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  2. Enjoy The Traveling!!!


  3. Hello psynews and Happy New Year Here is a small demo of a new upcoming track i called Tabula Rasa Hope you enjoy! =PLUR=
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  5. Music is the only real magic i have encountered in my life. There is no way to describe its influence and there's no explainable trick involved. Music is the Queen of all art-forms. It's pure, it moves, it heals, unites, heightens, expands one's consciousness. When the quality is high and long-established principles are preserved, the music never expires.. it's timeless, it's classic. Tracklist: 01. Open Source - The Wicked Witch Of The West (New Edit) 02. Aquatica - Break It All (Open Source Bootleg) 03. Open Source - Alaska 04. Vini Vici - Ravers Army (Open Source Bootleg) 05. Ghost Rider - Shamanic (Open Source Bootleg) 06. Open Source & Space Vibe - Spirit Warrior (Classical Edit) 07. Space Vibe - The Lord 08. Open source - True Lollipop 09. Open Source - Legends Never Die 10. Sagi Abitbul & Guy Haliva - Stanga (Open Source Bootleg) Follow Open Source on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Mixcloud
  6. Fresh look on a downtempo style of Nikita Klimenko and friends. This unique publication, inspired and filled with all colors of Artist’s musical experiences, fantasies and demonstrating a new dimension of his creativity. The album comprised with exclusive remixes recorded especially for this release. How long have you walked through the dark and forgotten streets of your memory? You hear the noise of your thoughts. The unfathomable and delicate musical narrative strengthen the overall impression of listening and surpass all conventional knowing. Therefore, the album is difficult to place in any precise framework and this strangeness is self-sufficient. The comprehensive look of each participant is unique in its own way. All the compositions were created without losing the individuality of each project. Stylistics includes such musical genres as chill out, downtempo, click’n’cuts, electronica. Nikita used live and electronic instruments that explore the experimental aspects of ambient music. This concept album should have in their collection anyone who loves progressive experimental music with an invigorating atmosphere. It is recommended to present collectors and connoisseurs of good sound and strength spirit. Bandcamp.com / Beatport.com / Play.google.com / iTunes / Napster.com / Music.Yandex / Juno Download / Deezer.com / Anghami.com / Amazon.com Track-List: 01. Chronos - Inner Darkness 02. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty 03. Chronos - NESK (Mother Healing Version) 04. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear 05. Chronos - Your Guilty Soul 06. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Mahaon Remix) 07. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (OkoloSna Remix) 08. Chronos - Inner Darkness (Dreaming Cooper Remix) 09. Chronos - Inner Darkness (JBC Arkadii Remix) 10. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Sol8 Remix) 11. Chronos - NESK (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix) 12. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty (Squarking Jazz Remix)
  7. What music are you listening to right now?

    DANCE for the Planet EARTH https://electrikdream.bandcamp.com/track/backdraft
  8. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    This is the best thing Ive heard in a very long time. Playful, interesting, very psychedelic, sounds very original IMO. A fun rollercoaster which Im gonna ride many more times! 5/5 material right here!
  9. Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    Am I the only one who thinks this release got strong influences in late Posford (uptempo) works and M.E.E.O.? Not all the tracks of course, some are more Goa-friendly, but overall vibe is in that vein.
  10. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. AdbeatS - Shifts (Original Mix) 02. AdbeatS - Mirage (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT026.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track "Shifts" Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it" BlizzyBlaze: "The beat really creates deep and wide sonic scape. Vocal is processed very well and sits nicely in the mix. Nice work on this remix" FlexKartel: "Beat is banging bro. This is what creativity sounds like. this mix was mastered greatly" Clubfungus: "Short build into a chilled housey dance styled energy and drive! Happy warm atmosphere from the synths used! Kick i felt could punch through a little more and bounce the mix more with that bass! Beats flow nicely and when the guitar lead came in sounded real kool more of that please! Good vibe!" Spencer Bonds: "Mixed perfect i like the voice synth effects you used also bro " Flegmadik: "Great track! Loving the feel of it very vice city sounds. But with the house drums sounds really cool. Mastering is great also keep it up." AVAILABLE ON: ································ ► iTunes: https://smarturl.it/DT026-iTunes ► Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/shifts... ► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1zh7... Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro, Minimal and Tropical House... Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events... In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and free discjockey sets. We are looking Producers!! You can send us your Electronic Music to release on Beatport, iTunes... Here: Send Demos Mastered or Unmastered tracks Visit us and get the new releases, Free mp3 tracks and deejays sets of our djs and producers: JackLNDN, Keener, Dhyan Droik, Marfel, Carlos Beltran, Ben Wood, Vlada D'Shake, Deep Roots, Anthony Brahv, James Starkie, DeadBot, Rubecula, AdbeatS, Alex Justicia, Xperimental, Davhelos... Downtech Music - Artist - Videos Enjoy the Music!!!
  11. Hallucinogen - Twisted

