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  2. to be honest, now that it's weekend i don't notice much difference from the lockdown. the only thing is that there are more people at home making noise (screaming kids, vacuum, ..) when i'm trying to mix my track. tips? psytrance instead of reading newsfeeds for hours. by now it's mostly boring stuff anyway (rich people complaining about getting less money, sports evens taking place later than usual, rich sports people demanding money, politicians saying that what they're doing is the best) instead of news that really matter. over here the new numbers are looking good, but only because it's weekend and like every weekend they're just doing a lot fewer tests than normal…
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  4. First track I heard of Goa trance is "Koxbox - Point of no return" (opening track to their album Forever After). I was like 7ish back then, I was playing around with a cassette recorder trying to tune into various stations and record their broadcasts. I didn't know it was Koxbox back then, much like I didn't know it was MFG or AP, but that was just semantics, I was immediately hooked to the sound even at that age. The other kids thought I was nuts and I was being teased for liking "drug addict" music.
  5. Taking a slight break from Goa trance. I discovered more downtempo-ish stuff like Kalya Scintilla or Kaya Project - been enjoying those.
  6. Loopus in Fabula (Loopus in Fabula, Astrofunk, Fat Ladies Bingo, haven't listened to the rest of the discography). V/A - Ultrapop ( https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/21436-va-ultrapop/?tab=comments#comment-202441 ) V/A - Ultapop 2 ( https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/48848-ultrapop-2-fabularecords/?tab=comments#comment-801840 )
  7. Yeah, I'll just probably get it anyway. Gotta support my favourite labels & artists in those weird times
  8. Ha' I liked the cup. Yellow, bee'aced as I feel about it now (: But for me off the bat listening to it on it's RLSD day, it isn't getting my money. Not my cup (pun). I got his studio album on CD and it still keeps me happy til this day playing it from time to time. Makes me wonder how a new LP by M-Run would sound. Respect.
  9. Another day, another day exponentially worse than the other. How is everyone coping? Hopefully most will stay strong, but I worry those with underlying issues such as manic depressive d, or a myriad of other diagnoses could suffer greatly from this not to mention the schizophrenics. I worry suicide rates may go up very soon and not quite sure how to cope with it all. How's everyone else doing? any sanity survival tips?
  10. Would be awesome to get some recommendations, some vinyls to get that really are specifically mastered for vinyl. Nothing would be more disappointing in buying the vinyl only to realise it was cut using the Cd master. From digital no less. So what would even be the point. But there's ofc many records that have vinyl specifically in mind for mastering and cutting and it would be awesome to get like a top 3 of your favorites
  11. Thanks for your feedback Antic! Pity you don't like it right off the bat. Then again it's not an ordinary goa album but a complete live concept where every track was recorded in 1 take, there's even more detail in the description as Mario added his thoughts on the entire process. I really recommend to keep listening though as there's a lot to be discovered in here! Good music just keeps on getting better
  12. I got Mantra Move - Raven Dub this week. I'd say it doesn't try anything particularly groundbreaking, but it's solid and enjoyable for casual listening. I've probably cooked a few dinners to it already. Also, I still have a pile of Suntrip backlog to go through...and a few pending disco, synthwave etc. orders to make...but maybe some time too for listening now when everything is cancelled and closed?
  13. It's right there in the description. Young people don't read any more, I guess.
  14. Many sets from Back to Mars and Marciana are being uploaded on YouTube, from festivals like Ozora, Antaris, MoDem and more. So that you can enjoy music from home now. To access just follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/marcianabacktomars The account is being updated now every week with new sets, subscribe so you can listen to more Here is the set from Back to Mars at the Parvati stage of Free Earth Festival 2019: Enjoy!
  15. Yeah agreed this is a major "pass" for me as well. That cover with the coffee cup... looks so cheap & nasty.
  16. What happened to that beautiful artwork? Why is there a cup of coffee there???? Why does it sound like it was recorded in mid '90 with all those cheap presets and squeaky high-pitched sounds? It sounds NOTHING like the videos he's been posting on his YT, where it seemed much more contemporary and modern. And there's "voice work..." again??? I'll pass on this one...
  17. There are some influences at tracks from Zenon Records. Not many but there is a few. I even had a list once but I can't find it at this moment. :(
  18. Oh and this which surprised me as to how good the music was, but the packaging & quality of vinyl is absolutely how it should be done!!!
  19. I sold most my vinyl around the turn of the century but started collection again a few years back. Keen to see what people have? Here's my Goa/Psy/Psydub/Chill collection...
  20. I grabbed a bunch of stuff from Bandcamp last Friday during the sale. Some of the one's I'm liking a lot right now are: Pororoca - Hollow Flower Farm Funky Gong - Matsuri Digital - Be Humanized Hibernation - Ambient Re-Works 01 VA - The Square - Acid Disco
  21. Psy: Sneaky Voodoo - "Worm On A Kazoo" EP (Zenon Records) Synergic - "A World Beyond" (Samaa Records) Non-Psy Electric: Degs - "Letters From Ndegwa" (Hospital Recodds - digital & vinyl order) Mako - "Oeuvre" (Metalheadz - (digital & vinyl) Braintune - "The Nature Of Suffering" EP (Dark Descent Records) Heavy Metal (Vinyl): Slayer - "South Of Heaven" Amorphis - "Under The Red Cloud" Cloak - "To Venomous Depths" Obscura - "Akroasis" Immortal - "Sons Of Northern Darkness" Earth Rot - "Black Tides Of Obscurity" Omega Infinity - "Solar Spectre" Tribulation - "Down Below" Suffocation - "Pinnacle Of Bedlam"
  22. Cool cover art for the CD. Reminds me a bit of 90s video games. Specifically the shmups(shoot em ups) genre. The japanese arcade shooters.
  23. I really like it so far, a good selection of different interesting people. Each a legend in their specific field. Without spoiling anything, what I really enjoyed with the Simon Posford interview for example is how personal it felt, you know like if you meet a good friend and discuss things. And it was really interesting to hear more on the inspiration behind the music. Compared to the more technical studio/equipment details which is what most interviews with music producers tend to focus on. This was much more grounded in experiences and the connection between the psychedelic experiences and the music he has created as a result of those. Which is really the type of stuff I always was curious about since I started to listen to psytrance. Because when I first listened to the Twisted album, I always though that this must be have been created by some kind of modern day shaman. I was like wtf where did this music come from? I was so alien and different, what was the inspiration? What type of experiences lead up to this? But all the interviews with psytrance artists were always so secretive. For good reasons of course, since the substances are still highly illegal in many countries. Which also reminds me of H.R Giger, whose art I always found very psychedelic, and I googled a lot to see if he revealed any of his experiences with the subject. He said in an interview that it was still a very controversial topic in Switzerland at the time. But reading between the lines and based on the people he was good friends with, I guess one can reach some conclusions. As he knew Timothy Leary and also appeared in an interview with Albert Hofmann.
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