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  2. Proxeeus

    Videogames official thread

    Yep -- been a couple of years since my last foray into Skyrim, but with SKSE being finally available for the Special Edition, now might just be the time to reinstall and take a virtual stroll in Solitude again
  3. Paul Eye

    Videogames official thread

    Well, obviously that didn't last long. Of course Skyrim is back in my Steam library. I think I re-enabled it when I found out about Enderal, or then I just wanted SE for free after all Haven't played SE that much, I have a bit of an itching to start modding it, but it seems that not all mods I consider essential have been ported to SE yet. The most positive surprise though is that Wyrmstooth has been ported, I thought I'd never see that one again when the original mod/expansion was deleted from practically the entire internet a few years ago.
  4. Paul Eye

    Videogames official thread

    Been tying up some loose ends these past few weeks, which means that now I've finally finished all Tomb Raider games (excluding the newest Shadow Of The Tomb Raider of course). These were the ones still unfinished: Angel Of Darkness: The absolutely worst of them all. The controls are absolutely horrible, the level design just plain sucks, the enemy AI is dumb as a rock, the story is just crap. And that new playable character Kurtis Trent is a hopeless failure, and the rather obvious sexual tension they tried to create between him and Lara is just plain ridiculous. Anniversary: People don't seem to like this one too much, but I found it enjoyable and a nice interpretation of the first TR game. Sure, the controls are a bit odd and the combat auto-aiming is somewhat wonky when you have too many targets at once but that wasn't nearly as bad as in AOD. And yes, the last level is a bit of a torturefest with some really tricky and too tightly timed sequences; there's one particular timed grapple jump sequence that lots of people have troubles with, I finally made it after over 10 years (yeah, I last played this when it came out in 2007 and never made that particular jump no matter what I tried). Underworld: Got stuck in the Mexico level 10 years ago because of my arachnophobia and some nasty huge spiders (I was completely unable to continue back then). Apparently enough hours in Skyrim (and The WItcher 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur to some extent) have desensitized me a bit so this wasn't so bad after all. A bit too short to my tastes (finished it in about 12 hours) and the story was a bit meh, but at least it brought some closure to what started in Legend (and the Natla part in Anniversary). And then for some nostalgia: A friend of mine got a Super Nintendo a while ago. Now we're replaying all the Donkey Kong Country games , 2 player co-op of course (it's been 20 years since my last time with these games) I'm trying to find a copy of Yoshi's Island (for a reasonable price) to play after the DKC project is over.
  5. Paul Eye

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    These are good candidates too: You get the picture
  6. Paul Eye

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    Yeah All this polished floating space goa fluff is starting to get on my nerves. The Dragon Twins track just oozes with raw and dirty power and energy. And yes, I've seen what this track does on a dancefloor a few times this summer Maybe not the absolute epitome but I really want to see/hear people making more goa like this. The more relentless the better.
  7. ptn

    Portamento - The Portal

    Few years have passed and this one still is on my playlist. Great album!
  8. technosomy


    am pretty certain younger brother will be playing live in colarado
  9. Check out my recent HarderFaster interview with Sensient! http://www.harderfaster.net/?sid=8ad578078e67d96fa586ef038e003871&section=features&action=showfeature&featureid=12535 Sponsored by Music for the Underground, Special Agent Productions and Events & Prog.Psy.Techno. groups
  10. JessiCathar

    Cathar DJ MIx Tonight!

    Tonight - listen to my DJ MIX on the Octopus Trance Radio 012 with guest Cathar! Tune into DI.FM Goa-Psy Trance by clicking this link at 7pm UK, 8pm European, 14:00 US Eastern Time: www.di.fm/goapsy I'll be playing loads of killer tracks from Egorythmia, C.K., Lyktum, Savage Circuit, System E, me Cathar & many more!
  11. Out now Nikki S - 'Illusion' - on the awesome compilation Uncharted, Vol 10 from Dacru Records! Grab your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/track/illusion-original-mix/10938814
  12. More tits and less jewelry. I'll buy
  13. Last week
  14. Check out the awesome new release from Nikki S - 'Illusion'! Out now on Dacru Records compilation - 'Uncharted Vol 10'. https://www.beatport.com/track/illusion-original-mix/10938814
  15. astralprojection

    Videogame themes you want to hear remixed as psytrance

    well how about this. such a great time for self promotion. i remixed NES - journey to silius stage 2 a few years back. here it is. i still think it sounds pretty cool today.
  16. astralprojection

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    really paul? thats the epitome of new school? btw im sorry if that sounded judgemental. its not my intention. i always mean well, even though i can come across differently sometimes..
  17. Lightforce

    The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    Update of the PDF, you can download the new version. Here is the list of changes that have been made: - add "Deep Trance", "Goa Ambient" and "Psy Dub" in the albums set as examples in the definition of Psybient Tell me if you see something wrong to your eyes here and explain me why
  18. the goa constrictor


    All bands that play "final shows" never play shows ever again...
  19. Everything that starts with "Simon said" must be true.
  20. the goa constrictor


    I wonder if Benji would be interested in getting some more Younger Brother going again
  21. technosomy


    simon said because they play live every 5 or 6 years raj won't be up to shpongle in his 80's so this will be the last live show the show is confirmed for may 4,5
  22. Mindspring Music Presents: A Pale Void - Machines Dream [MSM064] Available on Bandcamp A Pale Void returns to Mindspring Music with an ambient tale as vast in its depths as the cosmos it seeks to explore. Having launched his craft into space with ingenuity and hope, the unexpected happens. The machine encounters exotic new worlds, brimming with life. The machine sees beauty on an incomprehensible scale. The machine begins to feel. Its mind grows. Finally, it begins to dream, and what it discovers in its dreams is eternal bliss.
  23. Padmapani

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    i did some research and it seems you are right and our ancestors were scavengers before. at least our evidence for scavenging is older than our evidence for hunting. still this evidence goes back 2 million years, dating to times of homo erectus and coincides with the fist use of more sophisticated tools and seems to be a little older than our evidence for controlled fire (somwhere between 1.7 and 0.3 million years). homo erectus sure discovered a few useful things for us ;). interesting. and apparently making use of forest fires for food is something chimps still do today...
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