that? Tell you what, try matching your clothes and take a shower then we can talk. By the way...you're white...what's with the dreadlocks? What's that you say? Music comes from Israel? How do they find the time in between the bombings? That was me back then knowing nothing of goa, thinking that trance ended and began with Oakenfold and Van Dyk. My how time and perceptions have changed. Now I'm married with 2 kids, haven't had a drink or gotten high in over a decade, and finally came to the realization that this music was a cinematic experience for the ears. This 2-disc set contains Israeli old school goa anthems that are considered classics today. But upon further inspection, the comp came out in 97 and 4 of the tracks from Indoor (which are on the Progressive Trance disc) were made in 95 and the Adrenalin Drum tracks are from their album X-Perimental Goa. Guy Sebbag is a member of In Trance along with Gal Carmy, so the tracks Sorceress Fete and Kashmir are on the In Trance album. So as is the case with a lot of compilations from back in the day, these tracks are found elsewhere making this not essential. Having said that though, if you don't have those albums and you find this...get it. The Indoor tracks are blistering journeys alone and the InTrance tracks are good in their own right. Sorceress Fete is a pumping track that I'm sure had the dance floors jumping. It's pure old school. J.P. is a twisting journey with tumbling melodies and hypnotic sounds, but the last two...I can take 'em or leave 'em. Never noticed this before, but there's a lot of "in's" here. INdoor, IN trance, AdrenalIN drum...and I just noticed the pic on the cover is of a face smoking the wacky tabacci. Wonder why our music is always associated with drugs? I think it's also funny that Mars gave it an average rating because it's too old school. Mdk
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    for all those who missed this epic release look out for the mp3 rip Nhjo_Hyennro_-_You_Me_Proud-2006-PsyCZ
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    Dear Agneton i read carefully your definition of Nitzhonot on Wikipedia and its very nice and a great effort but some things are not accurate or need couple of updates so here is some help and tips for you. A)Yahel had absolutely nothing to do with Nitzhonot Trance.His one and only release was Rising Star in a compilation named Save The Robot and was done after the request of Mike Verros who needed a track for that cd.I am preety sure he overjoyed while producing this track but the guy has absolutely nothing to do with Nitzhonot either in his early or his latest works.You should remove him completely from the wikipedia page. B)You should really include Destination,Ezotery Space and Sonichaos in your main artists from Israel list.Destination were actually the masterminds behind every Iceman (Kobi Kastoriano) track and for me they were probably the best Nitzhonot group ever with really really great and emotional tracks most of them never released unfortunately.Ezotery Space (Shahar Radjanski who was always mentioned on flyers simply as Sahar) was also a very influential producer and Sonichaos (Safi Connection in our days) although i never liked his music he had a very very influential album at that time with a great success.These guys were more famous and important than Trivia,Kaylosh,D Zager and more.By the way some credit should also go to Shuki Erdry who was the very first Nitzhonot dj ever played in Greece and DJ Amico (Injector) who were actually the two guys who provided that time's Greek DJ's with the music they played.Special mention also for Charlie from Mystica who was the actual reason that this music every came to Greece for those who know C)Also in the Nitzhonot albums and compilations you should really include Holymen's C4 and Seventh Heaven that actually made the israeli music really famous around Greece and not only and also exclude Cherouvim's debut album Global Touch that had nothing to do with the typical israeli Nitzhonot.Adding also Excalibur Janana would also be wise. D)Speaking about greek remarkable artists i guess you should include Qsys (very underated) and Space Odyssey instead of Dementia who made their first releases in 2002 if i remember correctly when things were already dying as far as i can remember. E)In the greek albums and compilations you should really include the Transistance and Melodic Morning series that had a great success back then and the best selling uplifting album in Greece ever by Cyan named Braindance.Also you should fit somewhere the Shiva Space Technology series that were half greek half israeli. F)Also you mentioned something about Nitzhonot evolving into Full On.Actually the term Full On was already there (or came shortly after,and i mean really shortly) when Nitzhonot appeared and has absolutely nothing to do with it.These are two tottally different kinds of music and the fact that some artists moved from Nitzhonot into Full On was only done for commercial purposes after Nitzhonot/Uplifting became extinct. G)Speaking about extinction there is no such thing as second or third generation of uplifting culture in Greece.The music is officially dead since 2002-2003 and only around 200-300 people (most of them of very young age) are still interested and involved with in Greece and most of them in the capital city of Athens.No releases,no labels,no parties,no nothing.This music either some people like it or not is simply dead and should only be mentioned for reference purposes like now.In the beggining it was nice,then it evolved in something not so nice and then it died like all things do one day.Birth,evolution,death like Darwin said. Thats all i guess,going to check what happened to my old cds and minidiscs hehe.
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