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  2. This Halloween, IllumiNaughty returns to Bowlers Manchester in Manchester for another evening of psychedelic debauchery! Join the Goblin and Alice, and let us take you to another dimension where the Queen of the Damned reigns supreme. Uniquely designed stages with visuals, music and enough entertainment to keep you going to 5am! 4 Fully themed arenas / Bumper cars / Outdoor Funfair / Full Theatrical 3D Mapped stage Designs / Live art Exhibition / Thunderdome / Plethora of performers / Retro arcade / Laser Quest / Confetti Cannons / Fire & Pyrotechnics / Matrix Laser show / Market Area / Food Court / Fancy Dress With 4 fully decorated rooms and stages custom-made by Visual Architects hosting the very best psytrance, drum & bass, bass and metal DJs, live performers, market stalls and a fun fair, this is definitely the biggest and most immersive Halloween party in town! Join us as we witness the end of an era... SUPER EARLY BIRDS ALREADY SOLD OUT! 200 EARLY BIRDS AVAILABLE NOW HERE: Skiddle: http://bit.ly/EndofanEraSkiddle RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1130928 TicketArena: http://bit.ly/TicketArenaendofanera Fatsoma: http://bit.ly/FatsomaEndofanEra TicketSeller: http://bit.ly/Ticketseller AAA: http://bit.ly/AAAEndofanEra Bowlers Exhibition Centre - Manchester Friday 26th October - [9pm - 5am] - GET INVOLVED WITH ILLUMINAUGHTY : • Play at illumiNaughty: http://bit.ly/2tJ2qX9 • Put your stall at IllumiNaughty: http://bit.ly/illuminaughtystalls • Performance: http://bit.ly/2to7cK3 • Street Team: http://bit.ly/streetTeam2017 • Photographers and Videographers: http://bit.ly/MediaIllumiNaughty2017 • Volunteers on the night: http://bit.ly/29HKRBT
  3. Out today Savage Circuit - 'How Did We Get Here' on Reincarnations Recordings! Grab your copy here https://www.beatport.com/release/how-did-we-get-here/2322413
  4. Manuser

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Nice list, I could not vote since my sample size was way too small to choose enough albums (KOB would probably be my top choice). By the way Ajja - Spira Mirabilis is not a downtempo album, starts with a track around 140 Bpm, followed by another one at the same speed.... and so on. .. Nice album.
  5. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Total WTF, but in a good way Sounds like Ananda Shake on amphetamines Also this, a bit more abstract but still quite melodious, It seems that some hitech is absorbing influences from oldschool melodic fullon
  6. You know, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and do something absolutely silly :D This happened last weekend when I played at a wedding party. Goa trance played at tempos up to 180 BPM. Go at it with an open mind. Tracklist: Hallucinogen - Mi-Loony-Um! Screw Loose - From Fear To Eternity Hypnoxock - Rare Planet Agneton - Jurassic Attack Agneton - Wizards From The Future (Afterlife Remix) Total Eclipse - Virtual Terminal Energised JBC Arkadii - Unreal World Cybernetika - Unknown Entity Qiujan - Light Truth Qiujan - New Era JaraLuca - Solaris Proxeeus - Tekeli-Li JaraLuca - Fata Morgana Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
  7. Paul Eye

    Kosmos Festival 2018 (goa trance)

    Sure there can be warmup anything, and if you ask me, goa can be about anything :) Thanks for enjoying it in any case :D
  8. Trance2MoveU

    Solar Fields - Ourdom

    Artist: Solar Fields Title: Ourdom Label: Sidereal Records Date: March, 2018 1. Burning View 2. Shifting Nature 3. Into The Sun 4. Forgiveness 5. Mountain King 6. Wave Cascade 7. Moving Lines 8. A Long Tailed Bird Whispered 9. Joshua's Shop 10. A Green Walk 11. Parallel Universe 12. The Daylight Carrier 13. Siren Song of Glass Some artists are so deeply connected with a genre that they essential become the face (sound?) of that genre. There are many artist who make downtempo music, but say the name Solar Fields and you understand what you're going to get. Magnus Birgersson from Sweden has been doing this for quite some time and his albums are markers in the chronological history of downtempo music. Any artist would be happy with a genre defining album to their credit yet each new offering from Magnus seems to be that way. His latest however doesn't leave me with the same awe that his previous albums had. That said, I find myself being carried away with his descriptive soundpicture layered with many details ranging from the gentle flutter of electronics to the powerful and majestic. The listing says there are 13 tracks, but I only hear one, deeply immersed in a flowing menagerie that consciously moves from uplifting to a introspective mindstate. Into the Sun is a distinctly positive and hopeful march into the many wonders this world possesses as Forgiveness almost impossibly slowly illustrates the freeing power of letting go. As the tracks seamlessly meld into each other Mountain King is a lengthy almost 15 minute wonder that doesn't establish its identity until well past the 5 minute mark. A progressive rambler that takes flight gently and creates a floating atmosphere bookended by a delicate ambient intro and outro. Due to the length of it Wave Cascade feels like and ambient interlude before another more aggressive and less appealing Moving Lines kicks in. Joshua's Shop gets back to the positivity of previous tracks, while Parallel Universe could be the darkest track on the album. The Daylight Carrier is more aligned with the early tracks of the album and he closes with the beatless ambient of Siren Song. Mastered by Robert Elster the music sounds fantastic further adding to the experience. As I've mentioned with previous Solar Fields albums I feel his strength is the downtempo arena and less when he employs the progressive stomping. His music just seems to breathe and stretch more with a slower bpm. This album could've easily been a disjointed collection of tracks in the hands of a less skilled electronic musician, but he manages to keep things connected by building bridges between tracks instead of walls. So I would say it's a great journey with a few minor flaws. Solar Fields Bandcamp Sidereal (digipak)
  9. dear friends i would be happy to send a personal mail to each one who bought the album . the link will include the full album on WAV format . please send the request + purchase details to 604zion@gmail.com thank you !!

