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  2. Since this psy rave thing actually comes from the old ebm in the 80's, it's not that strange. Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 was played on the beaches of Goa. So I've been told anyway. This Hocico is not from the 80's, but great anyway. Or just some classic Skinny Puppy.
  3. Wow i love your taste in EBM...i am new in this stuff...NEED MORE MOOOOORE! I realize slowly that some Goa dudes did actually EBM, Or a mix of Both like Cydonia...Thats because i loved them always! (Fear of a red Planet) is one of my absolute favorite albums together with stuff from Tim Schuld/Four Carry Nuts :)) By the legendary Thorsten Fenslau....if Modern Goa just had more Industrial & dark elements i would go crazy Thanks for your detailed story Staffen!!!
  4. Damn, that's a rappers fan delight. Seeing them still going strong =))
  5. @staffan noice das efx- change was my jam. and just generally that whole album is amazing when i started making beats that was one of the first ones i tried to recreate cause the sample was easy enough to recreate and the beat is rather simple. good times. also, gangstarr is one of my favorites too. Full Clip... but the best productions he made, was with Afu-Ra, though, not gangstarr. IMHO.
  6. Well, I got a tape from a friend. Who got it from his sisters friend, maybe sisters boyfriend, lol. With this new cool rave music. I didn't knew what it was, except that it was cool. This should be somewhere around 94. If I remember correctly I was like 12 or 13. I wasn't into EDM at all, other than the euro dance techno stuff that was popular at the time. No, I listened mostly to rap music back then and continued with rap and psytrance until 97-98. Thats when I took a break from hip hop. The music that came out in the late nineties didn't really interested me, and I went to my fist psy rave. =)) 16 year old me got the chance to experience Psychopod live, man that was something. Wu Tang Clan, Das EFX, Goodie Mob, Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep and many others. Before that was Magnus Uggla. That's maybe my first memory of music, or Jerry Williams. Not sure who was first, this should be in like 86-87. But when I was 7 or 8 years old, 89-90, I discovered Guns n' Roses. So until I found hip hop I was a huge fan of hard rock. Deep Purple, Skid Row, Alice Cooper. Stuff like that. After psytrance I started with ebm, industrial and genres like that.This is around year 2000. Ministry, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy was the first ones I listened to. Thankfully we in Sweden had Arvika festival that booked both psytrance and ebm, well many alternative acts. I have seen so many good shows there. =)) Ministry, Front 242, Hocico, Björk, Ladytron, Nouvelle Vague, The Young Gods, Laibach, Nitzer Ebb and many many others.Ohh the psytrance. Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Joujouka, MWNN, Cydonia, Atmos, Astral Projection, lol. I could go on forever, I have always loved music. So I stop for now.
  7. i finally remembered the track i was scattering my brain over... that reminds me of silicon sound, and is actually GOOD full on, borderline cheesy while not being cheesy. i hope you enjoy this one as much as i do. production quality is excellent, although youtube quality on this one is so-so. Unfortuneately there are two versions, one at 7.37 and one at 8.48 (i think) and that one sounds way different. but they are titled exactly the same. anyway
  8. not sure we had a topic about this guy? a bit of a strange one. cant think of anyone sounding like this. and im not sure even what to classify it as. Well, its obviously Goatrance. and thats about it. i really like some of his stuff curious if you guys even heard of him (although im sure you did) also googling biot with site:psynews.org brings up at least one interview and one review. he doesnt score very high in production quality though, it sounds a bit strange. but for what it is, and the time period, and the music being very interesting at least; i think its fine to sound a bit off. Oxygen Orgasm is a VERY fine tune, though, probably the best one.
  9. Well Aion delivered 3 mixes, this is the second one
  10. Jerome did great job with mixing the tracks and getting the best sound out of it and Igor (at Deimos Soundlabs) is outstanding mastering engineer with more than decade long experience working with downtempo music so he knew how to approach Jeromes material very well. I'm glad you like it, thank you for the feedback!
  11. Probably we will summon Azathoth from the center of the Universe and ask him (kindly) to reach every Neogoa fan with it's tentacles and drop some raw acid Goa music upon 'em. On the serious side of things, our promotion will be as it is with every artist who decides to publish his/hers music at Neogoa platform, no special treatment, just exchange of ideas prior to the release and common efforts to present the music and art in quality way under our own possibilities.
  12. oh wow psychedelic. i too, adore Vocal Trance (and to some extent Progressive Trance/Euphoric Trance) and those are nice ones. do you recognise these? aled mann - flashback castenada - oceanborn ashley wallbridge - i believe andy moor - halcyon red flag - pacific memory m3 - bailamos duende - amor de dios i used to listen to DI.FM vocal trance channel back in 2007-2013 when i played wow like 8 hours per day.