    One of the craziest things about the time signature stuff is that he only half understood it. Approx 5 years ago (maybe more? 7?) there was a discussion about this on the Twisted Records music forum where he replied with a post asking what the second number means in a time signature. He explained he played around with settings on his sequencer but only really paid the first one mind. Staggering.
  12. What music are you listening to right now?

    Take a BREATH of TrAnCe ~ Place Your Bets!
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  14. to find a linux dist for my laptop

    Curious, what have you ended up with? For FTP shortcuts I use Gedit text editor which has an embedded file/FTP browser which is later available as a short cut across the system. Not sure if it supports sftp, haven't had a chance to check out yet. Before that I used FileZilla for sftp.
  15. No Mind Rewind 4 release in 2017 unfortunately... good thing I've developed a DEEP appreciation for Identity Mash! The more I listen, the more I like it. Here's to a better 2018 in goa trance. Triquetra is a very good start.
  16. Cross Ambassador

    Thanks a lot! Though it seem to be lacking of 'inter-sessions-ep-like-grace-free-downlaod' which might have a closer relation to psytrance. Here one set is in Hip-Hop style another - techno I would say, not really that dark.
  17. Cross Ambassador

    Found it, heaven't pushed play yet. e. 2 CrossAmbassador if evvah returns, your not alone in the dark. This person https://www.discogs.com/artist/233330-Kemic-Al , who respectfully made a couple ,,strong albums (i don't know the second to well mostly read Very Positive Words about it - i own the first release cause of reviewing purpose), is high in there with the Christian belief, as a present person. Like seriously so, if you find him on Facebook (he sent me his album, if im not mistaking), you'll understand his Cross Ambassador Preakness. Is that the word, preakness? Preaching on his wall. If you get him back on music (good luck), then maybe he would release you (Butterfly Rec.). He's from Malta btw......................I think maybe someone or "thing" scared him in to full holy, but Jesus I don't know, its just a quick weak presumption (scared into) taken from a perspective of a cruel power-struggling elite world, i guess. . Speaking about Christians, wheres the good man Rot? The 2018 voting is long due? One day i hope ill get to hear the 2nd album full. There's just been too much music and one makes ones choices (£)
  18. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    It's aged some of the best of all music from that era. I think it's the atmospheres created within the music as much as the production, but you can play this stuff on dancefloors and have it surrounded by post-2015 producers for hours either side. I saw Hallucinogen three times in the last 18 months, never once alongside other 90s acts, and he smashed it every single time. As much as I love Cosmosis, for example, I am not sure the set he played at Connection Festival would have gone down the same. He killed it at Connection amongst other old school acts and the occasional new school (he played after Goasia...) but that same set wouldn't have dominated in the slots I saw Simon tear apart. (Which for the record were Ozora 2016, Rainbow Serpent 2017 and Oregon Eclipse 2017.)
  19. I think it would be easier for you to learn how to produce tracks youself than to explain to someone else, who has his/her own artistic vision, what you want and what you don't want to hear in their tracks. At least this is what I did
  20. Like I said, it should be very much like the sound of those New School artists, but polished out up to my demands. For example, lets take Perplexed track by Nova Fractal. It sounds overall pretty pretty much to what I need, but.. why on Earth would it stop in the middle and shout out "CRAZY?!" ? Plus uses the very strange "fly" sound samples which can usually hear near the smelly garbage.. Then, if look on E-Mantra's Approaching Nibiru. It has such an incredibly and originally sounding leads (or how you call them) creating a, say, nearly divine melody but which starts only near to the end and lasts for less than a minute. Its ok to wait for the masterpiece but why to cut it off suddenly and finish it all? Moreover, he lately made a remix on this track of his own, where he just took this most beautiful part it was all about completely off! About the same goes to Cybernetika's Molecular Probe. Here we also have a very nice melody but just for a few dozens of seconds closer to the end. I accept that this may be a part of the 'cynematic' sound style, but what if I want to enjoy that melody fully? If we're take Artifact303, well, I'd say it has too much 'cheese' alongside with something really good. And those are the basics, not mentioning like making the kicks sounding less louder, adding traditional and (or) organic instruments and some very much more original electronic sounds. The very recent Triquetra's Gate to Happiness, for instance, has a flute sound and really a lot of enjoyment be can be found. In some places the ambience and filling of the music sounds really incredible. But in other parts you have those 'break downs' and 'caramel acid' sounds which bring a lot of obstacle in trying to get as much of the happiness it could give.. After all, it sounds to me that its not a matter of my taste but rather a demand for something objectively closer to perfectly good and rich sounding.
  21. ‘Sound, Colour, Tempo’ is the debut EP from South African born producer Neutrino! Out on the awesome Further Progressions Records on the 29th January 2018! This outstanding debut release consists of two powerful progressive dance floor tunes, both churning out equal lashings of melody, solid bass lines and thought provoking vocals. The title track, ‘Sound, Colours & Tempo’ intertwines bass and melody to create a smooth, gargantuan soundscape. ‘Infinite Beings’ delivers on deep pulsating grooves with searing, intricate melodies dancing throughout the staves of this driving dance floor ripper. Listen to samples & pre-order here: https://www.beatport.com/release/sound-colour-tempo/2187113 Find out more about Neutrino via his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Neutrinomusic Listen to his sounds here:
  22. so essentially you want someone to make oldschool Goa? Join the club
  23. Cross Ambassador

