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    Median project: Constellation Suntrip Records 1. Antidote 2. Mission Adept 3. It Is Not Possible 4. Infinite Space 5. On The Edge 6. Pandora's Box 7. Sand Of Time 8. Sunrise 9. The Constellation Of Aries I came across Median Project on YouTube around discovering his previous album, In the Depth of Space, and that he'd be on Suntrip's double 2018 compilation, The 50th Parallel. Constellation follows up and improves on ItDoS. NOTE: This is different in style compared to MP's Life Line track on the 50th Parallel which I felt was more gentle, traveling, and non-linear in storytelling. 1. Antidote starts off the album with a big and colourful, but fairly safe (conceptually) uplifting AP (without ever emulating them). The introductory sounds are good. The music is nice, melodic, and dance-friendly. I enjoyed some of the melodies. Overall though, the song did little to awe or impress me, as if it was afraid to take risks or start off the album with a bang. This is fairly typical sounding too, and the last act could have done more, but for an opening track, it's not bad. B 2. Mission Adept is more interesting and kinetic to my ears. This is one step closer to what I like. It's zippier, more intense and surreal to some degree. Still not groundbreaking but man-- those ambient notes coupled with the cosmic feel, accents, and the second act really stepped this thing into high gear. The only part I question / find odd is the telephone, land line ringing effect/accent around 2:30 that occasionally recurs. To be fair, it is altered at times and sounds more alien in nature, attractive when doing so. The third act is good too, but is it me or does it sound a bit too similar to the second? Oh well. On dance floors they'll never notice . Fun, fast-paced track! A- 3. It Is Not Possible follows the edgier, darker (in a zippy/fun way) approach since Mission Adept. To me this is sharper, more fluid, smart, and satisfying. I love the opening act. Also the second act's forth minute takes the song to new heights! The last act gently compliments the perfection of the second act, though it offers less that's innovative/refreshing when comparing the second act to the first. This is an arresting, cosmic number, with terrific synths, atmosphere, buildup and climax to boot. Couldn't the song though have been called, "It Is Possible" considering anything and everything is possible as we expand in consciousness? The song is just too good for its title IMO and will inevitably lift roofs on dance-floors. Stellar track! A 4. Infinite Space maintains the clearly upgraded, evolved approach since the second or third vehicle, providing more of the electric, futuristic/cosmic energy while incorporating topical sound/melody designs and atmosphere (!). I often criticize arrangements for being repetitive (Morphic Resonance's Perplexity I felt ran into that recurrently around showcasing some amazing work). Here however I'm engaged and find the delivered arrangements to be great. A 5. On The Edge returns to the more intense (less but still very melodic) cosmic feel of "It Is Not Possible". I'm so happy that this artist is committing to stronger, more magnetic songs back-to-back rather than putting lighter (or less kinetic) ones in-between them. The song builds up to a searing, visceral climax that is contagious, especially for high octane/adrenaline dancefloors. As with Track 3, the artist really knows how to deliver monster energy, buildups, and climaxes. Once this thing takes off, it doesn't look back. A 6. Pandora's Box begins fast and atmospheric. There's a cool synth at 1:33 and voice FX like astronauts communicating that's catchy. I liked how the music picked up at 2:09. But the key changes made the formulaic approach feel that much more repetitive here IMO. The AP-esque synth at 3:19 was cool. Sadly, that's where the pros end for me. I find that the song grows more repetitive and thus less interesting as it progresses, never refreshing the terrain. But here it's especially noticeable. I mean-- skip to almost any part of this song. I empathize with GhostOnAcid's criticism here. Despite showing promise early on, the music sounds too similar and lazy compared to the other tracks to me. B- 7. Sand Of Time is such a step up. There's something about the edgier synths when combined with the more harmonious melodies and atmosphere that really hooked me. I really enjoyed the first act, the midway interlude and something very pretty, elegant in the forth minute (so pretty!, allowing us to breathe) a la fantasy-esque elements! The last act is beautiful, incorporating the fantasy "feels" into the zippy whole. I love music that elevates our hearts and minds and this got me excited like a new AP or MFG track I really dug-- back in the 90's. Beautiful song! A 8. Sunrise is bouncy and tight, offering a refreshingly different, characteristic feel from the start. Man why can't more songs and albums be as good as this one? It's so catchy! I love the buildup to gradually tastier, more ethereal (with zippy compliments) terrain. Also complimentary is the lower pitched synth that supports the higher sounds. The interlude in the fifth minute refreshes the senses, providing a super catchy climax that's almost too good for words! The second act is so fluid, attractive, and beautifully helmed-- the melodies. I love it, and I love the complimentary arrangement in the last act. Stellar track! A 9. The Constellation Of Aries develops signature elements and buildup until the crescendo explodes into a monster climax (ascending so high!!!). I really like the atmosphere, sound/melody work and feels (!!!) in this final chapter to a rewarding story. This album gave me so much of what I love about Goa-Trance. We get a refreshing interlude in the fifth minute followed by a return to angelic sounds and atmosphere. I can see something like this being too much for home-listening (for some), but it's loaded with energy, as if it's tempting to reflect the spiritual/cosmic ascension into one track. I suppose a little more variety with the song's direction would have been nice. Nevertheless, this is a visionary track full of passion and heart. A- CONCLUSON Constellation is a beautiful, imaginative, exciting, and fun release, but it's not without its imperfections. Still, I'm happy to see people appreciating it. It takes off several tracks in and delivers some of the best neo/full on Goa I've heard in a while. It's a dance-heavy Goa album from start to finish, featuring climaxes, atmospheric, and loads of melodies. By maintaining this high dance-friendly energy approach more akin to say-- Astral Projection, Artifact303, or Mindsphere (to some degree), there is a sense of formula and it works best when the formula isn't so obvious or typical as I felt were the case with Tracks 1 and 6. That said, the album capitalizes on the cosmic, hurricane-of-energy approach and I couldn't help but recall the days of AP, MFG, Artifact303, and more. The album has a handful of stellar tracks-- quite impressive, and is easily one of the best Goa albums in years. Constellation is like a blockbuster, production wise, and although there were times when I felt more variety would have been nice, the pros (overall) far outweighed the cons for me. Like AP's Dancing Galaxy but in its own way, Constellation is a visionary, cosmic ride, with a healthy amount of excellent tracks. The artist proves that In the Depth of Space was no fluke, making Constellation not perfect, but an easy candidate for Goa album of the year! And pretty cover btw! Favorite tracks -- 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 4 / 5 Sample / Orders https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD56/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-constellation
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    The new modern style of producing/mixing is to make the kick very punchy/compressed. It's a tad too much for my taste although the 'big crowd' is into it I suppose. I wouldn't say the modern approach is by any means what I consider the best. I'd go for something a bit more open, dynamic and perhaps quiet. What I myself like a lot is the Swedish wave of early y2k (Atmos, Logic Bomb, Noma) that were mastered at Tom Puss Point Studios. Perfect Sound!