  13. nice, thanks! other than protoculture - refractions there nothing quite like it. older morning fullon like fatali or sirius isness don't have that mysterious vibe, old talamasca does but is not nearly as smooth. so if i'd he hard pressed to find anything new that's remotely similar, i'd probably settle, even though they're not nearly as energetic or melodic, on some music from the borderline of fullon and progressive such as:
  14. seems really really nice =) downtempo is not my forte but i had to chime in to say that the production quality is really high nice one
  15. The last copy available via Bandcamp - https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/celepha-s After it's gone this release is officialy sold-out! Thank you all for your support and trust in the behalf of Neogoa team and Proxeeus himself.
  16. One thing I've noticed that not alot of artists do (that I know of) is that his climactic melodies are near exact same patterns as the bassline. Or exactly in some tracks. That should be lazy but he makes it work really well. Then ofc his sampling is rather simple and straight forward and again, he just makes it work. I think the simplistic style is what makes it easy to love. What you see is what you get. Or rather, hear.
  17. I wonder what you guys may suggest for tracks/albums/artists that might be inspired by Pure Analog or have some similarities. Melodic full-on with smooth and deep, somehow mysterious sound? To me Hyperion's Drop Psychosis album has some quite obvious similarities
  18. Auricle is an established and respected DJ within the Australian and International psychedelic trance scene; having launched herself as a Psytrance DJ in 2004 with her International debut in the same year in Hong Kong for Sonic Dragon, witnessed and memorized by 1200+ party goers! With an expanse of knowledge and understanding for all genres of electronic music the sound of Auricle has a solid foundation of which her sonic infusions are created onto the trance floor; from progressive to full onto tracks with a harder edge are what flows from Auricle’s heart with accurate mixing skill and energy, as she delivers her psychedelic journey of soundscapes that are full of melodic rhythms, spine-tingling melodies and driving bass lines that ensure she is a DJ that is defined for quality and perfection. Follow Auricle on... Facebook | Mixcloud | Instagram Auricle | Psylicious | Subscribe To The Mailing List Bookings & Info: bookings@psylicious.com auricle@psylicious.com
  19. Auricles 'Deeper' psychedelic journey takes you on a slower and smoother ride - complimented with hypnotic grooves and laden with melodic depth that will encapsulate your mind throughout this deeper auricular experience! Enjoy! Track Listing: 01: Psyonysus - Dimensions of Consciousness 02: Egorythmia & Yestermorrow - Midnight Ritual 03: Shanko - Deep Space Traveler 04: Ritmo & Liquid Soul - Be Right 05: Audiotec & Zen Mechanics - Telemetry 06: One function - Time & Space 07: Protonica & Tristate - Source Code 08: Atacama & Jakaan - Etros Protector 09: Mindbenderz - Wormhole 10: Atomizers - Silence SoundCloud Follow Auricle on... Facebook | Mixcloud | Instagram Auricle | Psylicious | Subscribe To The Mailing List Bookings & Info: bookings@psylicious.com auricle@psylicious.com
  20. Psylicious Radio will be relaunching fully on Friday 6th September 2019. The radio show will return weekly, each Friday with all shows uploaded to our Psylicious Radio Mixcloud page. Psylicious Radio Show History Psylicious Radio was launched in 2007 and then moved over to the AudioAddictz Psy Trance Internet Radio station in 2008, based in the UK, serving a World Wide audience with the many wonders of Psychedelic trance music. AudioAddictz ran it's station continuously 24/7 and featured some major shows with up to 40 Acts and DJs. Psylicious Radio was featured every last Wednesday of the month before running it's shows weekly. Guest mixes & sets are featured on each Psylicious Radio show, past guest DJ mixes and Producer live set's have included names such as; Auricle, BPM, Doctor Spook, Ed Tangent, N.A.S.A., O.O.O.D, Psykia, Talamasca, Twisted ReAction, Safi Connection as well as the "Resident Showcase" and "Label Showcase" concepts that have drawn listeners to shows each night. Our concept & show format will remain the same as it always has done so if you are a DJ or producer wishing to have your mixes and sets showcased then please make contact through the Psylicious Website contact page, selecting Radio in the subject option. Psylicious Radio | News | Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud | Psylicious Radio | Facebook | Subscribe To The Mailing List
  21. I got back from the only trip abroad I have planned for this summer. Croatian mountains were majestic. Right after that I went to a club meeting at a summer cottage. Now I'm finally back home and trying to relax, although there's still some backlog and hassle with monies. (Protip: avoid Norwegian airline for a while. Their performance is very dodgy ATM.) It feels strangely quiet in here, compared to all the travel bustle. It's also raining so I'm not going anywhere. What next? Check the CDs that I ordered ages ago but in some cases never even opened? Do some dull, long overdue chores? Try to produce something artistic? Just sit here and stare blankly? Decisions, decisions...
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