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  2. Haiduk - Exomancer [cosmic blackened death metal]
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  4. yes yes, I hope that was clear
  5. How very exciting to see your avatar in my feed. I'll be picking this up this week.
  6. Important to mention that even tho Lars do the live gigs these days, Christer (also) produces the music.
  7. Actually, it is only Lars playing these days, no Christer... So its "only" him. He did play 2-3 new tracks, which are typically Ra, but with a modern (full on ish) kick. I didnt even knew the tracks before, so I was surprised as well... maybe he can make 2 versions/ 2 sets so the old school freaks stay happy
  8. Unknown Concept - Enigma EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds067 Format: EP Released: September 2019 Digital Diamonds proudly presents Unknown Concept’s (AU) debut release. Enigma EP is strikingly exciting in its chunky production, which creates anticipation through seamless composition and layering. From start to finish it doesn’t let up, consistently delivering a big room techno sound that meets a progressive, voyage experience. Your senses will be summoned by laser beam synthesis, dark and stormy effects, forceful bass lines and witty, call and response melodies. We foresee big things to come from this Aussie underdog and his stylish sound. Upon listening a deeper trance will ensue. https://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds067
  9. Artist: Xamanist Album: Out of Time Label: SY Records Artwork: Peter Paxx Release date: September 16th 2019 Samples: Out of Time samples Buy it here: Out of Time on Beatport I have the pleasure and the excitement to announce that my third album "Out of Time" is out now, released by SY Records on Beatport! 3 years of work and inspiration concluded into 9 diverse tracks that navigate to, from and between the realms of goa, psychedelic and progressive trance. In every track I experimented something diferent: diverse approaches, sounds and structures. On some of them I consciously intended to target a more oldschool goa aesthetic, on others I let the stories translate into a more modern sound, without any rule other than personal taste and enjoyment. I hope the thrill that envolved this album's making passes through the music to you in a joyfull way! As always I welcome any feedback and I thank the time you dedicate to listen to my music. Enjoy
  10. Hey , Many of my friends return with bad feedback's and huge disappointments from RA's set @ ZNA this summer. They said he played new music in style of full on... I was really upset that I couldn't make this year to ZNA mainly because I still haven't had a chance to hear RA in Live set. Does anyone here was there during his performance and can review it for me? what was wrong ? Also as far as I understood the guy behind the deck was Lars , and not Christer. Thanks.
  11. This album has grown on me a lot, never realized it was that good, the sound is so clean, so fresh and mellow. Lovely album, very underrated.
  12. Hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/zacfokes/psytrance-mix
  13. wow that's interesting with sub terranean, how does this work with rights i wonder?? check out all that acid and rave stuff fuck i feel old, seems like yesterday was strutting my stuff to that hip new age sound!
  14. It's a great compilation! Everyone does a good job. Review will come someday...
  15. Last week
  16. Kaiju Lounge presents a journey through some of the best psychedelic chillout and bass music of 2019. New music from Spatialize, Bluetech, Puff Dragon, Entheogenic, Flucturion 2.0 and more! Tracklist Spatialize - Beyond The Radar - 00:00 Bluetech - Lusitania - 05:55 Puff Dragon - Zephyr - 10:50 Entheogenic - 4Q-545 - 17:30 Wolf Tech - Ocean Breeze - 26:25 Ambientium - Check One (Mythematica & Ambientium in Dub) - 31:17 Mystic Crock - Eerie Way Back - 38:20 Noraus - Contrail - 45:13 Kano - Shroud - 52:32 Bluetech - The Pale Horse - 56:25 Flucturion 2.0 - Aerokinetik - 01:00:51
  17. Gah, I haven't posted a single line to this thread yet, even though random thoughts have crossed my mind all year. Somehow the whole winter was a bit exhausting with work, hobbies and assorted BS so trance as a whole fell lower on the list. The ZNA lineup definitely looked great, but eventually I ended up visiting another festival in Croatia with a large group of old friends. Shorter travel, easy accommodation, fewer things to arrange. Then I was already running out of vacation days so I couldn't fit in another full week trip abroad. The reported epidemic was apparently...rough for everyone affected. In 2017 I only got a mild food poisoning one day toward the end of the week, resulting in a customer return of that lunch and a day of lying down. If I was looking tired in some of the last meetings, that probably played a role. Maybe it also contributed a bit to my choice of a fancy-pants city festival this summer, although it definitely wasn't the deciding factor. Anyway, beside excellent line-ups, the ZNA location itself is indeed great, especially if you like long walks on the beach. Aaand...maybe Apsara next year? Who knows. It's not in the exact opposite end of Europe like Portugal. Just remember to post enough useful info to convince me.
  18. Everytime I see your avatar Technosomy, I think about big plastic tits. I don't care what anybody thinks, I think about big plastic tits. The ZNA compilation looks real good, to bad I can not afford it now. The Hallucinogen track is propably very nice:)
  19. just arrived here in australia, 0nly 2 tracks in and....... wow dam fede this is amazing, took me buy surprise
  20. Welcome to Psylicious Radio Friday 13th Special… This special producer show case show presents a psychedelic audio exclusive for your listening pleasure with: N.A.S.A. (DK) – MUTALISK (DK) – INFERNAL GIFT (GR / USA) N.A.S.A. takes you into his hypnotic progressive musical journey before he flies you deeper into the murky dark depths of his dark psychedelic sound that is Mutalisk - the sound of Mutalisk is really special and a must too be heard. Rounding off is Infernal Gift - his sound progressive dark psytrance combined with dark psytrance. With releases on Ovnimoon Records and Goa Records, you know this is the sound of darker qualities. With a 20 year history of musical production behind him along with working as a key producer with some of trance music’s legendary names, including a catalogue of releases under his belt, Infernal Gift is his new and latest musical project. Look out for his next release, coming soon...! Listen To The Show Psylicious Links Website: http://www.psylicious.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/psylicious Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psylicious Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Psylicious Mailing List: https://psylicious.fanbridge.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psyliciousofficial Psylicious Radio Links Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psyliciousradio Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PsyliciousRadio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psyliciousradio
  21. Hump the bump, we reached the goal of 4500 kroners!! So while we wait for the artwork to be done, the amount of the fundraiser / direct pre-order has been raised, and a end-date has been set. I'd like to underline one important factor about this VA project and its content.. All norwegian Goatrance artists are represented, at least all known and more. Only missing acts are arguably PhasrPhour, and Divinorum. Rest are represented on the VA. And soon we will start the next Goatrance from Norway VA named GOAGIMLE. One CD, or, might just press it on vinyl. Fail safe is CDr + Digital Peace (& Love) Thank you for the support. This VA id actually intended to be dedicated to the Last Goatrancers Standing .. Tracks are, to remind, made from 1995 til 2019, most in 2018 ..each track on the bandcamp page has info attached, so will the physical release
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