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    Found it a little bit repetitive in the beginning but after dozens of listenings it grew on me. A fantastic release which I like more than "9th" or "To Sirius". "Sacred Sands" is a gem and "Crossing Planet" a real dancefloor Killer. 8.5/10
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    Never realized it's a collaboration with Eat Static Nice one, I like the hypnotic style, somehow reminds me this:
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    Nothing much to add besides how I pretty much love most of the A.R.T.S label output.
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    Shadow of Intent is also great. More epic/melodic, but heavy enough to keep neck busy. I emerge alive Regurgitated as a slave to the tests of time I reject and do not rejoice my immortality For there is nothing left of this place Spawning unto desolation again In shadows I slumber until I am but dust Am I to live in nothingness? In death I live to dwell the days away in fathomless dismay Am I to roam forever gone? To roam forever gone? Festering memories of the past start to project Then wither away inducing insanity on my behalf We were led to believe the netherworld is of myth But it dwells within and its nature so abstract, yet so very real A most horrid fate Ghastly rotting grave Bloodshed and malice conjured the source of our decay We wasted away I am he who lives thrice begotten in bedlam against evanescent horizons How melancholy Time withers The sun extinguished And yet still, I remain The age of man passes My progress, struggles, and suffering a waste. The ether realm declares the world but a stage A coldly calculated transformation to the grave Onward we follow, herded as slaves Collectively lapsing into the land of flame Alas, the truth has been presented before my eyes I've been unbound from the shackles of faith No longer lead to believe there is hope beyond this world The rope starts to sway The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The reasons, the answers will follow me to the grave Under the moonlight I yield Venture beyond and prepare the final phase Now I look beyond the black eclipse The macrocosm of the divine The sullen moon pulls at my soul, a beckoning for relinquishment Like the tides under lunar influence The urge is relentless I venture beyond The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The veil beyond cries my name I have left behind all that I love, and all who commit My soul in the hands of destiny Briefly embracing the chill of Dimethyltryptamine A struggle for many is the end of the few A cancer that no mortal man can elude I hang in my sorrow with no dispute Just know I'm sorry, I swear to you
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    Without any doubt one of the finest melodic Goa releases I've heard in a while. Whole CD is filled with great tracks and production quality is at the highest level! Highly recommended to anyone who like their Goa music spiced with dreamy melodies and floaty atmosphere! Congrats to all involved!
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    I was going to wait till I listened to it 100 times, but after 20 times I think I'm getting the feel. This is one of the best goa trance I have ever heard. We already had a great share of good music and amazing artists, but Median is right up there. Shining. Where his album on Global Sect was also very good, Constellation has enormous depth, euphoric layers, and fantastic balanced frequencies. I'm very happy to hear that Sergey tuned down the snares and claps, which were very present in his previous work. I'm listening to parts of Constellation every day. In my bed, in the car, ... He manages to transform a whole idea into music. Only given to the most talented. Every track is a space journey. Every track puts a smile on your face. Very good review Tsotsi! Constellation deserves that. We will look back and confirm year after year that Constellation is a milestone in Goa history. I'm sure of that. Grab it while you can!
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    A nearly three hour dive into the roots of Goa trance, focused on the years 1992-1994. Goa techno, early trance, or just Goa music; call it what you want, it still kicks. For this set, I tried to combine the more well-known names of the early days (Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, Voodoo People) with the obscure and overlooked; I also used some less popular tracks by famous artists. I wonder if anyone can ID them all? Mixed on two turntables and two CDJs; you'll hear some fuckups here and there, mostly because I'm not good with vinyl. If you can get past that, it's a fairly epic journey IMO.
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    funny, that not one artist is named more than once! so even the more technical side of the game is subjective. for me the best produced psy is loud - if you consider it psytrance.
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    as much as i don't like them would have to be anything from infected mushroom
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