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  2. I buy AIFF. A lossless format that contains metadata (unlike WAV) and can be played by Pioneer CDJs (unlike FLAC). Frustrating file sizes though.
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  4. I like a lot the Liquid Soul Remix of Gods eye on Goa - The overlords. All the original melodies are there in a good way... Only the kick and groove is massively modern
  5. Jaza

    Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

    Whilst this album is dark by goa standards, it's not super dark. The black holes that guys like Atriohm or Farebi Jalebi open are more substantial in terms of dark atmosphere. This is a very special album though. I had very high expectations - I guessed at the vibe this would bring after his set at Connection Fest 2017 (noting the evolution from those I saw in 2016) - and I'd say they've just about been met. Christian has put a lot of work in to advancing his sound and it shows. Whilst the last album 'City Of The Moons' was amazing, two years on after enough repeat listens you hear that it did repeat itself a bit. But here in 'Perplexity' every track has an identity, and of the 8 full songs it's only 'Outer Limits' that feels like filler to me. This album most excels in the darker, weirder territory it covers. Whilst 'Hallucinatory Acid' is fun, and the revisit of 'Bad Dreamer' is well worth its inclusion, I think the trio of 'Vektogram', 'Unreal', and 'Twisted Reality' (possibly the best) are my picks. Each contains a winning combination of brooding atmospheres, well-designed sounds to match, and full power sequences that will annihilate dancefloors. While not as well-rounded, I also like 'The Creature', and hope for more experimental tracks like this in future. Morphic is at his best combining eerie, darker atmospheres, and crunching, textured sounds delivered with force. This music is at its best when you almost (but not quite!) feel like you want it to relent. As much as I love his nods to old school goa, I really think he has the chance to make a name for himself and create truly unique experiences by further pioneering this extremely atmospheric, sometimes industrial feeling. Given the strides made in the past two years, it's crazy to think what sounds he'll be designing as we go in to 2020 and beyond. It is extremely rewarding to be along for the ride with one of the most exciting names not only in new goa trance, but in all of new psytrance. Finally, I should note that both the name of the album and the cover art are extremely apt. Well played to Christian and Suntrip for that.
  6. Agree that's a great track. I was there when Atmos opened with at Boom 2016 - what a moment. Lyktum's take on Mahadeva, whilst nowhere near the original, is fit for purpose and not a waste of time like 98% of remixed classics are.
  7. psychedelic chipmunk

    I actually found a good prog remix of a goa classic

    Wow, that's surprisingly well done. No cheese, indeed.
  8. Yesterday
  9. This: Not bad if you ask me. Keeps enough of the elements and atmosphere of the original, and doesn't turn into a cheesefest at any point :)
  10. If you're archiving, archive in Flac. You'll save space and can ensure that you can encode it to mp3 or burn as wav without losing data or residual artifacts. If you save as mp3, decompressing and recompressing will eventually lead to signal noise and icky stuff. If you save as wav, you won't have the tags and metadata. And you'll be wasting space. I really think long-term data backup should just be in flac. I rarely need to encode to mp3 these days, it's not really a bother when i to need to...
  11. There's definitely something wrong if you can hear a difference between 2 lossless formats. The audio data in a FLAC is bitwise 100% identical to the WAV it was encoded from.
  12. I'd love to see the results of a double blind listening test between wav, FLAC, and 320kbps mp3 around here, especially trying to distinguish the difference using electronic music. Fantastically produced acoustic music, you might be able to notice a 3.287% difference. Electronic music, or anything else that's compressed similarly, I bet nobody here could tell the difference.
  13. Paul Eye

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    18 years old me would probably have disliked Cryptic Crunch back in 1999. 37 years old me thinks it's a fantastic album. RIP dude, I remember I had a briefly strange encounter with him on some Finnish festival some years ago... Yeah, Hux Flux doesn't get much better than this (and yes, I prefer this over the original version). Or this: Illuminus is nice too, btw
  14. Paul Eye

    Next Cellestial Intelligence Album?

    If their upcoming material is anything like this, I'll be at least a bit interested
  15. Jaza

    Next Cellestial Intelligence Album?

    They've released almost a full album's worth of material on various compilations since the album. Very excited for it though. Don't know why Perpetual Energy didn't get more hype.
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  17. Delicious album, substantial & layered acid
  18. Void Mantra

    What happened to Cronomi? Also Cybernetika?

    Cybernetika, if you read this...CONTACT NEOGOA RIGHT NOW! Please?
  19. recursion loop

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    My favourite by him, and definitely one of the best psy tracks released this year. R.I.P.
  20. psydmt

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    Time slices, now there is a track. RIP bro.
  21. gkhved

    Artists like Son Kite ?

    Hello fellow psytrancers, i'm amazed by son kites each track. But i can't find any other artists sound similar, can anybody share their knowledge ? thx
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  23. technosomy

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    am reflecting on when cryptic crunch was released, so many people didn't get it! and i was one of them..... for a time but luckily (thanks to some here on psynews) few years later was told to give it another go..... and then it hit me! would love to hear your stories and first thoughts also
  24. Guess i'm not such a hopeless n00b hanging behind after all then. And will continue my Wav. loyalty 'i think my n00byness actually have fear towards FLAC, and have never gotten to know the format. Ogg btw. I only use when wishing to have small sized files to put on mixcloud .. where they do not take too big files (like Wav.)
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