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  2. Thanks for the highlight. Gojja makes a good sound.
  3. I’ve to ask whether music review websites are still good enough for the musicians. I have seen many music websites like Guitaa Music Review, who reviews music for the artists. But is this still good as many are benefitted from it, and many doesn’t get anything. So does this thing depends on the website or what?
  4. 1. L'Ultima Profezia 07:15 2. Lo Destino 06:35 3. La Fortuna 07:05 Release notes: Compilation of tracks made between 2016 to 2018. So here we have yet again some more goa and another alias of the Lost Buddha. So how does it sound you might wonder? Well it sounds great if you're into the old variety of this genre, that is this is pure old school. If you liked the output of Lost Buddha/Amithaba Buddha between 2004/2009-ish this will float your boat. That beeing said, don't expect innovation or any new approach to the sound image. It sounds just like the 2004/2009 era, which in turn emulated the mid 90's era, so it's the same approach used back then during the first neo-goa wave. But hey if the formula works, why change it? The composition/arrangement of the tracks is totally focused on oriental melodies of the faster more hectic kind and acidic background layers, complemented by lush pads. If you've heard lots of the other goa output of this artist you know what to expect by now, and that might be it's weak point, as well as its strenght at the same time, depending on your predilection. I took it for a test spin during my forest walks, and it did what it should, as it's very energetic. Solid EP, Fav tracks: 2 and 3.
  5. OUT NOW! Available in digital and limited CDr format only via Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/FloralCortex
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    if you believe law of attraction, and collectivley we think it will come back..... it will
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  8. I have a request, while browsing the interview section I noticed that there isn't any interview with Mystica. Seeing that they/or at least one of their original members is still doing retro-sets, could someone pehaps make an interview?
  9. I also got the Out of Orbit album in my mail box today... has been on (almost) daily rotation since I got the digital version, so good!
  10. Some stuff I had in the mail during the last few days: v.A. - Inti (Suntrip Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Inti/release/10158584 Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent https://www.discogs.com/Celestial-Intelligence-Incandescent/release/14431713 bought both albums from Anoebis via Discogs, both are great! Atomic Pulse - Direct Source https://www.discogs.com/Atomic-Pulse-Direct-Source/release/1066259 the last few tracks are the best v.A. - Accelerator 1.0 (Turbo Trance Records) https://www.discogs.com/LElf-Triptych-Accelerator-10/release/249734 The whole series is great and I'm happy to have all of them now v.A. - Secret Garden (Frakasound Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Secret-Garden/release/1386967 only (mainly lesser known) Swiss artists, the quality of the tracks is high
  11. Here we have some ear candy in the form of smooth acidic goa trance. It sounds somewhat inspired by the Shamanic Tribes On Acid ‎– 303 To Infinity album. The approach is indeed a more floating one than on previous albums/aliases, all of the 303 lines are without distortion in order to give it a smoother more liquid style. It's a welcome change after having sifted through most of the goa albums/EP's/compilations on his bandcamp. As this album is less hectic, and offers a more chilled-out experience. I haven't listened to all the tracks yet, favourite so far is Himalayas, a very good track. The track Ascendancy is a bit too monotonous and drags on a bit with the same patterns. The album is very psychedelic in the sense that it has these fractal-like effects on some of the percussive elements, as well as in the melodies. Rather colorful bright music, which I think is reflected well in the cover artwork. The album has a fresh inspired sensation, and feels very summery to me. Perhaps with a touch of a cold Himalayan breeze. Upon listening to some more of the tracks, I can say that it's a really solid album. I like all tracks so far, Ascendancy is not a bad track per se, but compared to the rest it was not as varied. This is good music for the treadmill/forest run, as it is energetic and meditative at the same time. It isn't stressful, but still has enough energy to keep you going. Origami is a cool track very uplifting and fresh, with some hints of mystique.
  12. What RTP means is that he fixed the site unintentionally doing something neither the support nor I thought was a wise thing to do. Anyway, that's a happy ending.
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    considering how few deaths we have compared to other countries that waited a longer before acting, i think we're nowhere near 60 or even 10%. also it's not unlikely that immunity will only last for a few months for many people, so even if we were at 70% now we could still be in for a second wave.
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    So it seems we are slowly opening up again here in Europe ... Austria has shops and restaurants open since 2 weeks ... this weekend the outdoor activities are permitted again ... it's going slightly upwards ... only mass gatherings (parties) are not yet allowed... There are voices saying that it will get worse again because there will be a second wave ... we won't know it until it's here though ... well, at least people have already done the panic buying... It's the time of the Corona clusters now ... there are some cases in this and that company ... although I believe you will find cases everywhere the deeper you dig with mass-testing... It'll never be over till 60%-70% of ALL people in a country have been infected ... either we are already past that (and don't know it) - or it is yet to come...