    Nothing is there anymore.
  24. Hello. Suddenly I realized, why not to try to offer someone a reward (money, gratitude, anything else?) for creating, say, a track that meets my expectations? I now think why its not a common practice when many people still pay for the music they want? Maybe many also need a surprise, a freshness? Anyways, is it possible that some serious producer (or even a beginner) will agree to make a track as per my expectations? Maybe you are a beginner and looking for a practice, or a mature producer already and in need of an inspiration or trying something new? And what would would you charge? Basicly, its not something too different. It should be very similar to the creations of, say: Nova Fractal, Artifact 303, E-Mantra, Cybernetika (trance side). To name the modern producer examples. The main improvement ideas that I need: - put more pleasure and enjoyment by not breaking down/minimizing the most beautiful parts of the track; maybe, this will require to create a 15min long track or more, but generously sharing the moments of pleasure - perfectize the overall sound by avoiding using, say, any "evil", "caramel acid", "shaman/tribal", "fart" and other sounds which are often used to fill the gap; try to experiment with idea "less is more" but still having the very rich sound output; carefully choosing those "multilayered" sounds by using something sounding, say, angelic or heavenly and original - keep the feeling of flying through the whole track - do not put kicks and bassline, especially kicks, to the front; this may be the most "revolutionary" to the modern production standarts, but in many old Goa tracks it was like that, if I perceived it right - use the sounds of traditional organic instruments or songs (but not Indian!!) I will not require the use of all recommendations at once. Maybe, to begin with, try implementing some, which attract you the most. We can try by making a remix of an existing track of someone else or your own or creating a new one. Is it ever possible?
  25. Chill-out, have yourself a guitar

    So like many out there have seen/heard, the guitar playing of that "greek godlike" dude in Boom Festival and other videos that has been going around, this is not That powerful. But for sure it's very impressive and powerful still. The artist (Material Music) is a real musician, and plays many instruments like a pro I'd like to share, and would like you to share some acoustic guitar music as well in this thread. I'll post 2 acoustic guitar trax by Material Music here for your listening pleasure:
  26. New year - New house! I'm very pleased with myself!

    MALAKA!! Congratulationz with your new nest Looks inviting and cozy. Thanks for sharing. . https://soundcloud.com/erland-yildiz/turne-something-sad-to
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