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  2. A nearly three hour dive into the roots of Goa trance, focused on the years 1992-1994. Goa techno, early trance, or just Goa music; call it what you want, it still kicks. For this set, I tried to combine the more well-known names of the early days (Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, Voodoo People) with the obscure and overlooked; I also used some less popular tracks by famous artists. I wonder if anyone can ID them all? Mixed on two turntables and two CDJs; you'll hear some fuckups here and there, mostly because I'm not good with vinyl. If you can get past that, it's a fairly epic journey IMO.
  3. Omg... That line-up is insane, wish I could go again this year.... Åhhh
  4. its not a feeling specific to psytrance or even music - writers or painters can reach this state especially at night
  5. Yesterday
  6. nice. i especially like the third one. i guess living in berlin you get lots of good techno regularly.
  7. Some examples of Techno, which I really like:
  8. Thanks to following my friend, hope you enjoy this new style? I Will have new track from my solo project soon. <3
  9. I think that happens to all us producers.. many a times I listen to my tracks I would be like, how in the fuck did I create that? Was it really me?
  10. Everytime I produce something and I am really into it, deeply enjoying sounds and psychedelia of it I got lost, just partly there in chair. I am not very aware of surrounding, feels like im in many places and then when I take a break it's hard to come together for some 10-15 mins ahaha I am not sure if it's what you asked but it is very pleasent experience and then all these inspiration and ideas come, then next day 'how da fuck did I made this?' All I need to do is to get the right sound to trigger that experience
  11. didn't actually bin them, gave them away, but i can't support people who rip others off
  12. Last week
  13. Not sure I would categorize euphoria as an altered state of consciousness though. Funny story nonetheless.
  14. Baah! I was wondering what you were up too. Saw this on Bandcamp 2 days ago and wondered where the promo was. I haven't listened yet but I'm super excited for some new Ohm Mind material.
  15. no ads are of course ideal, but i'd be fine with in-scene ads too as long as it's done tastefully (one or two small and simple uinobtrusive banners like what they sometimes have at goabase).
  16. it's not called psychedelic trance for nothing. if you put on for instance braincell - there is more on this world or pleiadians - maia (there are many more but personally i've found these two to work easiest) on headphones and close your eyes and you are still aware of the real world by the end of the track you haven't been focused on listening.
  17. Global Sect style... sort of, I think
  18. He's finally about to put on the tie & tail again with a release of Color 02 EP, and later the Greyscale 02 EP. Acid trance (wait for it) http://unknowncause.bandcamp.com/album/color-01
  19. Pandemonium 2 has one of the best soundtrack ever. It's also a super psychedelic game. Highly recommended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCAsX8gyYOs
  20. Acid Destroyers is the new project between Ohm Mind (Belgium) and Laughing Space Devil (Switzerland), who are two producers of Goa Trance since many years. This project began in 2016 in Switzerland before one of the parties at the famous Havanna Club in Altdorf. They meet each other a lot to produce, as the first experiments resulted in already 1 hour of good music. You can expect a lot of acid lines with some twisted trance melody and evil atmosphere. They have released an EP on spacedock records with 3 tracks since the 15.05. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sddg016-acid-destroyers-monsters-and-mad-man-ep Tracklist : 1. Universal Language - 144BPM 2. Ohm Devil - 148BPM 3. Monsters And Mad Man Stay tuned
  21. Alienapia plays in parties...will perform in the upcoming Connection festival afaik!
  22. Should have made the album Then asked for backers. 2013 is s long time since. 1 500 dollah is mucho money, honey. .. Makes me wonder, should we.. Will ppl back it? (The 3 cds are done, just not printed).
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