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Samples from the next BOTFB album, I can't wait for its release day!
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  12. Void Mantra

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    Yep, amazing label.
  13. the goa constrictor

    New MWNN album?

    I always considered him to be riding the line for the get go; which isn't a negative. There is a place for that type of acidic, high energy, powerful psychedelic trance. Lots of melodies and dripping with cheese. He always had some tracks which didn't work for me, but I appreciated that his music worked for so many different people and he had far more hits than misses. Looking forward to hearing what his new album sounds like. I'm expecting it to be more of a modern trance sound, but I'm sure there will be a couple of gems on the album and any new MWNN gem is worth getting. When he hits big, he hits huge. Much respect and he's still on my Hit the Lottery Dream Line-Up festival I'd put together....
  14. Vintage Memories AVA088 - https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/retrodelic-vibes-6 np. Cydonia - Animal People x 2
  15. Ormion

    Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons

    In The Mouth Of Madness is the best MR track and IMO the best new school track ever (Sky Input album excluded). The track is unbelievable.
  16. Hey guys mixed aronchupa - little swing to psytrance/dirtyprog, hope you like it
  17. Trance2MoveU

    Merr0w - Out of Control

    Artist: Merr0w Title: Out of Control EP Label: Self Released Date: June, 2018 1. Dancing Galaxy Remix 2. Mermaid's Twin Sister Remix 3. Neural Network 4. Out of Control 5. Amazing Bubble (Hardware Edit) This guy is like an on his meds Filipe Santos when it comes to productivity. His last self released album Hybridization was a good bit of acidic goa and that is also what you'll find here. Of note the intense and relentless Mermaid's Twin Sister Remix and Neural Network. The final track is a a cat o' nine tails whipping of nimble leads and bombast. Solid ep with the only flaw being the, ahem...questionable cover art. Merr0w Bandcamp
  18. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Forever Psychedelic II"

    Artist: Various Title: Forever Psychedelic II Label: Matsuri Digital Date: March 2018 1. Endora - Joy (Oforia vs Tsuyoshi Suzuki vs D.E.D.E. Remix) 2. Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Jikooha - The Land of 505 3. MTL (Funky Gong & Ubar Tmar) - Megathrust 4. DJ James Monro - Vantage Point 5. Kurosaki Tamao (K.U.R.O. & Ubar Tmar) - Future OM 6. D.E.D.E. - Future Drugs 7. Oforia - What Did That Make You Feel "We are the future!" With the absolute f*ckton of releases that seem to come out every week you could spend a good portion of your work week digging for more gold than this guy. That's why it's such a satisfying feeling when you do finally come across one after being burnt I don't know how many times. Forever Psychedelic is a fairly weak compilation in my opinion released back in 98 by Matsuri Productions yet it has its following. So here comes the digital spirit of the label with part 2. Sequels generally suck, but this is one of the exceptions. A few notes... -While I believe the original Joy by Endora is classic goa trance and superior to this remix, this is what remixes are about. Make it your own with a hint of what made it great to begin with. -With Land of the 505 there's some uncontrolled wielding of 303 madness here and this went from a good track to a great one with the last blistering 2 minutes. -In the "they can't all be winners" department Megathrust. I wanted to shove this right back up that guy's smell hole until the last two minutes. - James Monro (of Technossomy fame) lays out a very eerie progressive trance track brimming with atmosphere supplemented with a little more gravitas at the end. Good stuff. -Future OM is a sneaky, evolving bit of electricity heavily laden with futuristic dread. One of the standouts with the acidic car wash putting an exclamation point on it at the end. -Planet Drugs and How Did That Make You Feel were fine, but ultimately didn't move the needle for me. This was indeed a good find and hope that more people will think so as well. Beatport
  19. Neogoa Records

    Veasna - Spectral Flux

    Thanks for the review Mike, glad you enjoyed album in the end!
  20. Manuser

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Good track! Looks like there are 4 dots (strange, why not 3?) + 1 dot on the first "i", while the second "i" seems to be a capital letter according to Discogs, so the answer should be 5? Listening to Capsula - Sense of a Drop: Superb psychedelic downtempo.
  21. And so a new track is ready : ) This time a lighter feel, down tempo 133bpm, keeping it melodic, dreamy and tranced out. (If I have to position it using psy trance sub genres it is a morning prog track, to be played in between the trees in a secret grove) I hope you enjoy the mood and sentiment and that it raises your spirits !
  22. psypromo

    Want to buy goa-psy stickers

    Still interested if anyone got!
  23. Neogoa Records

    Neogoa Records (News & Updates)

    Today is 8th anniversary of our label Neogoa Records. We went through many great adventures since than and we look forward to new ones in the future. Our fans, followers, artists and DJs were and will be driving force of this house and we just want to thank you today for staying with us on that journey. Rock on guys and enjoy in life and great music!
  24. psychedelic chipmunk

    New MWNN album?

    Didn't Freeland take on a more modern (more mainstream) style? It's interesting, regardless. It's MWNN after all
  25. psychedelic chipmunk

    What music are you listening to right now?

    And a trivia question. How many dots are in the title of "Life is ...." by koxbox?
  26. MrAnarchy

    Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

    Came back to this release earlier today... The amount of intensity this thing holds is staggering!
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