  15. Thank you everybody. I have heard that we were all very lucky ... normally it wouldn't have gone so well with all these database scripts and a slightly inexperienced user ... at least with our DB... I can assure you it won't happen again though - we are prepared now
  16. That sounds awesome! I think you definitely SHOULD come back ... do NOT let the genres be a border ... a little anecdote of a project that I did with a firend is, well, down in my sig = we started out to make "goatrance" and ended up with, well haha, listen for yourself Point is, don't let rigid concepts get in your way - music should be fun and if anybody does not like what you do, they won't listen anyway. My own perception of music is continuously evolving far and wayy beyond anything, I like disocvering new stuff and the genre mixes have become the best discoveries ... I don't really classify it in genres anymore but in "I like a lot" and "I like less"... Plus many of the "old purists" now have other things to do in their life than to hang out online and nag about albums So yes please, come back as you are
  17. Xamanist - Spiritual Awakening [Sol Music] This track is the proof that adversity can generate beautiful things. Locked down in isolation due to COVID-19, I started composing overwhelmed and confused by the current situation. As the days passed by and the music took its shape, my own creation lifted my spirit and blossomed into a new perspective, a new joy. The track slowly evolves, from melody to melody, reaching full ecstasy towards the end. Prepare yourself for a blissful moment! Buy on Beatport Listen on Soundcloud
  18. Akshan knows how to make good music. Very good production, groovy, psychedelic, real quality stuff!
  19. Hmm, Somnesia is hard to judge... Maybe better Mastering would be a benefit. But I think the guy behind this project dont care much about how it sounds with good speakers, he just making his music, I dont know... Every time I listen to Somnesia I think: Why didnt he care more about production quality? Really a pity! Much potential!!! Too sloppy for my standards. Bought almost all of his albums but cant hear them, too bad quality.
  20. Hi guys, Don't know if this thread is dead but i'm looking for this specific mix for a couple of years now.. I used to have it but i lost it when my ipod went in the washing machine smh.. Any chance somebody could share it? Would be very much appreciated!! Thanks
  21. 140, 144, 140, 140, 142, 142, 138, 138, 136
  22. Hello ! I want to present you yesterday release of my dark psy side project - Alien Translator ! EP - " Black Moon" was released by Undeground Experience Music .Most people knows me from Goa trance side but today I want to present you my alter ego Tracklist : 1. Black Moon 6:21 2. Soul Smuggler 6:47 3. Waiting for Civilization 07:43 4. Wicked 06:08 5. Brainbreaker 07:43 All Tracks Written & Produced by Lukasz Z. Mastering by Atrus Cover Artwork by Psycoreclinic BANDCAMP (name your price ) - https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/album/black-moon-ep?fbclid=IwAR1HbK_Qv7RwudATaRUyuzQYSHqJjfGpIF8j2KzPaR9Px7nUAmBAAkS4xuY
  23. New banging Psytrance set I recorded recently. Hope you enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Waio, Symbolic - Cyber Space (Original Mix) [Future Music Records] 02. Dual Vision, Razzle Dazzle - Psychedelic Reaction (Original Mix) [Iono Music] 03. Middle Mode, Relativ - Omnia (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records] 04. Sonic Species, Mad Maxx - The Real Heal (Original Mix) [United Beats Records] 05. Rave & Roll - Peyote (Original Mix) [FreakingBeats Records] 06. Synthaya, Spiritual Mode - Planetoid (Original Mix) [Maharetta Records] 07. Mad Maxx - Knob Job (Koi Boi Remix) [United Beats Records] 08. GMS, Mekkanikka, Stryker, Sonic Species - Party On (Original Mix) [United Beats Records] 09. Hypnoise - Reality (Fiction Remix) [Maharetta Records] 10. Kundalini - Affirmation (Original Mix) [BMSS Records] 11. Escape (UK) - Transform (Original Mix) [24/7 Records] 12. Manmachine - There Are No UFOs (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio] 13. Transient Disorder - Endless Spiral (Original Mix) [Dacru Records] 14. Mandala (UK) - Forces Of Light (Original Mix) [Nano Records] 15. Faders - Aura (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 16. Outside The Universe - Another You (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 17. Electric Universe, Volcano - Akasha (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 18. ESP - Intricate Web 2018 (Original Mix) [United Beats Records] 19. Sentinel 7 - Katana (Original Mix) [United Beats Records] 20. Xerox, Volcano On Mars - The Invisibles (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 21. Earthspace, Imagine Mars - Transcend (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 22. Copycat - Divinity (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio] 23. Mandala (UK) - Juicy Lucy (Original Mix) [Nano Records] 24. Laughing Buddha, Lucas O'Brien - Revel with the Devil (Volcano On Mars Remix) [Sacred Technology] Download Here Follow on social media for new mixes. Thanks for the support Facebook Twitter Instagram Twitch
  24. M-RUN - Live Session Album (Cronomi Records) this week in the mail Gojja - Slippery Filter Freaks (Sanaton Records) last week
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